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    Commanderski reacted to MOS:96B2P in New Mini-Campaign/Scenario: Alarmeinheiten   
    Blasting in on a Partisan meeting.  Just imagine Partisans instead of place holders   . 
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    Commanderski reacted to Majick in Snow? I saw snow?   
    It'll melt by the time we see Fire and Rubble....
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    Commanderski reacted to Vergeltungswaffe in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    Looks suspiciously like Bob Newhart.
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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    A perfect close assault from the alley behind. Revenge for a friendly tank that tried...and failed.

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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   

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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Door-to-door deadly.

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    Commanderski got a reaction from quakerparrot67 in Fire and Rubble Update   
    My opinion on all this is that's it's ready when it's ready.   It's better to have people complaining about when it's going to be released then complaining that it's buggy, uniforms aren't correct, why did they release it so soon, etc...
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    Commanderski got a reaction from Lethaface in Fire and Rubble Update   
    My opinion on all this is that's it's ready when it's ready.   It's better to have people complaining about when it's going to be released then complaining that it's buggy, uniforms aren't correct, why did they release it so soon, etc...
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    Commanderski reacted to Aragorn2002 in Fire and Rubble Update   
    Let's hope so, but we don't even have pre-orders yet at this moment. Elvis@, can you give us an update please?
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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Overrun imminent.

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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   

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    Commanderski reacted to Macisle in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    This AG identified as a Panther. So, I guess it was an ISU. Those are all hits from a close-grouped PIV platoon under 200m away!

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    Commanderski reacted to Heirloom_Tomato in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - Soviet Side   
    Thanks! This was a great update and the picture sure gives a good sense of the challenge you are facing. Good luck hunting down the Panther!
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    Commanderski reacted to Lethaface in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - Soviet Side   
    Double ouch, or make that quadruple! 😁
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    Commanderski reacted to Badger73 in Ministry of Defense video   
    I suspect it has to do with authorized vendors; the bureaucracy of government procurement protocols.  While I am not familiar with the British Ministry of Defence, the United States Department of Defense will only award contracts to authorized vendors who complete and maintain a pretty onerous vetting process.  I know of several situations in the US where people from small organizations who are not vetted sub-contracted through CACI which is thoroughly vetted in order to perform Defense Department work.  It makes sense to me that Battlefront would piggy-back off of someone else's credentials to avoid vetting hassles and costs at the small price of a reasonable fee through the agency of someone like Slitherine/Matrix. 
    Tre' cool video.  Thanks for sharing.
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    Commanderski reacted to Erwin in CMBO Birthday Greetings!   
    A "game changing" release in that it revolutionized tactical wargaming.  And saved many of us hundreds, perhaps thousands of $ from not having to buy any more substandard wargames that only stayed on our HD's for a few days/weeks.  (Installed easily as well... lol)
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    Commanderski reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    Meet to Volkssturm
    While we wait for the action to kick off let's play a game. Who can guess all the small arms in this UI screenshot? I've cobbled together a few UI elements here so no, this doesn't all belong to the one squad. Middle column are just more K98's.


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    Commanderski reacted to DerKommissar in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Nope! These screenshots have not been edited in post, with the exception of cropping. In addition, all but one of these pics are 100% vanilla. The exception is my recent Black Sea screenshot, which was taken with Reshade enabled (inspired by HerrTom).
    What's with the haze, then?
    Notice the shell craters and rubble, around the field gun. This urban area was pristine before the Germans responded to the battery with artillery, mortars, STuG and Panther fire. What you are seeing is the cloud of debris that was lingering around the field gun. Its own desperate fire on a defiant Panther adding to the fog of war.
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    Commanderski reacted to Ithikial_AU in Fire and Rubble DAR: BFCElvis vs Ithikial_AU - German Side   
    (Budbaker has his comics… but I’m not an artist so expect memes)
    Welcome to the Fire and Rubble German DAR as I take on BFCElvis and his pesky Soviets in a very late war May 1945 urban engagement in Berlin… and it’s somehow snowing. The war has effectively ended but my guys didn’t get the memo, so our adhoc combined arms force is going to push forward into no man’s land one last time.
    The mission is a simple meeting engagement. Secure Objective Jägermeister and Objective Berliner Weisse, while holding our own starting Objective, codenamed Vodka. The Soviets deploy around Jägermeister.
    The map is a very small slice of Benpark’s absolute monster 2x master maps covering the centre of Berlin. Honestly each master map with no units took my PC around 25 mins just to load in 3D preview mode. The part of Berlin we’ll be fighting over is towards the north east corner of the eastern map. If I’ve got my bearings right, I think we’re close to Alexander Platz and a hostel I stayed at back in 2017… I digress.

