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  1. Now if they would just fix the terrible decision to make felled trees sink into the ground. When trees get knocked over (which even trucks can do) the trees magically disappear, robbing the already wildly exposed infantry of desperately needed cover.
  2. Thanks for posting this late at night (US). Not too many people are awake, so my download speed is very high. Off to play!
  3. I do hope that "Stalemate" is a potential battle result instead of just win/lose.
  4. citizen

    New Blog

    Indeed, good to see range increases, but now we need more dense terrain to cut typical engagement ranges way down!
  5. A trench network 2-feet deep by 1-foot across wouldn't take more than 7 hours to construct, so I don't see why not.
  6. Give 'em a break. They've added on-map mortar teams and everyone knows it takes 12 weeks to animate the arm motions required to fire it.
  7. Please don't release the game before the US election day (7 Nov), as I'd like to get out and vote.
  8. Maybe tomorrow they will post a follow-up shot of Russian infantry hopping on board that Hetzer and driving off...
  9. The instant acceleration is no worse the the instant stopping in the CM series. A jeep can go from 65 mph one second to dead stopped less than one second later (if you cancel a move fast order at the start of a new turn.)
  10. If only knocked out tanks vanished so quickly. Then infantry wouldn't have time to recrew them and be underway in less than a minute...
  11. No doubt all of the Russian tanks have an extra mm or two in all the right places... citizen
  12. As long as I can allocate arty to the battle AFTER I have an idea about how large the opposing force is, I have no problem with overstacking. And I certainly hope that most spotters will "carry" more than 25 rounds of the heavy stuff. citizen
  13. Not too thrilled that we are STILL seeing dozens of tanks in one screenshot, but when there is a screenshot of infantry... 3-4 guys tops.
  14. I've never seen a dug in gun in TOW, so why would you need mortars?
  15. I caught the new screenshots. I was horrified to witness not a single dug in AT gun. Wow, you would think that after showing us a dozen or more NON-dug in AT guns over the past month that they would go ahead and show ONE with a couple of sandbags stacked up nicely at least.
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