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  1. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Still...In sure the Hells Angels or Bandidos or somesuch over here would cream their jeans over a T54/55 Interestingly a documentary I watched on Putin roughly a decade ago had a lot of footage of him palling around with the leader and members of the N Wolves.. Anyone wonder if Putin has Wagner Group members fight N Wolves with bare hand to the death for his amusement?
  2. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    however true its still a whataboutism. And Id GLADLY trade the Oplots. ( in whose AI is somewhat broken vs T90AMS/A ) for T80Bs or 80Us
  3. Sublime


    lmao..... I used to start singing " Alllll by myy seee--eeellfff" when Id hear someone start whining
  4. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Thanks for your reply. Very well thoufht out and you.re right theres definitely a cultural attachment to tanks. This is something that is surprisingly not remarked on much. Yes I saw the pics of purported Su57s on the flight line. Of course like the nuclear torpedo 'accident' I believe everything we see, especially as members of the general public, is VERY MUCH only what the Kremlin wants us to see. edit: I very much want to establish I draw a line between Russian fanboi wet dreams like the T95 became, and very efficient proven equipment that is definitely out there and able to influence a conflict - for example 1 or 200 Mi28s, versus the idea of vaporware weapons where theres say a platoon for the Russian nation and none more are going to be bought
  5. Sublime

    Russian army under equipped?

    Given recent news articles I read where the Russians have said they wont be buying Armatas in any large numbers any time soon make me think itll go the way the of the PAK FA. Which also gives me some serious LoLz at the various Russia Stronk! Armata and Pak FA comments Ive read over the years, and demands a couple years ago for Armatas in BS because of course by 2017/2018 the Russians will have hundreds IF NOT THOUSANDS!!! ahh.. schadenfreude edit to add : The Russians will be rolling around in T72s probably for 30 more years. I mean they had IS2s in active service with reserve units in the early 80s! Plus if you take the US as an example - we spend more on military by several ordera of magnitude more than any other nation let alone Russia and we openly state we.ll be using B52s until the 2050s, it looks like F15s will be in service at least another 20 years, we.ve been using M1 variants almost 40 years now - Ive always wondered why Russia fanboys had to latch onto the idea of the Russian military getting all totally new equipment and f#&!_$_! you if you think anythibg different. Always seemed odd to me because the Russian equipment in use isnt really that terrible and has its definite pluses and unique traits anyways. Its definitely not like a Wehrmacht equipment vs Italian Axis equipment type situation where its just ridiculous how lame the Russ kit is in comparison IMO.
  6. Apparently the alt right is correct and liberals are turning America gay!! https://www.businessinsider.com/arizona-sheriff-told-sacha-baron-cohen-he-would-accept-blow-job-from-donald-trump-2018-8?utm_source=hearst&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=allverticals OH MY GEEERRRDDD
  7. Sublime

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    better posted in seen it all thread
  8. Sublime

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    speaking of its interesting North Koreas foreign minister is starting to criticize the current US administration once people started lointing out Russias basically helping then sidestep sanctions, along with China and several other nations. Makes you wonder how far making nice nice got everyone. Seems it doesnt work much - unless youre willing to just give them carte blanche in return for a smile in the face. Theoretical question: If war was imminent and you were in command of US forces would you guys favor a strict defense with local counterattacks or go with what is accepted as US plans now - complete counteroffensive almost immediately? Who would you appoint to command the US forces?
  9. Sublime

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    .This is extremely relevant to me and most people my age I know who have similar views to mine politically' i.e. the Democrats are usually way better than the majority of crazy conspiracy theorist nuts the GOP trots out these days; that said no one in government is really on my 'side' I feel and this gets to the heart of the problem, just the Democrats wouldnt want to erase public assistance, keep minimum wages really low, and the Democrats are NOT continually trying to trick workers into thinking unions are some major scam. (Im sure you can guess which parties candidates are heavy on the anti union stance) In the end though, and I want to clarify this because I hear a lot of people who arent in a similar situation accusing people of being socialists because they dont define themselves in a politically binary fashion - if you cannot afford to even live and feed yourself alone busting your hump in a legal 40 to 50 hour a week THE SYSTEMS BROKEN! You shouldnt HAVE to have a college degree and massive debt, you shouldnt HAVE to have several roommates. And frankly I think a lot of people are starting to feel as I do that really neither side is MY side. I do admit with me though this translates into political apathy most of the time. Where many others support Sanders etc. I like a lot of his ideas, I just cant picture anyone ever electing an independent. The system isnt made that way. Anyways Im done commenting on the topic unless directly adressed
  10. Sublime

