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  1. Has this issue been resolved? I'm running 10.10.1 and am considering buying the Mac version of this game, but am very hesitant to do so given the info in this thread. Thanks for any updates!
  2. I've never understood the wargamer guilt argument or the attitude that "you must love war" to play it. A huge chunk of popular entertainment is based on conflict of some type. Whether it's football, or Mortal Kombat video games, there's some level of conflict at the root of a lot of entertainment. The fact that I choose to my entertainment based on my interest in historical settings isn't called into question when I read historical fiction like the Sharpe's Rifles series or the Aubrey Maturin series! If I read a biography of Rommel, it doesn't make me a Nazi sympathizer. Why would my choice of interactive entertainment somehow create a new line of logic that would lead to such ridiculous false assumption? Guilt? Absolutely not. Empathy and Compassion for the position both soldiers, military and civilian leaders must have faced? Absolutely. I can't imagine a higher stakes leadership challenge than wartime leadership. That said, I also can't imagine studying history that's 1 year old, let alone 75 years old, without some kind of interactive component to experiment for myself. Video games and board games make excellent lab settings for this despite their obvious shortcomings.
  3. Given how "beat up" Battlefront gets upon every new release, I can't imagine from a human standpoint wanting to put the game out before Christmas. There's just too much hassle and timing everyone's schedule around holidays from now until after New Year, at least in my world, can be a total bear (pun intended). I'd love to see it sometime in mid-December, but I'd much rather have Battlefront comfortable with their product and ready to give it the red carpet treatment for the rollout and hectic period following any release in separating the actual bugs and technical issues from the chaff. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. CMBS will be with us soon enough I'm sure!
  4. I thought Steam was optional. Are companies forced to sell through their marketplace? Does this restriction apply to companies who choose direct sale only as their delivery and sales methodology?
  5. Just a big thanks to BFC. Been around a long time. I'm a lot quieter now than I was back in college when I chanced upon this series from an article previewing "Computer ASL" in some forum or another... After nearly 15 years of playing and enjoying Combat Mission games I think it's worthwhile to just say a simple thank you. There's plenty to grouse about, but at the root is still love for this game series and the company that continues to put them out. Thank you!
  6. Weapon2010 - it may be useful to file a support request directly with them to report the bug so it can get into the queue for a fix!
  7. I remember back in the CMBO days people liked to try the 101st D-Day night drop scenario from as close to the unit's perspective as possible in order to try to re-create the feeling of Command and Control issues faced by the units. The First Person view, aside from bing a boon to folks who love swanky screenshots, will be that players who want that extra challenge can get back into it again. I cannot wait to see it in action.
  8. Very cool. Just curious about when the 3.0 engine releases might happen for the rest of the series. I realize that's probably coming later, but I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of timeframe. Can't wait to try this one out though!!!
  9. I'd like to see: Blackhawk Hind Troop carried AA weapons I wouldn't envision scenarios loaded up with these options, but deployment via chopper or a scenario featuring an air component makes good sense. I know BFC has a hard time with coding up anything in the Z axis, but these would be incredibly important weapon systems in even company sized engagements and would create some awesome scenario design opportunities.
  10. AFAIK, there is no way to do this. I'm not even sure that something like Parallels on Mac would solve your issue because I don't know what 3d libraries are being used by BFC.
  11. I see on the Commonwealth module page that its 1.x. Is that outdated information or are there no plans to update it to use the 2.x patch that I paid for with regards to the base game?
  12. Not in my experience travelling in Europe. lol
  13. Do you have a source for that? I'm very curious because all I've ever read and seen modeled in tactical level games like ASL and ATS suggests otherwise. I'd love to pick out an epic mistake to lord over my friends!
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