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  1. Uhh, that's a big if. After my two 88s on the right were KOed, he had a free run up to the rail embankment with all his tanks. He had already started running them up and blowing up infantry in buildings. All I had left in the building complex was one man with a shreck. His teammate had already been killed by artillery. One schreck to "nail" the entire allotment of his 5 or 6 tanks. All my other AT assets were uselessly facing the short map edge from the wooded positions, and were screened by the buildings, of no use. All that was left was 15 minutes of him blowing the buildings apart with
  2. I didn't like this scenaro at all. I tried it PBEM as Germans. My defense was set up, according to the terrain, to defend against an attack coming along the axis of the road. Turns out, I was outflanked on turn 1 as my opponent started with infantry in rifle range of the 88s on my right near the rail embankment. Two HMG teams of mine in trenches were TOTALLY incapable of supressing the enemy infantry 400m away in open fields on the map edge, and then mortars and artillery finished off the two 88s. That was the end of the defense on my right flank. Everything else was in no position to do
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