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  1. Jeff: That's awful news about Linda. I truely hope everything turns out alright. -marc s (BOB)
  2. Your wrong Peter. Look at it this way. The north koreans are advancing towards women, food, money, high speed Internet, cold beer and hot kim chi. The south doesn't stand a chance unless they strategically pull back and wait for their decadent culture to assimilate the attacking hordes.
  3. If you want to look at the data on what types of items are being exported/imported between china and the us, here's a good link. http://www.oecd.org/document/8/0,2340,en_2825_293564_35833096_1_1_1_1,00.html If you look at the items, Chinese exports for the most part have ready substitutes. Chinese imports, if you assume the west doesn't splinter, are highly vulnerable. More and more Chinese imports are coming from east asia. Depending on how those fall out, the Chinese economy could be really hurting. It's not just the gross dollar amount of imports/exports that is relevant, it's replaceability with alternate suppliers that's critical.
  4. Of course we do, but we won't use them* because it would bankrupt the military industrial complex which relies on selling us stuff that gets used up. * I can't reveal what "them" is but I can tell you it is a biologically based technology that in many ways makes traditional "war" an anachronism.
  5. Wow, that sounds like a particularly stupid program. Notably so.
  6. umm, if you'll notice when you set casualties to x% in a QB you get x% more points to spend. So, the cost per man remains the same. i.e. you can buy the same number of defenders in a 1,000 pt QB regardless of casualty level.
  7. Sigh. The inability to fire through smoke blindly was an INTENTIONAL design decision. It wasn't a mistake or an oversight. Allowing blind firing would create a gamey mess. It would make borg spotting far more potent then it is already.
  8. Definitely post as you go (with pics naturally!). It's always very fun to read a serial AAR. Humour counts for extra points too.
  9. HQs and other units with Binocs spot significantly better. You want Binoc units with good broad LOS to pick out and ID the enemy. Better to do this with low-value HQs.
  10. Allowing "blind" shooting would make the gaminess scale main spring snap in half.
  11. The Greyhound is a nice AC with a hard hitting gun. Warning though, it's sides can be penetrated by the mg42 fairly easily. A rather bad liability.
  12. That last sentence didn't require much analysis.
  13. On the attack manpack FTs really need transport (british bren carriers are quite effective in this role). I think most would agree they're not a good purchase in a QB.
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