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  1. Many thanks Joe for your amazing patience and help. Realised later that my Normandy game is in MY DOCUMENTS folder (which was the unusual folder the Normandy game originally installed in) and perusing this I found the "Activation instruction" message and have duly activated my MG expansion data within the game--------success. Cant thank you enough for all your help and suggestions without which I would have bee tearing out the little bit of hair I have left................................. Cheers David ("pcelt)
  2. Thanks for trying to help Joe-much appreciated ---but I can find no Game Folder-- my Battle for Normandy game V 4 and with Commomweath addon is in My Documents. Still stuck and would really appreciate any more help from anyone---Thanks
  3. I have just purchased the Market Garden module and was informed all I needed to do was to enter the new License Number which I have. But I have no idea where to enter it as when I start my Normandy game i go straight to battle choices etc------please help me to locate the means to enter this key. I am nor very computer literate and rather over the hill age wise and would appreciate some help and guidance........................Thanks
  4. Could anyone please tell me the size of the Market Garden download for Normandy game
  5. Has a mod been developed to appreciably narrow the width of these guide lines. At the moment and after a long absence from the sim I have a recently purchased version4 CMBN and the map guide lines when looking at sighting and targeting on the map are extremely wide and inaccurate. I recall some years ago when I had a much earlier version on a computer now defunct such a mod was available and much improved the situation. Any suggestions re availability of such a mod would be much appreciated--Thanks
  6. I cannot find any ref to this in the booklet but I would like to know if the weather conditions selected in Quick Battles affects whether air support is available at all . Any feedback very welcome and appreciated
  7. Is air support unavailable in some weather condition----if so which categories . Appreciate clarification please
  8. This is a very basic and naive question. I recently ordered the Normandy Commonwealth bundle both d/l and delivery. When delivery arrived this appears to be only the Normandy game . I assumed there would be also a Commonwealth add on disk but apparently not. I did not user the d/l option because my internet connection is poor. Is the d/l the only method of securing the Commonwealth add on. Apologies for naive questions but I am very ancient and a bit out of touch. Would appreciate any help .
  9. I have just noticed that many of the U.S M10 TDs (I am fighting a quick armoured battle on German defense Ardennes) have brown oblong blocks on front armour-----Any ideas---dont recall seeing this before--- Thanks
  10. Many thanks for your clarifications re Xylophone rockets. That seems the right identification confirmed when I checked by taking U.S side and purchasing them One final query --what is difference betweenT27 and T27 E2 Xylophone. Many thanks Ian L and Bulletpoint.
  11. Twice now fighting a Quick Battle as German defender I have been struck in first few minutes by a raining down of hundreds of artillery Shells by the US infantry attacker. Can anyone identify what this weapon is and whether it has a rarity rating please My thanks to anyone who can enlighten me re this frightening and devastating weapon. Cheers
  12. Many thanks yet again for your clear response and your very appropriately (for an aging and out of touch gamer) diagrammatical visual aid. Also interested to see your location in the BOB Country----I lived through the BOB period as a lad in St Austell Cornwall and watched the blitz on Plymouth from near my home.Used to love playing the excellent BoB 2 based on Rowan game but now have had to discard that with great difficulty in transferring it and all my mods from XP to Win 10. Again my gratitude for your patient help.with CMFB pcelt
  13. Thanks IanL and Pete both for your insights and helpful comments----but as an aged recent returner to this series after decades in the wilderness, could I please ask a really basic question-where exactly do I locate the "Scenario Editor"in CMFB to check the QB list of battles Many thanks again
  14. Hi Pete thanks--there are many on this PDF that are not in my QB list----the first QB I cannot find is titled on the PDF "A December Morning" If you can help me with this problem I shall be very grateful pcelt
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