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  1. He sure did. Unfortunately, it was a skin only, in that whatever the tank really was, it remained so, there being no ability to tinker under the hood to give it the correct technical characteristics. Regards, John Kettler
  2. Ref the unexplained link, I completely dropped the ball by failing to explain it was about the famous/notorious Irish outlaw Ned Kelly and his also heavily armored colleagues, the story of the armor and what was learned as a result. Regards, John Kettler
  3. Thanks to a CoC colleague with wide gaming interests, have been watching a bunch of Waterloo videos covering archaeology work at Hougomont Farm. As a result, YT served me this tasty morsel. It's in French, but it won't matter, for all the pertinent information iss easily discernible. The unauthorized, unplanned swarming of French infantry on Hougomont is plainly in evidence, as is the devastating blow delivered by Blucher's Prussians to Napoleons's right flank. After watching that play out, am much inclined toward the view that Blucher broke the French and defeated them in detail, but Wellington got the credit. For best viewing, recommend you go into Settings and make playback speed 0.5 or less. Regards, John Kettler
  4. Haiduk, Helpful and informative as ever! Much appreciate the info and insights you gave here. Regards, John Kettler
  5. This is a great nonfiction, non-paranormal story. https://www.facebook.com/groups/GPSML/permalink/4069623836443821/ Regards, John Kettler
  6. A guy I know from my former wargaming group posted this most enlightening long interview with former corporal in the 712th Tank Battalion (Separate) Robert D. Gladson. Before going overseas, his entire armor training was four weeks, none of it involving tactical training in the field--just training learning the Sherman tank, all the jobs except TC, weapon use, maintenance. Shocking! John Irwin, of Another River, Another Town had two full weeks of dedicated Gunnery training, making Gladson a tyro by comparison. By war's end, Gladson was on his fifth tank! The 712th is the same unit that forms the subject of Eilson's Tanks for the Memories, and here is the story of the first day of the 712th in combat. In the comments to the below video, his grandson tells about grandpa, in remarks that touched a bunch of folks. Regards, John Kettler
  7. Yesterday, I was introduced by my youngest brother, Charles, to the incredible soldier figures in 1/35th scale by an outfit called Live-Resin. Any of you who builds 1/35 scale models is going to be blown away by the dazzling quality and poses of these figures. Additionally, I believe that the meticulous attention to uniforms, kit, positioning of gear, etc. would make them valuable references for modders. The pics my brother sent were the crew and dismounts for a Night Stalkers MH-6 Little Bird, but the firm also does Russian soldiers from several modern periods. As a result, I discovered the Russians had a capability I never heard of before--a radar equipped HMG for ground combat! Other goodies include every sevice version RPG projectile, even the latest vehicle mounted Russian EW system for defense against IEDs and such. The radar system is called FARA by Live-Resin's ad and, though likely designed for the 12.7 mm NSV HMG, it can also be fitted to a Dushka. This is the first I've learned of such a thing, and back when I was a Soviet Threat Analyst, there was precisely zero mention of even a Soviet interest in such a capability, much less hardware. The Red Army did, though, have several different models of GSR (Ground Surveillance Radar). (Fair Use) Pics are from the firm's FB page. https://www.facebook.com/LiveResin/ Here's the real deal on a Dushka. Same source. Here's what I turned up. If it's not already in the game, here's enough information to model its capabilities. The correct designation is Fara-1, and it is explicitly called a Weapon guidance Radar, It can be used on AGS-17, Kord and Pechenga HMGs. Entered service in 1999! Resolution is good enough to detect and engage a single moving man at effective range of the weapons named. http://gunrf.ru/rg_pricel_Fara-1_eng.html Regards, John Kettler
  8. Mods, This seems like a good place for this video, but if not, by all means move it. 9K115 Metis-M vs Syrian T-72 (flank shot). Note that the tank continues moving and apparently turns on its smoke generator, too. Am classifying this as a K-Kill. FX modders will find this video of interest, both visually and acoustically. Regards, John Kettler
  9. After cross posting from Military History Club Za Oboronu's FB page to CoC Wargame FB group a piece showing showing an impression of a well turned out partisan (turns out there's direct photo proof of the outfit being worn, one of my CoC colleague, whom I believe knows Russian, posted this incredible VK link---757 pics of partisans! https://vk.com/album-76803965_214675057?fbclid=IwAR1pKh9tXauyQtv6O4Bywfl0BZ561A9OcSOO49swTzq8GZrsbV4YLv2MYpY Regards, John Kettler
  10. Pics, because they did happen! https://parential.com/uncategorized/times-people-coincidentally-wore-right-shirt-perfect-time-tw/?utm_campaign=PerfShirt GA2906 V1 En - Desktop USA TW&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=WC&psl=i_d3c8f8 Regards, John Kettler
  11. TSA's list of things its officers caught in walk-on bags is quite the read, but it's clear form thi there's an issue with checked bags, too. Regards, John Kettler
  12. Though not a manual per se, this is a site devoted to markings for British tanks of World War II. All the images expand. This treasure was created by one of my CoC colleagues. https://tank-markings.blogspot.com/?fbclid=IwAR0nMjZLUYC7GWynfseaG_hpjN170FKfFZoPyEqHioHrVI454JhmMhU56EQ Also of real interest is this research site on German AFVs, unit organization and certain weapons. Has quite a few free manuals (need the StuH/42 manual?) in PDF and offers other information for a few bucks per document. www.sturmpanzer.com Regards, John Kettler
  13. t appears that India and China are adhering to a no shooting treaty clause by instead having the soldiers throw stones and bash each other with sticks and such. https://www.sofmag.com/opinion-chinas-undeclared-war-on-india/?fbclid=IwAR3drcp4cRasJiZGrA1J9wiMLcQ6VMP2xoyc4TT_7cbnzi6BUTO0vPKNfzs Regards, John Kettler
  14. Too good and interesting not to share! Regards, John Kettler
  15. That was supposed to read frontal arc, not frontal arm. Regards, John Kettler
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