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  1. According to an article by Lockheed Martin, M712 Copperhead production ceased in 1990, making the youngest such munition 30 years old, if the weapon is still in inventory, which I highly doubt. https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/news/features/history/copperhead.html So far, the only thing I've found that relates at all to replacing Copperhead is the possibility of adding seeker heads to the state-of-the-art GPS-guided shells developed for the USS ZUMWALT's long range, high ROF 155 mm gun system. https://www.defenseindustrydaily.com/Next-Gen-Naval-Gunfire-Support-The-USAs-AGS-LRLAP-07171
  2. Haiduk, Working with the IDF, the US did a survey of loss causes for Egyptian tanks during the 1967 War. This was published as a SECRET level study called COMBAT DAMAGE TO TANKS in the JMEM (Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual), the CLASSIFIED weaponeering (assigning the correct weapons and quantity to damage or destroy specified targets) handbook set for all US military services. Those analysts conducting the field survey got quite the shock when they discovered that a bunch of sure sure kills by HEAT and HESH had been stopped by things like headlight flanges, brackets, lifting eyes, et
  3. Welcome aboard! Can't get rid of the bolding, so will just say that BFC has NEVER allowed the players to get under the hood of the game when it comes down to weapon characteristics or any other simulation related matters. This was possible with the way older Panzer Elite, and I say this from direct experience on the Panzer Elite Development Group, but nothing that directly affects sim performance can be tweaked in Combat Mission. Since neither exterior appearance nor audio effects fall under that category, you'll find mods for fire, explosions, uniforms, soldier faces, bridges, walls, etc
  4. Mods, don't know if this is the best place for it, but it seemed most relevant her, given the timeframe. By all means move it if you have a better location for it. There is no longer so much as ingle tank company left in the entire US Marine Corps. Found this out when I saw a piece about Marine tankers switching branches and joining the US Army National Guard. This is why the now jobless tankers switched services, most, but not all, staying with the tanks, now upgraded M1A2s. https://news.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/tank-marines-join-the-army-national-guard/?fbclid=IwAR0_g0MDITScmZkq50y
  5. We always talk about the need for new blood in wargaming, and this Middle School teacher has students wildly enthusiastic, but has done all he can on his own hook. The system is FoW, but I have asked Too Fat Lardies, makers of CoC, which I and others consider far superior, to get involved. The kids need minis, paint, brushes, small tools, cutting mats, tape measures, etc. Contact the teacher for specifics if not minis being donated. I know some-many CM players also play minis, and if you've got such items surplus to requirements or would like to purchase some and donate those, it would really
  6. akd, There was zero intent to troll, only to inform BFC of something I'd seen which could possibly negatively impact the firm. Regards, John Kettler
  7. Bil Hardenberger, The usual--zero. Regards, John Kettler
  8. Warts 'n' all, Have always been impressed with Chinese gongs. Figured I'd know I'd really arrived whe I had one to announce dinner. Regards, John Kettler
  9. Am posting here because it combines CMBN and CMFB. Very good war movie with lots of closeups of the tanks (regular Shermans and Fireflies), static and on the move, US MRLs, cab rank Tiffies, and the Dingo gets some love, too. Looks to me as though the battle scenes were shot in post-war France. Film had full cooperation from all the British authorities, and it shows. Other AFVs are shown, but only briefly, which was disappointing. This is really more about the soldiers and their experiences, rather than combat per se. Have watched lots of war movies, but this is the first WW II film that reall
  10. MikeyD, Understood. Didn't want BFC to be potentially harmed by misinformation, if any was being disseminated. As of last channel update (August 31st), views have risen to 1935. Bufo, The relevant info's all in the OP, so no need to watch the video at all. Regards, John Kettler
  11. He was a great blessing to the CM community generally and most definitely to me personally. Glad to know of his passing, but we're the poorer for his loss. Regards, John Kettler
  12. AKD, That was most interesting, thouh I never did get to see that Pion fire. Apparently did while we got to see the UAV for an age. Was a Soviet Threat Analyst when we got the first imagery on that monster Pion, which was a deep strike weapon. GSFG definitely had them, for I saw pics of them on flatbed railway cars. Noticed a radical new high efficiency muzzle brake on the Gvodzika and what looked like a drastically improved (much longer tube) on another. Saw T-14 Armata and the Bumerang, but either missed the Kurganets or it wasn't there. Noticed Kobra was there including the two engageme
  13. BFC, one of my wargaming colleagues posted a CMSF 2 video which is part of a tutorial series. In it, the man doing that tutorial indicated he was using the Steam version. What concerns me, and may concern you if inaccurate, is the following exchange describing the Steam version. Also, my wargaming colleague told another one that there was no Mac support for this game on Steam, but the way it was phrased indicated that might apply generally to Steam. Either way, I don't know for I don't use it. The things I've mentioned may or may not be issues, but I thought I'd let you know, since these could
  14. For me, my poor and not correctable until cataract surgery soonish vision makes it almost impossible, no matter how I strain and how close I get with my glasses (can see over the top at about 6" range) to see what's in the very dark blue bar, for the contrast ratio is almost zero. Frankly, I don't understand why the site was changed. Worked fine for me, and I've yet to find something about it I now like better than what we just lost. Regards, John Kettler
  15. When it comes to biting martial wit, am convinced nobody can top the Russians. What can be begin to match Coffin for Seven Brothers or my favorite Cold War joke from Russians: What to do in case of nuclear attack? Walk to the cemetery, not run. Why walk? Running might create a panic. Can you imagine the grief a soldier in that overgrown diaper would get from his fellow soldiers? Regards, John Kettler
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