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  1. Good posts as ever Damian90, You should make money out of some intel job.
  2. -> I pause a WEGO movie and bring the camera view in optimal position. [optimal means I already choose at this point what will be in the final picture -> the UI-Elements down and the upper part with white font will go away. So I position the camera accordingly before I make the screen-shot.] -> Next I mark the part I want to have (the center of screen without UI elements) and copy it. [that's the part where I get rid of all the stuff I want not have.]
  3. It's the 'Beyond Overlord' what will catch. The 2 you can make to a II or 3 or 'reloaded' or what ever...
  4. That would be not very imaginative, but the best choice from a marketing standpoint, I think.
  5. If you just played CMBO, you will have to bridge two gaps. The first is big. It's the gap between CMBO and CMBB/AK. It's mostly about the correct simulation of infantry weapons. The second is huuuge. It's about new engine, more detail, more realism etc. It took a year for me before I was used to CMSF. But I also had to understand modern warfare first. I would recommend to practice at least with the CMSF demo to learn all the new engine basics. Especially if you plan to play pbem (which is the 'grand' game mode for CM games, because here all the wargamers of the planet meet at the virtual battlefields. But you have to know what you are doing, if you want to have at least the chance of a chance). You don't need to buy CMSF + the moduls, if you are not interested in modern tactics at all. But you could do it nevertheless to support battlefront for producing the best tactical WW2 wargames we will see in the next years. I personally found out for me, that I even like the modern setting more, because it is more unpredictable, more deadly and more complicated. I would say, those who have mastered CMSF + it's modules to the point to be able to win 50% of their pbem against human opponents, will have it easier to win their coming CMx2 WW2 pbem against 'only WW2 wargamers'.
  6. Not for Normandy till Market Garden. That would be better for the next game autumn 44 - May 45 (Hürtgen Forest till end of ETO.)
  7. Just played it for one time as pbem (as blue). If I remember right it ended with all hostages dead, but red surrendering, because of high losses.
  8. Just was answering the question, which was about CMSF. Especially in Urban settings, they are sometimes hard to locate after just one shot, if placed well.
  9. Of course its an over-simplification, the transfer of ideas is not a clean cut black and white issue. But for ideas to really 'ignite and spread in the masses big' there are always the big historical happenings in the background. Templars where the one who introduced trans-national banking system in Europe. Has nothing to do with pulp fiction.
  10. Very big point is the Arabic number system in mathematics. Europe was still counting in Roman numbers. But with the introduction of the Arabic system potential of economics would really 'start to lift off'...
  11. One could say that the crusades where a 'plot' by Vatican to channel the inner violence between the Chistian nations of Europe outward for expansion. There is also the point that at times of crusades the Arabs where more developed in the 'sciences' than catholic Europe. All the classical 'pagan' knowledge (Platon, Aristoteles etc.pp.) lost in the Dark Ages was brought back to Europe through the Templars and others. That in turn would be the seed for the big Christian schism (Luther) and later the Renaissance.
  12. There are more possibilities. Never underestimate these recoilless thingies for instance...
  13. About the actual question of this topic: Of course I would buy an IDF-modul. Preferentially in the said 'Armageddon'-design with switchable factions and Hezbollah, Phalange, Hamas and Fatah militias and all the rest + some renegade right wing Jewish settler groups. But I also want NATO from Cyprus to Spitzbergen and 'Normandy' with SS, Luftwaffe ground troups + Ost Hiwis with full insignia. That's just the wargamer in me and has nothing to do with political preferences (never had them for anyone in the first place). And it will also don't drive me to masturbate before Führer-pictures. ;] But in the end Battefront will have to do all the work, so it's also all their decision, what they do. I will all take, what's on offer.
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