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    Commanderski reacted to Warts 'n' all in My units showing up as ? marks   
    I suppose we all find the setting that we are comfortable with. "Iron" isn't for everyone, but I can't imagine playing the game any other way.
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    Commanderski reacted to Bud Backer in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Just in case any of you beer maniacs enjoy a bit of winter fun in Russia... 
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    Commanderski reacted to 3j2m7 in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Sorry I don t want to offense anybody with my little joke, I wish like eveybody to have a knowleges of the date of the release, I found only the way funny that it was asking and the brutal answer giving, but I understand, I will be also very desappointed to revieve this answer for myself.
    I was trying only to have a little smile of this forum, but the sens of humour dont seem to be present, or my answers never be of the level of the community. 😑 
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    Commanderski reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Cold snow and hot fires.
    Looking good...
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    Commanderski reacted to weapon2010 in Cheating method in quick battle   
    This is not a big deal,have an upfront agreement not to do this, anyone who would (take advantage of this is ) to begin with is a moron, it would easily be found out at the end of the game when you see the tank crews bailed out and hiding in the back , or if you see them scouting? game is VOIDED, will you play him again? no.
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    Commanderski reacted to Hapless in Issues with tank targeting accuracy   
    This is the point of zeroing.
    Because that is exactly what they are doing.
    It's pretty pointless to compare real world data for Tiger 2 and ingame data for the Sherman 76 (Have you got a link or reference for the Tiger 2 accuracy stuff?) It would more useful to compare the ingame Sherman accuracy once zeroed to the Tiger 2 ingame accuracy once zeroed.
    The Sherman gunner's main optic is 4x IIRC, so it looks even smaller! Im not 100% up on my Sherman fire control and gunnery mechanics, but I don't think firing the gun is going to change the gunner's point of aim... so why would the gunner voluntarily aim somewhere else once he's on target?

    Finally... in theory you could increase the deviation to make the guns less accurate to simulate the gunner "shifting his aim" or "targeting different points of the tank", but
    a) how do you know that BF hasn't already done this?
    and b) It's such as an edge case. This setup- one tank plinking another 2000m which isn't allowed to shoot back on a flat map with no cover- is an accuracy test (which I understand is what you're testing) but it's not an accuracy test that takes into account likely battlefield conditions. What you're effectively testing is the maximum accuracy of the Sherman vs the Tiger 2, but there's no indication that this is relevant to actual gameplay. If the Sherman doesn't survive long enough or isn't exposed for long enough to get that maximum accuracy- or the Tiger 2 is smart enough to avoid getting plinked like this- then does it matter?
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    Commanderski reacted to Sequoia in Fire and rubble (questions) :-)   
    Well I was being humorous I think you all recognize,  but the point remains, the Battlefront team can't resist adding in more stuff to make BIG modules despite saying they won't do it ever again.
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    Commanderski reacted to MikeyD in Fire and rubble (questions) :-)   
    There's a new 'Germany' region. Standing basegame QB maps will change building facades (and other stuff) when you switch regions. Basegame QB map X set in July Russia will play quite different when its switched to Germany, February, during a heavy snowfall.
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    Commanderski reacted to Sequoia in Fire and rubble (questions) :-)   
    You guys keep saying you will never do a module like that again. It was said after Gustav Line, it was said while working on Rome to Victory, and now it's being said again. I bet you it gets said again for the Final Blitzkrieg module.
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    Commanderski reacted to Lt Bull in QB points   
    I believe placing a limit on the number of QB points is a way of ensuring the game won't crash and be overloaded by the additional processing/RAM power required (CPU and GPU). However, I  can not think of a sensible reason for why the game does not allow players the complete freedom to just manually determine the precise number of points each side should have in a QB.
    Anyway, I was somewhat inspired by your telling of how you try to use the QB battles to configure battles to play out various battles in a user run H2H campaign, and have updated/enhanced my previously released "Bull's CM QB RATIOS" table (discussed in the thread QB Battle Force Points tables/charts) to Rev2.
    I have now gone the final extra few yards and have now tabulated every possible combination of QB battle that is possible from CM QBs in one consolidated table, listing the QB force points allocated to both sides, the total of those points, the resultant force ratios, and of course all the QB parameter setup information required to achieve the battle of choice (battle type, size, force modifer).  Of course you need to be able to open the file in Excel (or equivalent) to filter and sort the table as you seem fit to find the battle setup you want.  Column values are colour formatted from smallest possible (green) to largest possible (red).
    eg.  Preview of top of table sorted by force ratio (note: although only the five ME battles at the top of that list precisely give both players "even points" to spend ie. force ration of 1).  However, you can see that there are other battle setups which differ in points allocation by only a few percentage (ie. ratios between 1 and 1.1 (or between 0% and 10% points differential) which players may agree to consider irrelevant in setting up an otherwise "balanced points ME", if that is what they want.

