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  1. So, I found a package in my mailbox today. I noticed it was from Switzerland and immediately assumed it was from Walker. When I opened it, I found a large gingerbread pastry inside. I must say those Swiss know their desserts. Thanks, Chris. I believe we now have a winner for the tournament.
  2. Jim Liang has become a casualty of Real Life. Smoky will step into his place. Welcome aboard, Smoky!
  3. The match-ups have been updated on page 1. I hope all is going well in Mix and Match.
  4. voidhawk, Agreed, but I included it more for the background effect than anything else. [ August 23, 2002, 12:57 AM: Message edited by: SuperTed ]
  5. The German players have received the scenario file for "Mix and Match." I hope you have enjoyed the break. To the Final Four: All of you have made it this far in part because you have successfully adapted your playing style to my scenario design style. That will no longer help you...
  6. Chris, "...I assume Ted is still following his quest for symmetry..." I'll have to fix that.
  7. Scipio has a great new mod on display at WarfareHQ. Get some of the details at CMHQ.
  8. Dinga, Very nice. This AAR thread is really getting some great reading material.
  9. Lee, Hmmm, that would be useful...not for me either.
  10. TH Forums-CMBO has more fascinating tips to share. Get all the details at CMHQ. [ August 10, 2002, 11:33 PM: Message edited by: SuperTed ]
  11. ROFLMAO! As praise had no effect - let's see whether this strategy will motivate him. Straha</font>
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