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  1. I did get through this one on the first go at it. But it was very bloody and made the rest of the campaign, shall we say interesting? I had something like 200+ KIA and 200+ WIA. The rifle companies were decimated and it was only when i brought up some of the MG units to the very front that I got enough momentum to carry through. Maybe it was my experience from CMMC2 plowing forward with large amounts of siberian infantry that made me go on despite all the setbacks from german arty. Oh, and I had my first tank attempting to cross the bridge get immobilized on a mine. Didn't know you could blast the wire and get any mines to go away with it...
  2. I think the "hiding" is them working, it takes quite a while. Same thing with the blast command, they go hiding and then BOOM. Wait a few minutes and then see if they have got the job done.
  3. Works like a charm! 4.2 MB/s -2 min 30 sec I'll keep seeding for some time!
  4. Found out about CM from something like SimHQ and got hooked reading the classic alpha AAR. Due to overseas studies I didn't get to play until the gold demo. Now I can't wait to replay Chance Encounter. My best CM experiece to date is from the CMMC2v2 campaign on the soviet side. A ton of fun that!
  5. I have also noted this wrt Mk19 Strykers in PBEM. The ammo number increase with time.
  6. I also have a number of PBEM bugs that I'm holding off posting about until the patch is out. A list of known issues would be very helpful.
  7. Oh, don't worry! I always check out the new installments! Keep em' coming!
  8. I'm all for including a little more information on the unit icon. Part of that might be to include the labels from CMx1. I totally forgot about them but I usually had them on all the time, particularly in large battles. I prioritize morale state and recent casualties taken. Firing I can see from tracers and smoke puffs. Movement is also not that big a deal for me, I can usually spot the little guys moving about or the general location of the icon moving. However casualties cropping up from unseen enemy fire or a panicked squad is something I really don't want to miss. Thus I would suggest a red border appear on the unit icon when they take a casualty. It could fade away over a period of a minute (or slightly more to remain at the end of a WEGO phase). A yellow border with lower priority for incoming fire could be used simultaneously. For other status reports I would like the labels just as they were in CMx1, they worked fine there. Great and relevant discussion BTW! I think you have found the reason for why I don't play CMSF all that much after all. When I do it's PBEM where I review the turn many times to catch all the detail. I kind of lost interest in the campaign when I reached the big urban scenarios in the end.
  9. Very good news indeed! Small H2H battles is just what I'm after. I don't have time to play much single player and thus prefer the slow pace of PBEM. My computer dictates that I keep to small battles. Hence ByteBattles are my best friends!
  10. I'm no professional but when I do dismount at range that is usually at about the effective range of an RPG. So maybe 200 meters out? You will want to be able to spot most firers yet not lose Strykers to RPGs or infantry to close range small arms ambushes. The idea I would think is to get rid of the part of the approach part where you get harassed by long range MG and sniper fire. If there are significant AT threats you will have to dismount a tactical bound back, out of LOS completely.
  11. And yes, in the game interface the PBEM file is loaded as a savegame (once placed in the incoming email directory). I took me a few minutes to figure that out too.
  12. http://www.cmmods.com/ will fill your plate nicely!
  13. Pre-order in place! X-mas is early this year as well.
  14. Thanks guys! This rhymes well with what I have observed myself in the game. I became extra interested in the matter recently as I'm playing my first heavily forested game. It's a lot fuzzier than it used to be! Getting units into overwatch positions takes a long time since judging LOS/LOF is rather tough. But I don't complain since that's how it is in RL as well as far as I can remember from my short service time.
  15. Does anybody have a clue about what terrain type is what and what cover and concealment they offer? Back in CMx1 this was easy to nail down and I don't mind if it got a little bit harder but now I'm pretty clueless.
  16. Ah, hungarian mustasch wax for CM:SF. I just love this community.
  17. Once again you leak a little more info in response to my posts. Now, since you're not here anyway: what should I comment on to get a rough idea on when this Marines module is arriving. A minimum time span would do.
  18. I have now noticed more than once that at times my men take a big detour to the rear before moving off to their ordered destinations. This seems to occur only to split off teams and the detours have been straight towards the friendly side, ie presumed retreat direction. At times they get on to their proper destination after a ~100 meter detour. But in one instance I did not get them moving forward at all, very frustrating. Particularly since most other pathing problems seem to be gone. Has anyone else noticed this? Is anyone else using teams extensively?
  19. In about a years time I would also be very interested in a CMSF meta campaign. I, like Kip, have had my, by far, best wargaming moments in CMMC2. It has its draw backs to organize a campaign like that but when it works it's amazing. BigDuke6 has managed to crank out a whole lot battles in the simplified but also very succesfull Lauban campaign as well (now defunct it seems). So it's doable but requires quite a few very dedicated individuals to pull the heavy workload.
  20. That was both a quick response and some very good news! Thanks! And trust me, I will get the Marines module regardless. I will get everything you release for CM and most other Battlefront games as well just to keep you in the business.
  21. Partly due to RL and partly due to the unpolished nature of CM:SF at release I've had a year long pause from it. I just recently got back to playing it after reading good reactions to the latest patches here at the forum (and again realizing that there are no other games with nearly the same appeal to me as the CM series). It sure is a blast! The glitches are mostly gone and I get the results I expect. Now to my issue, the new infantry modelling. It works very well in an urban setting. I had a blast with Michael Dorosh's campaign scenario when you have to extract an infantry platoon in an urban setting. It was reminiscent of Black Hawk Down. Very nice! However, his next campaign scenario "Normandy" looked very nice as well. But it became obvious that using dismounted infantry in the bocage-like setting did not work as I wanted/expected. There were lots of small ridges, perfect for eg hull down positions for tanks, were I tried to deploy my men on the reverse slope. The idea was to have them reasonably protected from enemy fire yet still able to fire over the top. As it turned out it was either fully exposed and shot up or fully defiladed with no outgoing fire. I think this is in part due to the way infantry cover is handled and part due to the blob formation of infantry squads. Proper trenches seem to work quite well (with no apparent special treatment a la CMx1) so I don't know why ridges don't work so well? As for the formation I would like them to recognize the ridge feature and deploy on line when they have a face across the ridge. If no automatic conforming is possible could it be so that we set formation ourselves? As it is now half the squad could be on the hostile side of the ridge getting shot up while the other half is sitting on the reverse slope in full defilade. Has anybody else thought about this and what can one do about it presently?
  22. I still play CMBB but only for campaign work. For those interested the CMMC2 campaign is now over and the AAR discussions are lively. It looks like there might be a CMMC for CMAK sometime in the future but it's still in its infancy. Keep your eyes peeled if you're interested in taking the CM experince a few levels higher.
  23. I did fairly well with an entry through the front gates. I had the 1st plt drop off one squad in each of the "guard houses" (outside the walls). This can be done safely. Then I waited for the 2nd plt to arrive to get me more overwatch fire. I proceeded to craw the area just outside the entrance full with Strykers. My trigger unit was then a single Stryker with infantry which took an immediate right and unloaded it's infantry by the short side of the front right building (no windows there). I used smoke from the bait Stryker and area fire onto the buildings on the left that could intervene. The infantry could then just run around the corner (towards the wall) and into the building. This whole maneouvre triggered enough enemy response to get the ball rolling yet cost me hardly any casualties at all.
  24. I had T72's firing AT11 at infantry targets and then using HE on T62 tanks (later using a mix of HEAT and sabot). Is CMSF modelling a round in the breach? Otherwise I simply cannot understand the use of a high tech AT11 missle on grunts. I love the sound of the 125 mm gun though.
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