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  1. Celebrity connections to royalty (who knew so many had them?) are fascinating. Especially intrigued by the one who's a descendant of Vlad the Impaler AKA Dracula. https://www.ibtimes.co.in/photos/15-celebrities-you-didnt-know-are-royal-19262-slide-109063 Is this the ultimate specialty chocolate? https://www.ibtimes.co.in/innovative-agricultural-scientist-bihar-develops-chocolate-baby-goats-799367 Regards, John Kettler
  2. This one is like something out of "Beavis & Butthead," but it's true, or was when the survey was taken, though slightly understated. https://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-1-10-americans-html-std-study-finds-20140304-story.html Regards, John Kettler
  3. This is without a doubt the most incredible miniature wargaming story I've ever read. The industry has reached heights my mind can scarcely imagine, still less accept. CM IS ecrack, but for gamers who play minis this is... https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/jan/21/heroin-for-middle-class-nerds-how-warhammer-took-over-gaming-games-workshop?fbclid=IwAR1hTA4sH1VJYIeY-PNYnzhd-_QkXM4JYVPfxeyuidBeiTw7Qq0rDB8RmbM Regards, John Kettler
  4. This was a real surprise for me, since it depicts something archaeologists and forensic pathologists haven't known about all that long, but the bones don't lie. The location of the stab into an artery to finish a gladiatorial foe is shown nicely on this statue I've never seen before. Regards, John Kettler
  5. NOT an appropriate gift for an arachnophobe. Also, if you see a woman sitting in this, perhaps a high speed exit is in order? Regards, John Kettler
  6. Andy, Impressive stupidity, but I've got an even more spectacular example. You say you don't keep your cat inside at night? http://newfeed.us/they-tracked-their-cats-with-gps-and-what-they-found-out-was-amazing/ Regards, John Kettler
  7. Andy, The place once might have made a great secret lair, but now a zillion people have seen it. Will take your word on the Ditch Locking. Michael Emrys, You're starting to worry me, and I used to read the Funk & Wagnall's Dictionary (had a cool photo section with US WW II armor and aircraft) and Encyclopedia Americana when in the 4th Grade! Regards, John Kettler
  8. This is from a dead Tumblr, but the caption read "anticlinal, sinclinal." Vague memory says it has to do with rock formations and their orientation. Regardless, I found the image arresting. Regards, John Kettler
  9. Guys, Hands down, that was the weirdest propaganda I've ever seen, this from a man who read the translation of the Soviet math book We Receive New Rifles in which math problems are depicted with AK-47 and F1 grenade silhouettes!. Have a bunch of connections to that the Falklands/Malvinas War. Brother Ed wrote a Harpoon module called South Atlantic War. It was so deeply researched and comprehensive that the Naval War College bought 100 copies for use as textbooks. He owns the official Argentina war history, too, which is in Spanish. I got to see the CONFIDENTIAL War Office Falklands War doc shortly after the war at a model club in California. Have absolutely no idea (given protracted periods for UK declassification) how the person showing the film got it, but oh, was it juicy. My favorite bit came from the yomp the paras had to make after their helos went down on the Atlantic Conveyor. The RSM, the very model of fitness with essentially no fat on him, was the first to drop out because he had none to metabolize to keep him going. Great was the men's mirth over this. Another connection is that I took a SECRET level naval warfare course for industry in San Diego, and one of the instructors was an RN officer whose buddy was on HMS Galahad (believe I got that right), which took a 1000-pound bomb smack into the hull, but didn't detonate. Speculation was it it didn't explode because it was dropped so close it didn't arm. Many hours of excitement aboard an important vessel, though. Saw brief mention of oil as the real reason for the war, and the Rockefellers were named, but that was it. Recall Bush Senior offered up all kinds of justifications for the first Persian Gulf War but ultimately came clean, saying "It's about the oil." How many others have that as their veiled basis? Have seen some stuff along those lines regarding Syria, with a list of heavy hitters as investors, some familiar, others less so. RA in the Falklands/Malvinas War fired an average 1000 rounds per tube in the only battalion there. Rapier performance was overstated, and I believe the Blowpipe man-portable UK SAM got a kill. BLACK BUCK (Victor ultra long range bombing missions from Ascension Island) were most impressive), and we now know the US supplied tons of intel to the UK, together with the latest AIM-9L Sidewinder dogfight missiles which, unlike all their predecessors, were all-aspect, rather than rear attack only. Argentinian pilots were trained by the US Navy, too. Regards, John Kettler
  10. Here's an important book on a topic of which I know but bits and pieces. Winning Latin America over was essential to Allied victory for a stack of reasons. Of particular interest to the CM players is that it goes into the Brazilian Army's fight against Hitler. https://www.wlrn.org/post/tango-war-why-america-had-win-latin-america-win-world-war-ii Regards, John Kettler
  11. Never saw this 2017 story, but it certainly reinforces the whole Nazis went to Argentina case. https://www.wlrn.org/post/photos-trove-nazi-artifacts-uncovered-argentina Regards, John Kettler
  12. Dream job for someone with the right credentials--while the rest of us drool. Lecturer in War Studies (Wargaming) at KIng's College London! https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/BST558/lecturer-in-war-studies-wargaming?fbclid=IwAR02hvcS_fPmjc4HbA_H9TghbiVcc5iEGy6siCx7A7h8_HFLUcedFCGeRg0 Regards, John Kettler
  13. Here's a fabulous infographic showing how truly massive the Normandy invasion really was. https://military.id.me/firepower/lets-never-forget-just-how-enormous-d-day-really-was/?utm_source=SOV&utm_medium=post&utm_content=kevin&utm_campaign=052516&fbclid=IwAR0OL5tvtAfIZn5XZSnlvy-bUKXZis7DEHNGav-xp-8_4jvtTyjySsao2Bo Regards, John Kettler
  14. MIchael Emrys, Used to have the game, but never got that far. My friends rejected the game because the vital infantry side of things was viewed as an afterthought and the hit probabilities were low because there was no guidance on what effective range was. Fans of the Finns and/or FA will love this! Has a couple of spectacular videos. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a27663007/rocket-artillery-drone/ From the same magazine comes this brand new piece of Army next-gen rifles and squad weapons. Big changes ahead, both in electronics and the firearms proper. We're leaving 5.56 and going to 6.8 to defeat body armor at long range. Essential reading. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a27702571/next-generation-squad-weapon/ Regards, John Kettler
  15. One of the guys over on the CoC FB group just built a 40 mm Bofors and crew. This tripped a synapse to my RoW fight "Tiger Valley" in which I M-Killed a Tiger 1 from the flank, unfortunately stranding it on the somewhat elevated railway, thus giving it excellent fields of fire for the duration of the scenario, since the crew didn't bail out but stayed and fought. That led me to this great Axis Forum thread where I was fascinated to learn the Germans classified it as DP (flak & ATG) and that the CW trained to use the Bofors against armor. Not only is there great info here on the Bofors vs armor but also new to me info on the 3.7-Inch vs armor. https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=194230&fbclid=IwAR3F41uFV9_6jy_va8AzPBMzBuiAVMjZb7aRGW5YmVA-Qku5nepW92E8W-E Regards, John Kettler
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