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  1. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Likewise thats why i posted that above. I really do usually like most of your posts
  2. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    I miss your meaning ? Lol man have a good weekend. Im gonna smoke a bone, play my couple pbems ( first in months and in SF2 Im having a ball! ) and enjoy my son later amd this weekend. Hope you have a good weekend too.
  3. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    +1 especially since he was on Azov thread. Still interesting a general officer got wounded and another pulled his sidearm in that green on blue attack. After watching hundreds of firefight vids from Afghanistan I noticed theres A LOT of green on blue fire. Blue on blue too but its squashed quick usually. The green on blue Im sure a huge part is language culture comms etc. However its so frequent one really wonders how many times it was accidental and how many times a unit didnt say defect to the Taliban but maybe let loose a clip into some Americans if an opportunity to get awat with it presented itself. It also helps that insurgencies dont have standardized weapons and if they have anything close its the AK which the West doesnt use and therefore you wouldnt be able to say " these bullets had to have been captured or used by friendlies on us" since the ' friendlies' often use the same ammo and guns the enemies use. I will say that combat experience and tech has made it seem like blue on blue incidents ESP. With CAS have really dropped over time versus GW1
  4. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Sorry I couldnt think of something more clever
  5. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Trolling would be calling you names etc. Not directly adressing your argument with a counter. Youre the one making personal insults and continually now trying to just ignore the argument. Its sooo ironic how EVERY argument or conversation I have with bolshies or Russia apologists becomes them name tossing; whataboutism; or the forum equivalent of "now the arguments not going my way Im going to nitpick everything (grammar) and obsess about being O/T but of course it was fine FOR ME to go O/T, but how dare this American speak his mind?!) What are you having so much trouble translating? The few joke lines like "russia stronk"? Seriously dont try to play grammar nazi now because your english and I dont have exactly perfect grammar with periods - I used to think you were Russian precisely because it seemed English WAS NOT a native tongue of yours. How about actually adressing the contents of the post? (esp. Since the hyperlink is for a BRIT newspaper that says HOW THE BRITS TRIED TO DRAG ROOSEVELT INTO WAR) As far as Afg. Its a continual low grade clusterfuk. The negotiations broke down. All I can say is casualties for the US at least have gotten pretty low. But I dont value the most rednecked ignorant private's life for the entire nation of Afghanistan from where I sit.
  6. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Ok Emrys you got me. BESIDES some looney bomber generals in the late 40s and LeMay who should've been sacked by the early sixties, never in my lifetime (b. 1985) and definitely not during the 70s have I encountered anyserious Americans or Westerners who wanted a full blown war with Russia just to have one P.s. - you are right no citation needed. LeMay urged Kennedy to do a mass preemptive strike saying the US would " only" suffer 20 to 30 million dead. Kennedy called him a madman
  7. Sublime

    Vehicle Immobilization

    Agree 100%. Kudos to testers cuz I cant be bothered. But anecdotal evidence over 3 to 7 or 8 years with single.player, and usually 5 or 6 pbems running multi turns daily you get a really good feel for the game and stuff. And IME if its bogged and u dont cancel the move order you just drove a pillbox to that spot. If u stop the move order ur almost guaranteed to get out of it. Also the animation (this is minor) for bogged and unbogged is a little silly. Because bogged the vehicle sits lower and when unbogged it seems to 'bounce' 3 feet in the air suddenly
  8. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    Russia stronk! And how it.d kick HATO @$$ and how us Americans are pining away for a nuclear war that we.re also specifically planning on bringing the British into such a war. Doubtless we.ve been pouring novichok all over your nation to make you made at Russia and also we.re just working out the final details of an Aeroflot map that.ll strongly suggest Russia has designs on your nation to suck you in more.. Oh wait you Brits beat us to that specific one https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2673298/amp/Hitlers-amazing-map-turned-America-against-Nazis-A-leading-novelists-brilliant-account-British-spies-US-staged-coup-helped-drag-Roosevelt-war.html ) Oh well. Seriously though I myself have never said nor seen any Westerner nor American saying "F ya! War with Russia! Lets do it! We.ll win a nuclear war!" You literally make it out like westerners are acting like how people did august 1914 except about nuclear weapons and a third world war. And youre utterly wrong its universally looked at with utter dread in the entire western world. To the point that presidential orders by Nixon to nuke NK were DISOBEYED and Kissinger called US cmdrs ordering them.to disregard the order because the pres was drunk! Id also like to add that I dont recall anyone ever telling any Russian leader ever they were drunk and to sleep on it - something worrisome now I picture it - especially with this narrative by Soviet/Russian apologists like you that its ALWAYS the west thats the aggressor ( cof cof invading poland1939? Nazi allies? Lies!) Its always the west pining for nuclear war blah blah. Notice the west never purposefully has news conferences JUST to showcase horrible end of the world.doomsday weapons? Im sorry but really who are you kidding? Afghanistans been outta the window on this
  9. Sublime

