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  1. Michael I talked to an inside source who did confirm that all of the preorders had went out by yesterday. I have still not received a notification though. Back to CMFI for a few more days.
  2. Has anyone else received and email or their copy of the game? Still waiting myself and with 79 kb a second download speeds it would take a long time.
  3. I have been wondering about this myself.
  4. I only get 79 kbs at the end of a DSL hub and also took 4 hours to download. Be thankful for 10 MBs
  5. Nice report Bill. Is it possible to scrounge weapons and ammo from knocked out vehicles know?
  6. Great news, I have been waiting for this one.
  7. Nothing wrong with the link, it shows all 15 scenarios.
  8. Placebo I am having the same issue with the pause between selecting the units and giving orders. I have found that if I use the space bar to bring up the orders menu I can then give orders without the pause. I am using a NVidia card also with no specific settings. After updating to the new drivers the problem continues without using the space bar to bring the menu list up. And for the first time I noticed it in CMFI this morning. Using the space bar to bring up the menu in CMFI works also.
  9. Hapless, I have BN, FI and RT. All are up to date and willing to play either side. John
  10. Jim I figured out the manual Install. If your using windows The first file is your Documents/battlefront/combat mission Black Sea. The second one points to your EXE under program files or the folder you installed to. Hope this helps
  11. I have the same problem, I am sure Martin will get it fixed.
  12. You might have to check your anti virus. With Norton I had to setup exclusions for the exe's For BN, FI and RT.
  13. Rokko, With the new patch out I can now load the last save file I had. I should be able to make some head way on the scenario after Christmas. John
  14. I will give it a go Rokko. It might take a while for me to get back to you do to work. Thanks for the time and effort.
  15. Do you have the vehicle pack? You would need to have it for the scenario to show up in the list.
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