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  1. Yeah until you see an uber Abrams death star with APS swatting KH66s outta the air and laughing at battalions of APS equipped T90AMs. Unless a tunguska gets a burst in on it before it can fire. Then theyre stuck. lol
  2. Sublime

    What will the next CM be?

    I have some I fell off on the DCS. theres a few that have come out and a few on the way I really want but there whole system has just gotten too pricey for me and I have a couple of real buyers regret issues on a couple of A/C. that havent gotten much support or I thought Id like and outright didnt (Ka50, where I love the UH1 for example)
  3. I always loved Gen Rippers monologues to Mandrake in Strangelove. Youre right to the overrunnimg of the base was done just right so it felt real. Greatest thing ever when he goes to his golf bag and pulls the .30 cal out. Thanks for the recommendation on Rome Im going to check it out
  4. Oooh was Rome that good? I need to check it out then I never watched that one.
  5. Sublime


    Yeah... CMx1 was late 90s. x2 was definitely developed in 2005 and 2006 time frame. And the initial SF is light years away from even the original CMBN let alone the engine now. Plus no one is making you buy SF2, most of your complaints seem graphics repated and theres definitely no shortage on eye candy RTS'. As realistic a landwar game though? Not so much. The aim low comment is unnecessary really. Since you said you domt come here much then you wouldnt know but the forum has been an absolute $hitshow with ppl complaining about release delays, claiming BFC is a sockpuppet company or is bankrupt. It really was getting insane. If they did the improvements you wanted it'd take years to do. Frankly Im impressed BFC is offering a discount to owners of the first game since Im guessing most of the purchases related to SF 1 are almost ten years old now.
  6. Nidan1 and I used to roleplay a PBEM campaign in BS. Basically we were allowed 1 light bttn sized group. We.d keep track of AFVs and MBTs lost and delete them in following engagements. We.d throw in special stuff like a random night infantry only battle where say the Ru player had to goto buildings ans hold them 10 minutes to simulate going through files and sabotage. If they won they say there wouldnt be Blufor air support next battle or no resupply. We kept looser track of infantry but would delete squads or platoons just by adding up KIA/WIA figures. IIRC he got strykers and Ukrainian until the 5th day when he got Abrams. I had 2 BTGs - one T90A one T72B3. Ill look for the file we had. The initial rules were VERY loose anything went as long as it was both ok.d to a previous battle. As for as advancing and retreating we had a rule units in last tile had escaped even if KO.d later. We basically operated on a 2 cities 1 town 1 vill 1 wilderness then same other way. Campaign started in wilderness and as battles went one side would progress towards the more urban area of the other side eventually winning the campaign if it won at the 2nd city battle. We never finished it but it was a lot of fun. RIP buddy.
  7. Good point. I think part of it was just hatred and anger. The para said they were usually easy to spot with arrogance, a sneer on their face etc. Mind you this wasnt an interrogation to say get info about spies or somethung - this is info that probably lots of the other German troops would know e.g. Are there tanks? Whats around the corner? @sburke I thought it was anecdotal at first too.Upon reflection I dont think so. He spoke in first person terms like he was there. He didnt gloat or anything. Just had that hardbitten cold truth look infantry vets have. Again anevdotal stuff whem it involves war crimes is rarely mentioned in the first person - though Ive been seeing a lot more of it in recent interviews and its making me wonder if its an old age get it off my chest thing. This includes interviews with Waffen SS that admitted to being in killing squads. Waffen SS being told if they took black PoWs to kill them on the spot but break their necks not "waste" bullets. The American paras story. Again I think you fellas are all thinking high level intelligence when the GIs probably wanted to know something like "are you a patrol or are there others etc?" This is probably whythe shootinh was important. It was more relevant to the on the spot in that moment info they were after - stuff that would be worthless after the PWs were processed. Theres also an imterview with the US pilot Bud Andersen ( actually I have to recheck that name ) who. himself on his own words saw a German pilot purposefully machine gunning American aircrew in parachutes. He chased the German down shot him down let him bail and emptied his 6 .50 calibers into him. Can old men lie? Absolutely. Does age affect memory? Absolutely. Would I sit and call any of these men who are verified to have been the places they were and NONE of us were at liars? Absolutely not.
  8. Yes except in the format of 1hr episodes and like say a 10 episode season. Das Boot is long and excellent but imagine how much more fleshed out it could have been @DerKommissar Very well aware of it. Directors cut in German is the way to go. And yes I know it initially was on tv. I just meant something that has more the length of some of these modern hbo productions.
  9. I vividly remember an interview with a US 101st AB vet on the AHC channel. He openly stated if they needed info from some rounded up Germans theyd pick the one who seemed in charge - he said it was usually pretty obvious - and outright walk over and blow his head off with a .45 to make a point. Apparently they never had any holdouts. IIRC this was happening around this soldier around the time of the Bulge and into Germany..
  10. Id really like to see more of a BoB or Pacific type series either based perhaps on 303 sqn or a bomber crew. Any side if it was realistic afaik. I also think the format would work really well covering a U Boat crews' journey. For a less bleak ending cover US subs in the PTO. ( We all know we really want the UBoat =p )
  11. speaking of concussive effects I just read one of the most vivid first person accounts Ive ever read about Vietnamese civilians caught out in the open near where an Arc Light B52 cell dropped its bombs and civvies were near the hit. My god just the concussion from the blasts... roughly 1km away IIRC - dead all over. Eyes bleeding ears bleeding mouths bleeding. Some interesting stuff I wish had been explained more about it doing something to your lungs.. All in all sounds horrific. Im sure the grid eraser MLRS isnt a nice thing to be on the end of either. ( of course a 152mm is NOT a caliber to laugh at)
  12. Oh theres no doubt their squadron records prove they were proficient. Possibly even crack or elite. Best fighter squadron anywhere at the time? Disagree. For one all that time training is good, but does that make them better than say a squadron from the 4th FG that had been in Europe actually killing Nazis during the same period? Would I place them above in skill level to some of the expertern German units or even say JG26? Obviously if you narrow it to the very last 9 months Germany was in the war the comparison is skewed. For one how do we define what the best fighter squadron is or was? For 2 if we.re going to compare we need to compare both at their best so red tails after a few combat missions for experience in Europe. Vs every other squadron in the entire war during their best time when they had the most training and had been blooded. When looked at like that I think its a bit much to name them.the best fighter squadron anywhere. If your argument is because they achieved this despite conditions in America... Well yes its impressive. Of course the Poles had the highest scoring Battle of Britain squadron and theyd lost their homeland, had their military butchered, and most likely were never going home unless they wanted to be shot on arrival. Id say theyd been through a lot of suffering and would continue to suffer... Still though is the fact that political correctness etc leads to grave errors or fallacies. Saw a crappy film on WW2 the otherday that sadly didnt do their homework enough to even realize the GIs werent integrated as combat units until 1947.
  13. post modern pc society is basically what I define as living in America society now ultra political correctness... in a post modern society. what exactly does "warts n all" not get ? Or is it just disagreement
  14. All true cholos love hollywood - theyre a great purchaser of one of our great national exports - illicit drugs