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  1. jeffsmith

    Any difference in Mac v PC versions?

    No Mac Rez Explode there was an BFC Beta awhile back but nothing that is working at present There was a Community made version about 2 years ago But it had features that BFC didn't authorize and had the potential to Break the game so it was pulled
  2. jeffsmith

    Has anyone got H2HH working with CMRT?

    I cannot speak for the developer but I think you will find it's currently being addressed
  3. jeffsmith

    CMRT - BETA AAR - German Side

    "Silver Linings Playbook" presented a Very Clear view of Eagles Fans
  4. jeffsmith

    Discussion of Soviet Offensive Tactics

    Deleted Useless Data Not Related to the Discussion at hand
  5. jeffsmith

    CMRT - BETA AAR - Soviet Side

    Sporting Nyet Truly the "Russian Way" DA !!!
  6. jeffsmith

    How do I gift CM downloads?

  7. i have done Exactly that more than once to move my games over from one Mac to another even if it does Not work (and i think it should and will) its a quicker & easier test than doing a full install of both games
  8. yes doing it by just transferring everything over at once as a Working CM Appication will just ask for the License at First Launch Do you mean "uninstall" no need for that You are allowed two license activations at once anyway and if you get a message that you have used them up just put in a Ticket at the Helpdesk Explaining that you have a new Mac and ran out of activations If for some reason they still Don't work i definitely would put in a Help Desk Ticket You CAN do a complete New install (from DVDS & Downloads) on the new Mac but if you have a way (outside of Migration Assistant) to copy the working CM Games over it will save you some aggravation FYI un-installing CM on the Mac involves just dragging it to the trash and then emptying it there is no Un-licensing anymore
  9. Migration Assistant is Not CM Friendly But you don't have to do Full installs either what i did for my last CM Mass Migration Either just copy them onto an External HD or use "Target disk Mode" and move them from the old to the new Mac that way You will have to Relicense But that should work
  10. Rumor is Mr Emrys Actually Remembers Middle Earth and Reading Tolkien is a Trip Down Memory Lane
  11. I Agree i wasn't meaning to point anything out based on anyones Ethnicity or Personal traits
  12. Ya know I keep telling them they could Save $$ & Time & that they should only Have a Single Tank & Soldier Model But for some reason I keep being shouted down with Comments about TO&E Accuracy and the Variety of AFV's & Troops
  13. www.battlefront.com/helpdesk and click on Submit Ticket. It says this at the top of this thread and the Tech Support Forum Found the Thread http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=111025
  14. Well I would Open a Ticket at the Help Desk Mac Graphics are often the weak Link (& I am a Mac Guy) Even IMacs have issues with Huge Scenario's MBPs with Integrated Graphics are even less capable Try decreasing the Graphics Quality and see what happens IIRC There is thread about this in the main CMBN Forum
  15. Which Mac Laptop, with how much Ram & what Video Card with its amount of VRAM ? also which version of OSX