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  1. I understand the problem, but the use of the vehicle's would still be governed by availability within a scenario so it wouldn't get any more out of hand than situation we have right now. Or would it...
  2. I didn't ask what he knows but what he thinks of the idea...
  3. Mike, what do you think about a vehicle pack at some point to fill in some of the earlier stuff? I am worried BF will never finish the East Front before they switch to CMx3 and the wait starts all over again...
  4. I doubt we will see the KV-85 in this module. It ended production before the base game starts and was only produced in small numbers. Maybe in the Kursk module...
  5. After reading that last couple of pages of this thread I get the impression that BF are facing an existential crisis of some kind! Is the end upon us? Does anyone know? I like to think that Charles and Steve are more frustrated by the limitations of the current engine than anyone of us. But they have to eat and so the life of the current engine continues. That's a good thing, for something to continue it must first survive... Anyway, after 20 years, I still visit the forums regularly and buy all of the WWII titles. Including CMx1, I am in for well over $500 - I think I have gotten my money's worth! For me, as I have said (many times) before, my interest is in Germany vs Russia (6 June 41 to 4 July 43) and not much else. I think Steve feels the same way based on his comments when Barbarossa is brought up. I wonder why that didn't happened before the Italian campaign was finished - is there really that much interest in that theater? Saving it for CMx3? Maybe...
  6. Ditto. I've been here for 21 years, and I still get enjoyment from the series. Of course, I would enjoy it more if we had Barbarossa in CMx2...
  7. Hmmm. In order to be a true training tool it would need two things that we don't currently have: 1. True multiplayer. 2. A realism setting higher than Iron. Would that these make it into CMx3...
  8. On the attack I use them to protect the flank I am not "using." A keyhole position is also best for this.
  9. I am replaying the scenario and received about 70 guys on minute 10. Only 160 more to arrive!
  10. That could be it. Reinforcements aren't listed in the brief, but he does mention the arrival of the "main body," but doesn't say when. I just need to be patient I guess...
  11. I was playing the "CMRT Verposten" scenario and was having a terrible time so I did a ceasefire. The end screen said I had 260 men OK, but I only counted 30 guys on the field. Where are all these other troops?
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