    Afghanistan - The Current Situation

    I think the Russian government is full of pragmatists who will do anything to keep their dynastys going. A little bizarre sidenote but Russian politics made a lot more sense to me after dozens of hours in CK2 because the games all about dynastys and I feel thats the current Russian mindset of their elite. That said I DEFINITELY note a sense of definite nostalgia for the USSR with Putin and other select Russian statesmen. After all he called the collapse of communism the worst disaster of the 20th century. ( im not even touching that its so laughable, plus he seems to forget he.d be retired living in a crappy apt somewhere probably if the USSR hadnt fallen)
  10. Oh no you dont JK -Im not talking about that dumb post recently showing a 'predator suit' from a year or two ago - Im talking about a thread you said this in about 8 years ago specif8cally mentioning "if we had this and rocketpacks in the 80s imagine whats there now" Oh and if you cant discuss this john, why are you discussing it? Why if u cant discuss it, STATE IT AS A FACT, then retreat into cant talk?! My father was around classified ****. Dude i asked him about something in F4Ds 8 years after his last flight in one and he looked at me said its classified ajd wouldnt discuss it or whether it was real nothing. AT ALL. And it wasnt some crazy **** I asked him about wild weasels and jamming ( he wasnt a wild weasel but being a wso) Second if this is all so highly classified then why are thete all these idiots online posting videos and nonsense and NOTHING HAPPENS. VIDS ARENT DOWN, YOURE NOT DEAD, THEYRE NOT DEAD, ITS ALL NONSENSE DUDE!! Now let me finish reading your post so i can edit and reply to more. The DCS boards was rlly simple. I posted a question. Some user named probad replied rudely. I said if u cant help just leave it. He pm.d me a bunch of cusswords. I pm.d him some more inventive ones and urged him to help the gene pool out by talking a long walk off a short pier. I got msged by DCS. They wanted my side i was getting banmed but.. However given how I was raised and then events in my life for yrs its been beaten into my head to not cooperate with authority figures or "rat" people out. Now let me clarify - if i saw a terrorist act or a woman being raped or attacked Id call 911. Its more like people involved in a lifestyle cant suddenly decide to work with tye policr when convenient and this isnt expected of "normal" people. Its still really dumb, a habit I try to break as its not my life anymore,but its a hard mindset to break even though equivocating forum mods for the cops is ridiculous. I took the ban, and before the ban I noticed probad was basically getting msg hi fives frm ppl who always seemed to post with him and I decided f\ck these boards. -Plus we all know how much i hate russians and they spill over from the russian language forums
  11. Sublime

    Vehicle Immobilization

    I like the ideaman but I think like a lot of good ideas you.ll get a bunch of responses that Its outside the immediate tactical scope of the game and battle That instances where recoveries happened under fire werent common enough to warrant it As you said, many people probably wouldnt utilize it or want to play vehicle recovery specialist The famous "where does it end trope" - recovery shops? Repair teams? Little tent field hospitals? Etc Mind you I dont mind your idea at all esp. Because you were there and I wasnt; you know infinitely more than I ever will about combat. That said I would prefer they focussed on a couple other issues first- Bunkers/fortified bldgs, tank bunkers and ramps Better trenchs Better MOUT ***** (Until thats achieved either we.ll need a new engine or Fallujah 04, Ramadi, Konigsberg, Berlin, Stalingrad, etc are only going to be shells of what they should be.)
  12. Sublime

