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  1. On the attack I use them to protect the flank I am not "using." A keyhole position is also best for this.
  2. I am replaying the scenario and received about 70 guys on minute 10. Only 160 more to arrive!
  3. That could be it. Reinforcements aren't listed in the brief, but he does mention the arrival of the "main body," but doesn't say when. I just need to be patient I guess...
  4. I was playing the "CMRT Verposten" scenario and was having a terrible time so I did a ceasefire. The end screen said I had 260 men OK, but I only counted 30 guys on the field. Where are all these other troops?
  5. I don't care how it comes out - stand alone, module, vehicle pack - just as long as it comes out. My hope is it will be the first title under CM3...
  6. The tank commander keeps calling for a "sabot." Did they have that round in '42? I can't find it if they did...
  7. No, but it does have the Tiger II on it...
  8. The American cover had a STuG IIIB on the cover. A model we still do not have or will have anytime soon. Sniff...
  9. You could very easily get us back on topic. Just sayin’...
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