    The map from above. Well... the right way up because I'm from Australia... (I took the picture looking south <facepalm>)

    The forces…
    To show off the variety of new kit I’ve done away with forming a coherent force for a little bit of everything. Command and control is going to suck.
    These small forces are organised into small kampfgruppes of between a platoon to a company in strength.
    KG @benpark – In honour of the mapmaker himself, he commands the central force which is a company of Waffen SS Pioneers with enough demolition charges to level a few of his meticulously placed buildings. Part of his force will however need to remain behind to cover Obj Vodka if it all falls apart. The bulk of the force will advance. (Benpark's force highlighted in the picture below).
    KG @mjkerner – Commands the Fallschirmjager who will be the main infantry force trying to take and hold Obj Berliner Weisse. (Picture of the KG that will take the beer objective).

    KG @Hapless – Will be working in tandem with KG Mjkerner to secure the beer. This adhoc Panzer Platoon (more on that later) includes a Panther, PzIV’s and a PzIII. Yep a PzIII. For all the grief I gave poor Steve I had to include at least one in the DAR.
    KG @DoubleD – The other adhoc Panzer Platoon is kitted out with 2x JzPz IV/70’s (including one of the ugly versions), a Panther and a Panzer IV. They will be initially responsible to heading up my left flank to get into a good position to effectively cut the map in half. Oh and something new...

    KG @Bootie – The local Volkssturm unit. Initially will be responsible to provide security to KG DoubleD who will be exposed in an urban environment.
    KG @Josey Wales – The adhoc Armoured Car unit. Will be holding back for the moment but will be used as a mobile reserve depending on the situation. Oh and some weird ones...

    And I’ve just noticed a bug. Every single unit is set to typical/default ‘Green’ experience. The joys of betas.
    The Enemy
    We’ve picked forces in the editor and not the quick battle generator so some variety can be included in the DAR – particularly on this side. Benpark has ensured it’s roughly balanced. I’m expecting a solid Battalion (+) of Soviet infantry coming at me and probably a company or more of tanks. Probably Lend Lease heavy….
    We’ve sort of agreed to avoid major spending on off board assets and focus more on the visible units.
    Da Plan
    KG Mjkerner and Hapless have the initial glory as they race to secure Obj Berliner Weisse, (Green and blue). If Hapless can get his tanks into position first it will be a big help as we wait for the foot slogging infantry to catch up.
    KG DoubleD probably has the most crucial task of trying to cut the map in two, (Red). That major street running through the centre of the map will be key. It’s closer to BFCElvis’ deployment zone so I’m expecting Soviet tanks to roll past it or already be on that road by the time I arrive. But if I can split up to Soviet armoured force or I’m real lucky and BFCElvis plays cautious and leads with his infantry DoubleD’s JzPzIV’s will have a field day.
    KG Bootie (white) and his Volkssturm will cover KG DoubleD, while KG Benpark (orange) will advance with the intent of pressuring Jagermeister. KG Josey Wales will remain behind in the deployment zone ready to move to where he and his armoured cars are required. Either helping Benpark around Obj Jagermeister, or to backup Hapless and Mjkerner around Obj Berliner Weisse.
    The map….

