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  1. I gave it a go, here's a nice low bar for others to beat πŸ˜’
  2. FYI, just to add to the list; my CC that was used to buy CMSF2 was compromised, I have a new card now. Just adding to the sample size....
  3. It downloads fine for me, and I can extract and hear the sounds. Do note that it is a .7z file, not .zip. I have to use a different program to extract the files. I'm on Windows 10 (not a Mac). I used a program called 7-Zip (version 16.0.4 from October 2016) to unzip the files. -Johnymo
  4. With the release of CMSF2 imminent, I've replayed a couple CMSF battles, which raised a bug with the old version of CMJukebox. So I've fixed the issue and reposted the tool. The updated program is available for free download at http://www.rubydoogames.com/. Please feel free to use the tool, and share any impressions or bugs here. Now back to joining the CMSF2 refresh monkeysπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’....
  5. One more bug fix: if a drag-and-dropped song did not convert correctly there was a chance that the original song could end up essentially deleted. I've changed the logic so that is impossible now; there is no danger of losing the original song files with the latest update. CMJukebox
  6. UPDATE to the previous UPDATE: there was a bug in the CMJukebox update that I posted yesterday afternoon: songs drag-and-dropped for conversion would not convert if they had special characters or non-ANSI characters in their filenames, which meant most Russian songs with Cyrillic filenames would not convert. I've fixed that bug and updated the files; anyone who picked up yesterday's update (thanks!) should re-download the latest CMJukebox.zip file, which no longer has this problem.
  7. UPDATE: I've now got CMJukebox supporting drap-and-drop file conversion, for mp3, mp4, and wav file formats. So if you have music files on your computer that you always wished could be played in Combat Mission, now you can use them! I've updated the documentation to reflect this new behavior. I hope you find it useful.
  8. I've found and fixed a problem with the dropbox links (they were zipping the zip files I shared, which was confusing to say the least). I've updated the links in the documentation, sorry for any confusion. CMJukebox
  9. I can guarantee it's not a Trojan. It's entirely self-contained and makes no calls anywhere. And I have posted before, but in the long ago and far away, when I did some 'Saving Private Ryan'/'Saving Private Ivan' mods for CMBO and CMBB. That was well before this 'new' Bulletin Board software.
  10. Over my years of playing Combat Mission, mostly via email, I've grown tired of listening to the same old song time after time while waiting for the game to load. So I decided to hone my Java programming skills, while also hopefully contributing to the passtime I love: Combat Mission! After a couple months of programming and using the program myself, I feel like it is time to share this with the community. Without further ado...drumroll please.... Welcome the CMJukebox music management tool! I'll let the link describe the tool in detail. Please feel free to download and use; it is free, and my way of saying 'Thank You' to Battlefront and the Combat Mission community, for bringing my childhood dreams of playing Squad Leader, with true fog-of-war, to fruition. If you download the tool, please feel free to reply to me with any feedback. I'm sure it's not yet perfect, but would like it to become so. As an 'added bonus', I've also formatted some public domain songs to the correct .wav file format; you can download those from the CMJukebox songs site as well. Thanks -johnnymo
  11. You can try out my SPR-AK mods on cmmods.com; I brightened up the terrain elements to try to make things look cleaner and slightly more movie-like (not sure it succeeded). There are low-res versions of the groundcover and doodads, look for the files with 'LR' in the titles. They're not masterpieces, but I notice the infantry and vehicles are MUCH sharper on my computer with the low-res mods in place. Should have noted, they're under 'johnnymo3' as author. [ August 02, 2004, 08:30 PM: Message edited by: johnnymo ]
  12. I've seen this behavior on CMBB sometimes, but only if I've had my computer on for a long time (over 1 week) without rebooting. My assumption is that the computer is running out of RAM somehow (memory leak somewhere else on the machine), even though I don't see anything funky when checking processes. Rebooting does the trick for me when it happens.
  13. **bump** for notice on new "noiseless" 'SPI' ('Saving Private Ivan') mods.
  14. Noise = "graininess". Think of how Saving Private Ryan looked, with apparent 'flaws' in the film quality that made it look scratchy. That's the effect I was going for by applying a 'Film Grain' filter, but it unfortunately doesn't have the same effect as in the movie. In the mod, instead of making it look like a scratchy film, it makes everything brighter and slightly blurry due to the introduced noise (aka graininess). The high-res files I'm working on will not have the noise, so they will not be blurry or grainy.
  15. I see on the SPR-AK files that the high-res files have been downloaded something like 4 or 5 times for every 1 low-res, so I'll get to work on high-res sans noise. Will probably take a couple weeks (just to find the time to do the conversion and get the uploads done).
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