    Vehicle Immobilization

    U know what? I think your solution is the best one Make a mini campaign where you end up commanding Russian forces East of Torgau and Amis West and you link up. Maybe thats the culmination of a single player campaign. Swithces back n forth between ami and russian. losses or forks in story could lead to more combat for one side. All weed need is the late war Soviet Forces and the Late war Allies (then decide how many divisions realistically could the Germans if we rearmed them could muster? Second would they use German equipment or would they get American equipment like the French? I lean towards German equipment except maybe armor and planes - especially to avoid friendly fire. Perhaps also a uniform change, though I doubt it. Feldgrau was distinctive. In fact maybe it;d see the Allies adopt camo universally? The modders could make endless scenarios and campaigns around this though and it.d be glorious. I mean you just have sooo many options that way. And also the way CM works you can fight allies on allies - so you could have pre GDR Commie sympathetic Germans fighting for Russians. You could have say a Soviet unit defect. Or say a French unit mutinies, gets promised cushy stuff in the SU and fights to break out to Soviet lines. Id be most interested in all in PBEMs and campaigns of a regular GI armor or infantry commander his counterpart in the red army and for me specially Id love to be given command of a battalion of Germanys best left troops - part of a corps that took men out of PoW camps, from all over the Wehrmacht and mustered them up into a few Jagd. fighter squadrons, maybe 1 jet bomber/recon squad, some advanced uboat crews, but mostly a Corps (-) of German troops. I envision some Good german armor, but considering different round sizes and breakdown problems I almost envision the allies using those in emergencies and trying to get the germans to use shermans as well. I could see German small arms being adopted by some allies - like the fausts. the other stuff not so much cept maybe the STG 44. I could see the Germans keeping their own equipment except food trucks, maybe tanks, and if they wanted more than a few squadrons allied airplanes. But yeah Id love to roleplay as a German officer from say Konigsberg desperately fighting this war hes been in since 42, and desperately trying to find out what happened to his family.
  13. Sublime

    Vehicle Immobilization

    u know Im gonna get off my ass and ad the first new thing to my sig line in 18 years - Im gonna copy your Fulda Gap 1985 and add (45 Op Unthinkable if not) as an alternative. I reaallly wanna saee that game. Like if BFC said fine, we'll do it, if we get enough ppl to agree to 200 a pop, for a game that has 1978, 1983 able archer, and 1985. All Cold War scenarios. All of NATO. All of Warpac. 200 dollars though to get in. And youd get all content, battle packs campaigns etc as sellable DLC later, along with more special or unique units. But initially - Brits - Germans - East Germans - Soviets - US - Czechs and some other Warpac as well ( Poles ) Later smaller war pac countries could come in. We could add French units, it was iffy but generally assumed theyd join in if the balloon went up. But I would find the money for that - my dream game of all time. Next best thing, or maybe better I dont know depends what day you ask me - is a 1945/46 war between east and west.
  14. Sublime

    Sf2 thoughts

    Sf1 grew on me. I thought sf2 sounded exciting but any other title woulda gotten me more excited. Especially anything ost front or BS Financially the last few tears uave veen terrible - i couldnt even afford the stupid 5 dollar upgrades to engine 4 which was heartbreaking bexause i cant suffer single player after years of pbems. I wont lie with my mothet very sick and my son is 7. And xmas i doubt ill get the sf2 money and im eligivle for that AWESOME discount bfc offers which is sooo generous. All this said the 2 pbems ive got going im EXTREMELY IMPRESSED WITH SF2. I actuallt dearly want the gsme now and realized how utterly i missed all 0bems and im stuck on 3.0 anyone still using it pls msg me So just wanna say sf2 is worth every penny and bfc did a fantastic job