    This table alone should provide anyone everything they need to know about what is and what is not possible to achieve with the CM QB parameters, and how to achieve them.
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    Commanderski reacted to Bulletpoint in QB points   
    Because they don't think we are capable of handling such great power.

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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Street fight.

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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Meanwhile at 2. Battalion Command Post.
    Panzerfaust!! ..........quick....... where is the panzerfaust?!?!  It was leaning against the SitMap earlier!!  Find it!!  That's an Order!!!  

    Please forgive me for leaving the floating icons turned on.  It was a stressful few minutes ................      
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    Commanderski reacted to AlexUK in Fire and Rubble   
    Nice shot🙂
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in Fire and Rubble   
    A Schwimmwagen!!!!  Lets see it swim!!
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    Commanderski reacted to rocketman in 10 most historically accurate games, and ...   
    I follow a gamers Youtube channel called Gameranx and they have 5.7 million subscribers. They put up a top 10 most historically accurate games list and it was pretty much the usual suspects, big games and so on. As I was watching it I was cursing to myself why these channels never do wargames in a serious fashion, but guess what? Wait for it ....
    ... and yeah, 5.7 million people might get exposed to a REAL game series 😃
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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Bad day at the office.  After getting knocked out by a panzershreck the crew of an IS-2 bails out.  Then on board ammo causes a secondary explosion while an MG42 takes them under fire from a second floor window.  Cool game. 

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    Commanderski reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in New Mini-Campaign/Scenario: Alarmeinheiten   
    I am so ready for stay at home to go away and for FR to be released so we can have this.

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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in New Mini-Campaign/Scenario: Alarmeinheiten   
    The battalion motor pool, with the repair shop, is located a short distance to the west of Kvass in the village of Sazony.  The Motor Pool has several vehicles in the shop for repair.  The rarity level of the vehicles under repair will vary depending on the vehicle choice made in the vehicle choice scenario.  The mixed TOE may have something like a Nashorn while the common TOE  may have something like StuG III.  When vehicles are repaired and returned to service, they will be found parked in the yard of the Repair Shop.
    Below a Hetzer tank destroyer is returned to service. 

    The Hetzer moves out to link up with the Alarmeinheiten. 

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    Commanderski reacted to Attilaforfun in Fire and Rubble   
    There were no humanitarians on the Eastern Front. 
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    Commanderski reacted to Aragorn2002 in Fire and Rubble   
    Me too, but the Jagdpanzer IV/70 beats them all! 🙂
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    Commanderski reacted to Anonymous_Jonze in German power   
    I think you'd be correct in your assumption. I find FB to be extremely difficult as the allies when facing the Volksgrenadier's with all their MP44's. They also get a nice selection of heavy armor in late 44. I would also include playing as the fallshchirmjager in Battle for Normandy in the hedgerows is a nice advantage unless it's against other airborne soldiers. But the main question is why do you want to play as overpowered? Where's the fun in that? Play as the Italians in Sicily! Play against the odds and come out in victory!
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    Commanderski reacted to Erwin in Fire and Rubble   
    And they'd have a new wav file: "Allo, allo, allo, wots das alles dann?"
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    Commanderski reacted to Sequoia in Fire and Rubble   
    Not if you were one of the Germans.
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    Commanderski reacted to DerKommissar in Fire and Rubble   
    Oof! Would be cool to see the Polish 1st or 2nd Army.
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