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    as long as we understand we.re completely at odds on politics. And youre kidding about confronting China right? What because of the tariffs? 1st - helping the deplorables. LOL look at the last tax cut and the new one he.s talking about. ESPECIALLY the new one. Hes on tape bragging to his buddies at Mar A Lago 'I made you guys a lot richer'. 2nd - Trump isnt confronting anyone let alone China. Nice how you didnt adress any specific points I made. What I have heard Trump talk about was how clever Xi Jingping was to make himself leader for life and of course his infamous statement on tape that ' we ought to try that here sometime'. Honestly I was gonna write a big thing. But this gets tiresome. At this point I really feel like we.re at the point where if anyone still thinks anything Trump says is credible (not because he never says anything true, but because he.s literally up to telling 16 on air public lies a day in June, and his whole presidency has averaged 8-12 a day) or that he.s out for anyone but his own family and the elite is frankly naive and/or living in a universe so far removed from mine thst I see no point in discussing this topic at all, and question if there.s really anything to discuss at all anyways with such willfully blind people.. Honestly the entire situation makes me sick, especiwlly the venom and vitriol thats gotten to the point where its not just politics anymore it becomes personal and theres a lot of it on both sides. Im not innocent, I find myself disgusted utterly with Trumpists. I wish I could suddenly not care about the news or world events and stick my head in the sand, but I consider it very irresponsible to be so ill informed by choice.
  11. Sublime

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    Whoa erwin you completely misinterpreted what I was saying. I didnt want to directly go there but for the record I think Trump is a narcissistic clown who is openly being duped in the least sophisticated, moronic and embarassing fashion by every strongman in the world that deigns to treat the POTUS as at least a mere equal - especially fat Kim and Putin, and frankly he makes me embarrassed to be an American often and Im utterly disgusted with him and his whole tribe of followers. I have zero doubts whatsoever that in another country Trump absolutely would install himself as a dictator and its a wet dream of his; his actions to me speak volumes about an elitist rich person - might makes right and he.s rich because he.s better and about 98% of the country arent even people and are just to be used and played. I think also it seems he gets off on living vicariously with these same dictators with these summits and doing unprecedented stuff like meeting alone with them. I truly believe every admin has been played but he isnt doing anything special pressuring anyone on N Korea - he went to Singapore and GAVE away one of the biggest things the Norks have bitched about for some unverified sets of bones? And in the process gets played for an absolute fool by the volumes of evidence emerging the US is getting duped and acting as if everythings fine. And before its said "well he didnt know they wouldnt honor any agreements.." Yeah, if you discard ALL previous experience you could be optimistic. He also didnt need to declare the nuclear threat over and basically fellate himself in front of the world the moment he got off the plane so...
  12. Sublime

    Next Korean war is coming close...

    you mean like forgetting that the N Koreans have broke every promise ever and to every previous administration and then trotting over there, giving up concessions for nothing and then declaring on the way home the jobs jobbed?
  13. Sublime

    ATGMs don't fire?

    +100 Im behind the curve I will say - I decided not to get 4.0 yet etc but Im still yet to EVER see one of my BMP2Ms with a 3rd crew member added ever use its atgms. targetted, arced, or on their own. On the move ambush defense etc. Long range close range all aspects. Countless games as Russians. Ive brought it up numerous times in the past
  14. Oh what I told him is absolutely gamey as far as the saving and reloading. I think BPs advice is just similar chain of thought. Again though this is after the fact the author noticeably isnt having fun with being stuck in this situation. after all hes trying cease fire on mission start.
  15. These are probably obvious but night at low visibility Are the infantry spotting for the tank hunting, then stopping or slow crawling to cover when they spot the Germans? More important are they plugged in with the rest of your chain of command? If the infantry spotting for the tanks have clear lines of communication open to their superiors and your Shermans do as well the info will get disseminated quicker. Are your tanks using slow? Yes when contact is imminent its not always good to order moves that wont stop when they spot the enemy like hunt, but it will reduce your noise signature and give the Germans less clue or warning you.re about to arrive. Save up until the moment the fighting starts and then just run it back and pray to RNGesus. Especially if you hail fire with your Shermans - and you want to always do this with superior enemy armor and preferably as stacked as you possibly can make it : engage the panthers one by one use off map or on map indirect or. direct fire from mortars using smoke. to wall off the panthers Why not have some infantry AT squads with zooks if youve got them join in if possible when your tanks can. Again its not about being fair its about killing those bastards Ill try to think of more later. Dont recall playing this.