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  1. Sublime

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Yes i definitely mimagined BFCs take on uncons would be paramilitaries prpbably mostly fascist types defending Ukraine and uncons for Novo Rossiya uncons I also pictired higer end uncons like Wagner Group... is there an infamous or elite ukrainian merc group like Americas Blackwater USA or Russias Wagner
  2. Sublime

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Thanks. I honestly cant remember if that was what I remembered or what. Again though Im b@t$hit crazy soo...
  3. Sublime

    9-11 Event

    Hell no. I dont think I ever got beyond turn 5 and I think my first few tries I logged off after setting up some or all units. Too friggin much lol. I did like CMx1s operations with a big assed master map where damage is persistent and knocked out tanks stay unless salvageable better than CMx2s. We.re very fortunate to have the likes of Paper Tiger creating operations that really think out of the box and used really creative work arounds - pete wennman and JonS deserve as much credit as well. I do remember the first scenario I played when I got BB full was 'A Warm Place to Sleep'. Of course I played the pre release demo over and over. I only remember 'Yelnia Stare' though I cant remember the name of a 2nd battle if it was there. Im sure it was.
  4. Sublime

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Hmm ok maybe Im wrong then. I really seem to recall him saying theyd like to add them - and yes i know exactly what youre saying about current events vs the game story line, I know its two 'worlds'. I 100% remember seeing USMC and VDV and I know more was said as well.
  5. Sublime

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Yeah they specifically said they planned to have USMC and VDV, ISTR Russian marines as well. It was also said that they wanted to add irregular forces for both ukrainian sides later.
  6. Sublime

    9-11 Event

    I also remember when the close combat makers came here, what was it like 6 months after BO was out?- and actually were complete douchebags. I was relaly disappointed I had been a fan of it all to CC3, though 2 with the grand campaign was by far the best. But yes I was relaly surprised and shocked by one of CCs creators coming off as utterly just jealous and arrogant. And he really couldnt make any coherent points on why CC was better or even why it had to be a contest and he was here. It really was like... Akward I was almost embarrassed for him. Worst still he trolled the site for a little while after.
  7. Sublime

    9-11 Event

    Yeah you absolutely predate everyone then. I forget where I heard about it but I read an AAR and I was utterly fascinated. I immediately was disappointed the infantry was abstracted, I do remember that, but during the AAR at one point a rivers crossed because it was frozen over and I was hooked. Id lurk on the board somewhat and really liked the vibe, when I actually was playing the gold demo and waiting for my copy to arrive. Thats when I occasionally started posting but I was never prolific at all until CMx2. I did have a major burst of activity around 03 with CMBB. Back to BO, I remember actually getting the manual in the mail with the cd (it was square with the manual) shrink wrapped around it. It was right around the DDay anniversery that year (2000) and it was a great day. The most memorable and best CMx1 release in my opinion was CMBB. I took a long hiatus and never got AK and missed the release of SF (luckily lol) and when I came back I first actually got Afghanistan. The 1:1 modelling was the only thing from CMx1 I had considered a glaring issue and that being adressed I got the entire SF family except the Brits (always a regret) and so on and so forth. Anyways that was probably a very boring post to read sorry - I do miss some of the old timers and I wonder what became of them like Fionn Kelly or JasonC for example.
  8. Sublime

    9-11 Event

    Oh thanks I didnt know that. Still Ill leave it, not feeling really clever right now. So you.re slim huh? I remember you well, no wonder I like your posts etc, I always liked ur other posts as SLIM. Glad youre still around once I read the name it clicked..
  9. Sublime

    9-11 Event

    Oooh idk if you wanna do that. Thatd put me at the top of the list for almost 80% of the people here. I was lurking from september 99 made an account in like may 00 when the gold BO demo got released. Im inherently suspicious of anything that places me in the top rank - im waaay to cynical and self effacing to accept that I will admit though that join date is so old now I keep this account I made when i was friggin 15 (lol) and named after my favorite band. I wish Id had the good taste and epic handle of Gen Ripper with that pic, I forget if its from his 'fluoridation of water speech' or when he was on the base PA system.. But ya always liked ur handle
  10. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Thanks yes I was reading the wiki as well. Yes I always am here.. Even when Im not I get sucked right back into it. Technically I live in Revere ( so closer neighbors than you think, and Im honored, not being sarcastic ) and work in Boston. My son still lives over in Southie too but I want to get him out of there, living in the D st pjs. Sigh. Ok sorry for the derailment.
  11. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Vet 0369 i really appreciate your input. Im really interested in any other details you have on that coup plot in the 30s here in the US Wow a little google.. Lol but I wouldnt have expected to hear Smedley Butler brought up as a 2x MoH winner and "the fighteningist marine i ever knew" according to Chesty Puller. Its interesting as Butler testified before congress he was to be appointed head to a fascist veterans group. I guess its probably easy to sling moral mud from 80 or 90 years distance - I can see how with the Bonus Army and the Great Depression the conditions would be right for the Business Plot. Though some of what Im reading claims it never really was going to happen..
  12. I think Cooper woulda $hit a brick at yankee know how - IIRC he was a thru and thru southerner. Jokes aside youre right and Stephen Ambrose used to be the worst in books for that. I remember distinctly the Ambrose craze in the late 90s. It also sucked because I was only 13 or 14 but loved history and was pretty aware that Ambrose minimized every other Allies achievements versus the US on Germans; and I felt that he insulted the memory of a lot of men by either exagerrating or deflating the quality and numbers of the Germans facing US troops to whatever suited his narrative better. Of course try telling some grown up thats not into history but just read Citizen Soldiers that you think he.s a moron cuz x y and z lol no one is willing to take you seriously or if they do theyre not gonna allow a teenager to one up them amd will deny it regardless. Sigh. The days before I could argue with someone, challenge them to put money on some obscure bs, and then whip out my phone and google my free 5 bucks
  13. We can invade and destroy the troll farm that keeps hitting the site? Maybe thw BFC omen will shine and the real world troll farms will get hit with a few JDAMs. Sorry not sorry
  14. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Ikalugin no Im not saying they dump people in those roles and yes I understand completely and also would rather have volunteers in combat etc Im just saying as time goes on Id be wary of that end of things to become a sort of dumping ground. I think at this point the Russian military is reorganizing itself so much they probably dont even have a dumping ground they all agree on yet 😛 Ive heard serving on the Kuznetsov is hell though. Or maybe getting sent to the Far East districts. No but anyways Ikalugin i understand what youre saying perfectly - you take me too seriously as an American citizen with a casual interest, as I noted Im sure the professionals in the Ru military have it in hand. Im extremely glad I missed the draft because I was a mess. However if America was run like it was at the end of its draft ironically my misbehavior would probably have ended up with me in the army tryn to get out of legal problems. Nowadays they dont want people like me, and theyre honestly the better off for it Im sure. If the draft was applied evenly and genuinely, almost like how you saw a willingness to serve from every class in say WW2 Id agree it.d be good for our society. As it ended with Vietnam... You could fix your way out of it if you had means and it wasnt fair. Considering that was where we left it over here and the current state of things I think if it ever was reinstated bar a national crisis it.d be much the same. A place for have nots. (Not the military, the draft pools)
  15. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Whats your feelings on the whole matter? Im glad we dont have conscriptiom in America...