    That’s about it for now. Feel free to post any queries below but obviously no promises that I’m allowed to answer anything. Also, the usual caveat that all screenshots you see here are taken from a beta so everything you see is subject to change. I’ll try to avoid the placeholder art where I can but who knows, maybe we’ll have purple Panzer IV’s in the final build.
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    Commanderski reacted to Freyberg in AI plans and a more responsive AI   
    I've been doing a lot of playing around with the AI recently, and I thought I'd bore you all, and insult the developers, by describing what aspects of the AI I think work well, and what could be done to improve it.
    A: Static defence
    Firstly, in certain respects, the AI works extremely well.
    For example, the simplest way to set up an AI plan in an attack/defend QB situation (Probe, Attack or Assault), which is the type of game I play the most (and therefore the type I am most interested in learning how to produce), is to set up several AI groups, and for each one paint the entire defender setup zone (or a big part of it), and then select a different behaviour for each group...
    For example:
    - group 1, ambush 1000m;
    - group 2, ambush 300m
    - group 3, cautious
    - group 4, normal ...and so on
    In an attack-defend scenario, this will give you a very good static defence, and with a suitable map, will give you a fun and challenging Quick Battle. The AI will allocate the groups very intelligently and will create an integrated network of defensive positions, there may be interlocked fields of fire, AT guns will be well sited, avenues of approach will be covered, and it may place units as bait. It seems to have an excellent 'understanding' of the relationship between terrain, objectives and setup zones.
    It's incredibly easy for the map designer and works very well. As a map designer, it will also surprise you. Since all you're doing is painting big swathes of the map and inputting the full range of behaviours, you can happily play QBs on your own maps without any foreknowledge of what the AI is likely to do. Marvellous.
    For years I avoided using the AI, because I thought the map designer had to think out all the strategies and (a) I wasn't confident in my strategic skills, and (b), what point would there have been when I wouldn't be able to enjoy the maps myself, knowing in advance what was going to happen?
    But I was quite mistaken about just how sophisticated the AI is, and how easy it is to use.
    If you do something as simple as this:

    ...you'll get a really good defence from the AI, but it will be a static defence.
    B: Responsiveness
    Planning an active defence, with displacement or counterattacks, or a realistic attack, is far harder. With QB maps, I've seldom seen either one work well. Occasionally they're quite fun and somewhat challenging, but most of the time - with QBs at least - an attack plan or active defence is a turkey shoot.
    The reason for this, and the area where I would like to see improvements is in the AI response, or lack of response, to the actions of its opponent.
    I have read comments over the years that programming a truly responsive AI is a Holy Grail that is more or less impossible, but (and this is the point at which I insult the developers), I wonder perhaps if that is true.
    I can see the reason why it is so hard...
    Imagine a map of 2000m2 - that's 62,500 action squares (250 x 250).

    To calculate, at the level of the action square, what was happening on such a map (lines of sight, lines of fires, enemy presence and so on) would involve around 62,0002 or nearly 4 billion combinations of action squares - once a minute or more often.
    But if the AI were to react in a more general way - say perhaps it 'observed' enemy movement on the level of 5 x 5 action squares...

    A 2000 m2 map would comprise of 2,500 such 'AI action acres', which would mean around 6 million combinations to calculate approximate LOS and LOF.
    Given that the AI does such a fabulous job on static defence with the under-the-hood algorithms it has, if the AI were just to react in a general way to the presence of enemy troops on an 'action acre', in a similar fashion to the way it incorporates objective zones and terrain in a static defence (seeking to mass fire on the enemy for units designated 'active', or backing away from massed enemy for troops designated 'cautious, perhaps), you would get a fantastic responsive AI.
    The AI already has the capability to produce interlocking fire, keyholes and so on, but it would then be orienting these towards the player's units. Major movements would still be provided as an AI plan by the designer, but the AI would no longer be operating blindly or by clockwork.
    In fact, seeing how well the AI produces an integrated static defence with the simplest of designer plans, it only needs to respond fairly generally to the presence of enemy units - anything more would be too much. If the AI were to continuously respond to enemy movements down to the level of the action square with the sophistication it uses to produce static defence, the game would become too difficult to play.
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