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  1. Maybe. You Germans arent out of the woods completely though. You guys have plenty of soppy nationalistic old marching songs ( I had a comrade... ) and campy WW1/WW2 era productions. All Quiet on the Western Front is brilliant but is not an example of average German literary work from the period. Im going to derail the thread here.. but I feel like I have to here - anyone else see the noticeable difference from how Germany was treated as far as rubbing their noses in what they did vs the Japanese who we went way softer on because the Cold War started? Japanese history books are almost insulting or are downright insulting to America and basivally act like Ww1. Someone overflew Pearl Harbor by mistake. Nothing to see in China. OMG 5 CHAPTERS NUKES OMG And so in turn you see stuff like nationalism starting anew in Japan etc. And of course a warped view of history. Hollywood does still make some hood war movies sometimes ( I thought Eastwoods dual movies about Iwo Jima from both perspectives were great) and has made some classics in the past. Also let us not forget Band of Brothers and The Pacific. Both I thought were well done and the Pacific hardly glamorizes the war or is overtly patriotic. Not a lot of raa raa American in pulling gold teeth from charred corpses. Just the terrible reality of the tragedy war is. I just really hope it doesnt take us losing two world wars to realize you dont have to have schlock, or uber nationalism to make a good war movie. And that being an infantryman is basically somewhat like being homeless with people trying to kill you all the time. Not as glorious as they.d like to make it. I also feel that Spielberg in particular but also Ambrose as a historian do not just US troops but all Allied troops a disservice when they perpetually portray the Gernans as bungling fools. They were quite formidable opponents and acknowledging that does more to honor the incredible sacrifices and underscores the very reason why it was such a big deal. Instead it always seems to be hordes of Germans getting gunned down. This is especially pertinent too because as brutal as the PTO campaign wasthe Germans inflicted a lot more US casualties on us than the Japanese. Of course invading Japan would have changed that. The REAL trash war movies are the Chinese war flicks about them fighting the Japanese. It.s comical to a westerner to see its so moronic. Theres literally one scene where a guy throws a grenade in the air, does a somersault and kick and the grenade flies into ans blows a Japanese zero out of the sky. sigh.
  2. feel oddly embarrassed i didnt know that was Blucher
  3. U571 literally and Im American disgusted me and I didnt even sit through it. I didnt watch red tails because in the new( not rlly) post modern pc society everyone knows the entire US military was racist and the red tails were the best fighter unit anywhere ever because the color of their skin. I fimd it especially ironic given the interviews Ive seen with actual black veterans saying things like " the first time I WASNT segregated was in the Nazi PoW camp. " Regarding the U571 I mean really FFS theres enough outlandlishly action hero like things that actual Amerivans in WW2 did singlehandedly to crow about. It was a gigantic war you have dozens of examples on every side and more no one knows about. Why the hell steal someone elses story? Frankly I think its insulting to our actual veterans do that anyways. America certainly contributed its fair share enough for there to be stories aplenty and no reason for any revisionism or shame.
  4. Der Untergang was superb inaccuracies aside. I thought it caught the mood very well and the guy who played Hitler was superb. The Bunker ( is that the name ) was amother good playing of Hitler. i remember someone suggested the very old German movie Die Brucke on here to me in like 2001. I ordered it, it never showed, bitterly forgot about it and 2 years later voila. haha. It was a really good movie though, HJ defending a bridge against US troops. Naturally being a 50s movie the special effects and battle scenes could be so much more now.. I really wish HBO had gone through with that Mighty 8th series based on Masters of the Air. The trailer looked incredible. However its been years without any news Id say that its a wrap - shame too the HBO format e.g. BoB favors following say a bomber crew, elite unit (101st..) or naval vessel, or as seen in Fury a tank. Fury only exists in my mind because the special effects and battle scenes. The rest is... sigh.
  5. Sublime

    What will the next CM be?

