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  1. Yes. A Type 4 Ho-Ro. Apparently the only one in existence.
  2. I understand that everything in here runs. So they left plenty of space to get them out the large garage doors located to right rear.
  3. Yesterday I was in the Boston area and had time (but not enough time) to visit the American Heritage Museum. This is the place where the Littlefield collection ended up after he passed away. Every vehicle has been meticulously restored. The best armor collection I have seen...so far.
  4. I believe Steve said they would have a module out soon after the patch was done. Whether that's a week or a month is up to interpretation.
  5. You should play with the SG43 and the Maxim, they don't have "Deploy Weapons" buttons. They automatically deploy at the end of any move, no matter the distance. It always takes the same amount of time. The DShK does have the button, however. You can move it around in the deployed position as far as you want and it will be instantly ready to go. But you can only "move," all of the other move modes are not available.
  6. Will they hide after they setup? Would it be better if you always had to tell them to deploy? The setup time would start ticking from that point...
  7. "Guys, why aren't you setting up the gun?" "The guy didn't click the thing so we have to wait for the clock to run out so we can do it ourselves." "Oh, he probably doesn't know he can do that since it isn't in the manual" "Yep. So here we sit while the world crashes in around us..."
  8. Fom what you are saying the pack up time should be some amount of time if you are moving a distance further than 4 action squares. But it is always 0 no matter how far you are moving. I ran some tests with the SG43 - no metter how far you move, 1, 2, 3 or 4 squares, the pack up time is always 0 and the set up time is always what it says on the GUI.
  9. At some point that will stop being true. I don't think we are there yet though. Steve is what, in his early 70s? He has another good 10 years in him...
  10. I disagree. I think what we are seeing is that among all of the CM community there are different groups who are interested in different periods. While one group gets "their" game the other groups continue to lobby for their period. I am an early East Front guy, the earlier the better but '42-'43 is my sweet spot...
  11. The SF2 patch came out in January. Are there more SF2 patches?
  12. To be honest, Kursk itself doesn't interest me. But the early spring (retreat to the Donetz) and late summer (retreat to the Dneiper) of '43 had some great action with evenly matched tank forces - T-34 Model 1942/1943 vs PzKpfw IIIL and PzKpfw IVF2. The IVF2 is essentially the same as the G model, which we already have in BN. And the IIIL is virtually the same as the M which we have in FI. Of course, we already have the T-34 M1942 in FT. So close...
  13. We are really close for Kursk. Just need some PzKpfw IIIs and maybe earlier IVs. I think we have all of the T-34 models that are required. A small vehicle pack would do it (?). I don't know enough about the earlier infantry formations to say what would be needed.
  14. The values I posted are out of the manuals, they are (I think) for regular troops. The lower values for the M2HB (for example) don't mention "half deployed" or not. Can you even do that with a 50 call MG? Here is a table of deploy times for the SG43 based on experience: Conscript 34 Green 29 Regular 26 Veteran 22 Crack 19 Elite 18 The pack up times are all 0. Anyway, my basic question remains - why does it take longer to set up a SG43 than a M2HB? The SG43 is on wheels and pretty much already deployed. The M2HB is much heavier (128 lbs w/ tripod vs 90 lbs on wheels) and in two pieces that need to be put together. Just seems weird to me...
  15. No, I didn't know that but it makes sense. I imagine if they are under fire the values would change a bit...
  16. I have a question for machine gun grogs: what's up with the deploy/packup times? Specifically I have two questions: Why did the deploy times for most MGs were cut in half in the later modules? Why is the deploy time for the Soviet MGs so long? I understand they are on wheels, which presumably is why the packup time is so short, but why then the long setup time? I would have thought the wheels would help with the setup too. Here is a table of the MGs in the game. I skipped the Italians... Machine Gun Module Deploy Pack up M1914 A4 BN 21 14 M1917 A1 BN 21 16 M1917 A1 FI 21 16 M1917 A1 FB 10 16 M1919 A4 FI 21 14 M1919 A4 FB 10 14 M2HB BN 23 21 M2HB FI 23 21 M2HB FB 11 21 Maxim M1910 RT 27 0 SG43 RT 26 0 MG34 FI 20 14 MG34 RT 10 14 MG42 FI 20 14 MG42 RT 10 14 Vickers CF 21 17 Vickers MG 10 17 Vickers GL 10 17
  17. Less complaining about game play.
  18. That's the problem, as far as sales are concerned. I am sure Steve would love for the average gamer to buy CM - and not play it.
  19. Steve has said on several occasions how much he likes the Eastern Front. But I can't see then doing anything earlier than Kursk, your average gamer doesn't know about anything before that. Except maybe the name of a city on the Volga...
  20. You are welcome. Just trying to give back to the community...
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