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    Commanderski reacted to Anson Pelmet in The Advantages and Negatives of Opening Up   
    Re. "A couple of us are experimenting with long duration, small unit scenarios set on whopping maps...."
    I love that idea,  but lack the skills and gumption to make such scenarios myself. Way too many campaigns and scenarios are so packed with soldiers and vehicles it looks like a car park! They often start off well with just a few forces but then as reinforcements arrive thick and fast the game turns into a traffic management exercise. And worse, because of restricted time frames you have to race these masses of forces across the map without adequate recon. I find I give up on loads of scenarios and campaigns because they feel totally unrealistic. I try to make more realistic games by playing quick battles with 'tiny' forces on 'large' or 'huge'  maps, with the time set on 2 hours, but purpose-built scenarios are always better. If others feel the same way maybe we'll get some official campaigns that use smaller forces. The drawback for me is I'm conservatively struck in WW2, so won't be able to try your upcoming Fire & Earth campaign...
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    Commanderski reacted to BluecherForward in Is there a Mod site somewhere?   
    Thank you Commanderski!
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in Mission to Maas   
    +1.  Nice analysis.  One of the problems that players will point out is the lack of persistent map damage.  The battle damage that occurred to the town of La Gleize, in the first scenario, will not be present in the following scenarios unfortunately.  But given the tools at hand your suggestions are probably the best way to turn the scenario into a campaign (if that is what @theforger decided to do).   
    This is an interesting scenario that has given me several scenario ideas.  IMO it is interesting to have a company size combined arms force on a huge map that allows maneuver.  The combination of a huge map and a relatively small force can help to give an operational feel to a scenario.  This also can provide many interesting command decisions for the player as  he works multiple missions / situations on the same huge map. 
    But a few more screenshots from Mission to Maas.........

    These things are deadly in overwatch.......... go ahead shoot at my two man scout team 
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Soviet tanks breakthrough the forward positions and make it into town however most of their infantry was left behind. 

    The detail ............ very cool. 

    Cool game.
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    Commanderski reacted to SimpleSimon in Best scenarios of the WWII CM2's   
    Ask and ye shall receive. 
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    Commanderski reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in The Year Ahead Bone Post   
    I'd judge it to be this bit:
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    Commanderski got a reaction from IanL in How do you get your artillery to be accurate?   
    Thanks for all the tips. I definitely see where some of my problems are now.
    Thanks again! 😀
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    Bridge crossing with paras firing from the back of Panthers.


    RTO send the message:  1st Platoon FJ and a platoon of Panthers has crossed the bridge.  

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    Commanderski reacted to markshot in CMx2v4 WWII: Basic Movement Stats   
    First, yes, the title is a pun.  As this is foundational data, but it was also drawn from playing around in the CMBN first Basic Training Mission. 
    I realized that one of my biggest problems is time and space.  Like last night, I was playing a small scenario of 45 minutes with 5 spatial objectives.  I realized I was running into trouble when the clock said +28m remaining and I had only completed objective #1.  Too much cautious recon (night mission).  So, I pulled out a Major Victory, but it required me for the rest of the scenario to double time it with split squads moving in leap frog bounding over watch.  And I truly finished, right as the clock struck 0m.
    Thus, today, I decided to do something about my playing style.  One YouTuber had said he plans based what it would take to just walk the map.  Realizing that I had no concept of time and space, I decided to do some analysis which I will share here.  I realize that most of you ubermensch, do much more rigorous data collection, but I think this should be sufficient to get me started.
    ***** MOVEMENT (Scout/Squad) *****

    Walk:     50M
    Quick:   120M
    Run:     140M (1t tired)
    Hunt:     40M
    Slow:     15M (2t tired)
    Quick:    80M (complete in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault)
    Assault:  50M [lead team] 0M [rear team] (for long assault)
              20-25M (completes in 1 turn) (same final dispersion as assault)
              100M (completes in 3 turns)
              (linear spacing is very much a function of the waypoint placement)
              (at 30M/min, it is slower movement than manual player bounds)
    * Squad movement standing seems 66% of scout movement.
    * If there is overwatch, and the enemy is suppressed.  QUICK is probably your best way to cover ground.
    * HUNT is too slow to cover a map in most time frames, and is in the same class of commands as RUN and SLOW.
    * RUN is best used to sprint between cover to cover; especially as teams which find cover easier.
    * ASSAULT is probably a toss up between manual squad command and TACAI coordinated.  An ASSAULT should probably be no more than 100M to avoid the squad from getting too spread out.  Additional suppressing fire advised.
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken.  Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps.  On the right you can see the roof of the building through the smoke.   A marksman on the back of the Panther is still keeping an eye on it . 
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    Commanderski reacted to Freyberg in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Images from the game so far...

