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    Artillery in SF 2

    Did you try searching for "armour?" I think it's a British thing...
  2. wadepm

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Same here. But everything in due time my good fellow...
  3. wadepm

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Promising. Never retreat!
  4. wadepm

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Have things been fixed?
  5. Just binged Season 3. Still enjoying it. A little slow this season though...
  6. wadepm

    The state of CMSF2

    We've got a Catch-22 right there.
  7. wadepm

    The state of CMSF2

    It's never been tried in politics...
  8. That first game of CMBO I played was something else, the excitement level was off the charts. It was so much more realistic than anything I had played before. I'm a bit jaded now of course but there are still moments when you just say "wow that was cool!"
  9. Hopefully, the new Repository will have some sense of organization. I never could figure out why the old site was so awful in that way...
  10. wadepm

    Free WW II Military Manuals

    Have you checked here: http://www.military-info.com/MPHOTO/Manuallist/Fmwar.htm If you can find the number there is usually a PDF version out there somewhere. I don't see a regiment level FM, there is a battalion level FM for '44 though.
  11. Love the concrete railroad ties...
  12. Interesting to see the difference in steering between the M4 and the Russian tanks...
  13. wadepm

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    Whatever we were sending must have been a drop in the bucket by that time. Why keep doing it? Or was it mostly trucks?
  14. wadepm

    Lend-Lease stuff coming soon?

    My impression was that by 1945 we weren't sending them stuff anymore. And the U-boats were kaput. Interesting...
  15. wadepm

    New AFRIKA KORPS game

    After reading the review and looking at the screen shots on the Matrix site I am going to pass. There are just too many units to fool around with, you can't even see the map! I want the game to do well though just so we have more WEGO options...
  16. wadepm

    Green Troops

    I would read this: http://www.dtic.mil/docs/citations/ADA506897
  17. wadepm

    Green Troops

    Welcome to the 90th ID on D+1...
  18. That thing is more like a grenade launcher than a mortar...
  19. I had the same problem but at a hedgerow. Some guys went through the gap and others did not. I solved the problem by breaking up the squad and giving the stragglers their own orders. Then they moved ahead no problem...
  20. I don't think it will turn to the arc unless it sees something there to shoot at...
  21. Bit is it noticeable is the question. Maybe if I play a scenario with no one in C2 and then replay it keeping C2 as much as possible I will see some difference...
  22. Erwin, I agree. Unless the difference is Elite vs Conscript it is hard to distinguish between squads. I don't even look at the leadership ratings anymore. Maybe that's the way it was - unless you are total crap you can probably lead competently but beyond that what can any leader really do when their men are fully engaged? Unless they are Capt. Winters, of course...
  23. wadepm

    The patch?

    As time-loops go it's not that bad...