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  1. I play the game on a vanilla Dell laptop. Apart from some smudgy lettering it looks fine. I installed on my sons super-gamer machine and it didn't look that much better, really. Apart from the clear lettering...
  2. It happens, I just reinstall and everything is fine...
  3. Thank goodness. However, at the rate I am currently able to download it might be Christmas before I get this thing installed!
  4. Might as well wait until Christmas now...except for a select few of us of course.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find George McEwan's scenario design manual? I know I have seen it before but my searches are coming up empty. Thanks.
  6. Elvis, Could you let me know the order for a reinstall of BN - I have all of the modules and packs.
  7. It is getting better, I suppose. But it isn't a science.
  8. I don't think it has even gotten that far...
  9. If the dismounted unit is the platoon leader do the other tanks in the troop getting any intel?
  10. Whoa dude, we are just trying to HELP!
  11. Indeed, this place has gone strangely quite these last few days...as if in quiet anticipation of something.
  12. This is the correct definition of the phrase...
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