    'Quantity has a quality all its own' ...here comes the swarm.

    I set up a very simple AI plan (because I'd played that map twice before, so I was familiar with the plan) - but the AI was able to surprise me brutally. Well-placed mines everywhere...

    Friends and relatives come through the door, Father Christmas comes down the chimney...
    ...but Red Army Guards sappers come through the wall...

    What SMGs can't reach, flames might.

    In urban fighting, training is less important than morale and a high rate of fire.

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    Commanderski reacted to Erwin in Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?   
    He was clearly inspired by the movie "T-34" in which a Russian AT gunner waited for the exact same opportunity.   The fidelity of this game is always astonishing.
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    Commanderski reacted to Freyberg in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Share the map? Sure, if you want it - I'll upload it tonight.
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    Commanderski reacted to danfrodo in CMx2 WWII? Scenarios & Quick Battles?   
    I agree to all this.  I still do that on car trips.  I bike to work and picture AT guns and tanks and infantry battling along the bike path & streets.  And to Markshot's point, yes, this is chess.  History chess.  Chess that's more open ended and lots more fun.  
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    Commanderski reacted to Jace11 in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    Screenshot was auto levelled in photoshop with a 25% sharpen filter (because anti-alias made it pretty blurred).
    For a "completely" undoctored/unedited version see below. I don't use reshade or anything, those colors are vanilla plus it's pretty dark.

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    Commanderski reacted to Warts 'n' all in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
    "I'm telling you, there's a fat bloke and a reindeer in that barn."
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    Commanderski got a reaction from MikeyD in Panzergrenadier Tactics (training film in German but with later English subtitles)   
    To be fair and balanced here is a link to 
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    Commanderski got a reaction from Freyberg in Panzergrenadier Tactics (training film in German but with later English subtitles)   
    To be fair and balanced here is a link to 
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    Commanderski got a reaction from George MC in Panzergrenadier Tactics (training film in German but with later English subtitles)   
    To be fair and balanced here is a link to 
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    Commanderski got a reaction from Freyberg in Christmas or New Years bones this year?   
    This is one thing I would like to be able to do in the new module.
    This was taken from WWII Colourised Photos Facebook site:  Half-hidden behind an ‘izba’ (Russian peasant’s dwelling), a German Nashorn tank destroyer (said to be from Schw. Pz.Jg.Abt. 519) waits patiently for a target.

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    Commanderski reacted to Warts 'n' all in CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread   
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    Commanderski reacted to Bil Hardenberger in How do you get your artillery to be accurate?   
    All great comments and advice above. 
    I would only add that if you are playing a quick battle, purchase on-map mortars instead of off-map artillery... much more accurate, timely, and flexible.  Down side is that they can be neutralized by enemy action, and you need to maintain a radio link if using them indirectly.  I am always willing to risk those though, plus you could also purchase trucks to provide resupply rounds to some mortars.
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    Commanderski reacted to Bulletpoint in Winter Garden of the Iron Cross   
    Looks like the trenches are dug 2m into the ground. Try 1m.
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    Commanderski reacted to IICptMillerII in Winter Garden of the Iron Cross   
    Glad to see you're back! Hope you had a good sabbatical. Have you heard/seen the news of the upcoming module for Red Thunder? If you haven't I hope I'm the first to excite you by telling you that the module will be adding winter to the CM Eastern Front, among many other things. 
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    Commanderski reacted to Majick in Sales and gifitng   
    Thanks for the responses.
    Elvis, Item 4 on the ticket, would that be my name and email if I was the person gifting it?
    As far as discount prices are concenred, I have to admit I have limited sympathy with those of my friends who say they can't afford it.  Rather than save they dribble their money away on inferior games and probably end up spending more in the long run and have nothing in their collection to compare to Combat Mission 😉
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