    we can also add the new sailing game ( ill dig up the name later ) that looks pretty groggy on YT. Saw some guy take down the Constituition in a Brit ship of the line. Oh the humanity! Theres really more too but Im not going to keep adding. Do I think there could be more niche super realistic naval games? of course. if i had my way all games would provably be super realistic versions of different military or historical things. Am I gonna get that? Why even ask.
  6. Idk. In FI when it was just Sicily I hated the terrain. Idk why. Especially those damned vineyards. My god those were like the ultimate tank trap. FI went from being my least fav to my fav( at the time ) with the module to Rome though.
  7. Whose defending Enemy at the Gates? I dont think anyone on either 'side' has said its even a good movie let a lone accurate. As I said its bad when halfway through a movie about one of if not THE biggest city battle of all times the ambient backround noise of battle just.. disappears. I will say this though in defense of western histories of ww2: What exactly has the SU done to help or Russia to clarify? Russia reclosed its archives. The SU made up myths and there wouldnt even be a sniper duel legend without the direct existence of the SU. Russia hasnt helped matters by tryn to charge or publicly shame people who try to come out with things that arent seen as pro Soviet at that time. Whats that leave the West with? Well we have the stories od the losers. Lots of self vindication etc. Some truth. Some stuff got out of the East or can be confirmed. Otherwise all we really knew is the biggest land war in history happened in Eastern Europe against 2 brutal dictatorships. One with every reason to lie about its failures and reasons to hide evidence of crime. The other a victor who got to write history in the manner it desired and one who perpetuated outright untruths and lies for up to even over 40 years after the event ( Katyn ) That said the German movie Stalingrad was good IMO though I wish instead of trying to make it more movie like at the end with the corrupt nazi officer and the woman etc they should have just shown the men die off in various defensive positions/starve as was much more a common reality. maybe a dream like sequence at the end in one of those massive open wire open air camps at the end of winter of 42/43 that the great majority of the 6th Army pows died in the immediate aftermath of the battle.
  8. But what about the fulda gap? or what if god forbid they do something like say whys monty so special he gets 2 cap badges or even commits heresy and dares suggest that Monty didnt really save the US in the Battle of the Bulge? Im of irish ancestry* on both sides so Im assuming paddy has a hot tempter like me. things could get ugly. My ancestors had some *cough* issues with the British in Ireland around spring of 1916 and somehow ended up in Boston by way of Nova Scotia. They were going to be deported soon and my great grandfather would probably have beem hung vecause his alleged fenian connections.. until WW1 he enlisted and our family got to stay. he survived but dived into a shellhole and got a lung full of mustard gas. he died 5 years later from lung and throat cancer at the ripe age of 26. poor bastard. apparently was brewing beer in the bathtub to help with money. (the other side was alrdy in nova scotia and contributed a daughter to come with my great grand pappy in boston and here i am)
  9. Read about Berlin at the end. Before Berlin there was a standing order I forget where and when but there was an order ( probably selectively enforced) to shoot "traitors" trying to surrender. They had penal battalions. If you didnt move fast enough or werent considered interested enough off to a camp. That is if you didnt have an accident first. However almost any lower level history of the Eastern Front thats lengthy you will find multiple incidents on both the Eastern and Western fronts of German troops opening fire on other Germans surrendering. Google it you.ll find examples.Of course given the nature of the combat there was a lot more bitterness and your odds of being shot bt a former kamaraden increased dramatically if you pulled that sh*t in the East. Heinrich Biddermans autobiography about his time inthe Wehrmacht is interesting because he fought most his war in the east. he ended upin the west at the end. some notable takebacks - first of all these were only his experiences. if you try to claim im inferring this was corps/front/theater wide youre an idiot. Now that said according to him yes Germans did shoot at surrendering Germans. Also generally in thr west it was considered risky but if say 4 surrendered maybe one would get shot by accident but barring any local atrocities you were going in the bag. with the east it didnt matter. you could ve taken prisoner you could all be shot out of hand. Apparently panzer crews had a real tough time because their black uniforms often led to accussations of them being SS and getting shot. Bidermann also noted that in the east no one gave a flying f*** about medics or red cross markings or cease fires to collect dead. he was flabbergasted when he saw medics not getting shot by snipers etc in the west.
  10. Ok first of all that movies an absolute disgrace. even the backround noise of firing goes mysteriously absent about halfway through. its utter nonsense. Ok now. Order No. 227. You truly believe no one was shot under that order? Come on man. Im not going to cite examples because history is replete- especially when one side is desperate- of such things. Look at the common roving gangs of SSin Berlin hanging or shooting 'deserters'? The idea that it didnt happen in Barbarossa and otherwise is frankly naive. Second its been well admitted by bith German and Soviet sources they tried to shoot at their own surrendering troops. Also Stalin had one of his top marshalls shot for failing in 1941. Hold on let me dig up the name.. pretty sure it was Pavlov. Or he killed himself. Who really knows. Dont jump to this is HATO on Russia. I cant point to examples of british officers pulling a revolver out amd sshooting a couple of men refusing to advance to stun the rest into movement. Im pretty sure American troops would ve tempted to light up guys they saw as going over to the enemy side especially if America was in desperate straits. This isnt like some obscure fact of history DMS, yes one replete with hyperbole and exagerration, but it did happen and alot, after all it was thw biggest land war in history. If you really genuinely have no idea what Im talking about may I suggest perhaps reading books other than official Soviet histories? I dont feel I really know much about a battle military history wise unless Ive read a book from at least both sides. And i usually prefer more. Ive read American German British Russian and god knows what else about the Eastern Front. Im no expert but Im certainly not going to accept the fact the Soviet troops didnt shoot their own men on purpose spmetimes or send them into absolutley suicidal situations on purpose anf would shoot those who didnt move fast enough.And Im also certain the Germans did too.
  11. Sublime

    What will the next CM be?

    well to be fair theres CMANO DCS added the F18 and naval ops are going to be greatly enhanced That Battle of the Atlantic turn based game Cold Waters ( yes i know its not ww2) plus mods for SH3 and 4 imcluding one where you control surface ships. If anything naval warfare is pretty well represented in the realism front. while it seems we have a plethora of ground based strat games most are jokes realism wise... And Im not even big on sea games
  12. I like you man I really do. But no one is gonna wanna play a niche game of darts n pints with Paddy and Monty outside of the UK. (unless you got some clever gimmick like bullseyes giving u a dirty picture lol)
  13. uh sorry USSR shooting its own soldiers is a verifiable fact. Its well noted that both sides opened up on their own trying to surrender as well. I dont think your profile has anything to do with the subject at all, I think he just thought it odd you say you live in a now for almost 30 years fictional country.
  14. Sublime

    What will the next CM be?

    polite little blue digi-camo men?
  15. i saw Tell Spring Not to Come This Year. Didnt really grip me. I dont know. Im sure some would find interest in it. It certainly reinforced my feeling its a hopeless war Americas fighting there.