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  1. Do your troops, tanks etc..carry over from one battle to the next? I'm not sure if they do but I am thinking they might. The reason I am asking is I have not been able to win the last battle of the Russian Campaign. I don't seem to have enough troops or tanks left to stop them even though towards the end I can't see many Germans left. I think I can't see how many Germans are there as I have nobody in the area(alive) to see them. Thanks in advance. Warren.
  2. I don't think it's a bug. I think it depends on the map you select. If you pick one of the new maps you get the Brit's. The system probably won't let the British fight in the Kurk area, as they weren't there.
  3. Very good! I also like the music. It seemed appropriate for this and also sounds familiar.
  4. Hello; The Kursk game home page announced the Caen expansion but doesn't say when it will be available. It gives the impression that you should be able to buy it now but there are no links and no release date given. Thank you. Warren
  5. I also would like the option of some type of peace settlement. Trying to take Nanning and Foochow have taken me a considerable anmount of time and resources. Warren
  6. They have TOW: Korea in development and is to be released in the 4th qrtr. Has lot's of new neat features including helicopters. If the helicopters work out then I can see them doing Vietnam. 1C has a Men of War series Vietnam in development so TOW Nam could be next after Korea.
  7. Hello; Would it be possible for people to create missions or campaigns and upload them to the Repository? If so how could it be done and how would we be able to load them to the correct directory? It would be great if they could do that! Warren.
  8. I got Kursk first then this one the other day just for some variety in battlefields. After the new patch for Kursk, I wouldn't really call that buggy anymore. There are some things that could be tweaked but I think overall it's really a great game. So far I found North Africa has some of the traits that may just be nuances to TOW games. Even though the desert has a lot fewer trees than Russia, tanks still love to drive over them. If there is a lot of activity on the field the game will slow down a little but I think it depends on the system you are using and amount of detail you want. Going to half speed makes it just fine. So far North Africa is really good and I think it's worth getting. Warren
  9. It looks like it might be from Battle Front/1C. In one of the screen shots a tank is running over a tree instead of the road...:-) There are very few if any games on the Korean War and I hope they do plan on releasing it here soon. Some of the battles in the war were won on the heroics of just a few men in overwhelming odds, so the game could be quite challenging.
  10. The details in this game cannot be over complimented. It's simply amazing! In the villages the fruits on the tress are in various stages of ripening..each tree is different. The APC's have license plates and each one is different. The actions of the troops are simply realistic. When the action gets going it's like watching a movie. This game and WWII Global Conflict greatly influenced my decision to disconnect my TV. No time to watch anything with these games (not that there's much to watch anyway).
  11. Hello; I'm playing the 1939 World at War and after the US oil imbargo, the points avaiable to Japan drop dramatically. How can you increase production? The fighting in China is a big drain on Japan's resources..kind of makes you say "What were they thinking.." when they decided to invade them. Thank you. Warren.
  12. While my system is a fairly good top end system it's not a game PC and only has a 300 Watt power supply. The video card I have should be used with a 350 W PS and is starting to go (or may have already went ). I haven't played any game on this system until I got this game so I'm not sure if the card wasn't really being used until I started playing Kursk. I personally think the graphics of this game are just outstanding! While some of the game play could use some fixing , like tanks driving through houses and trees while nobody is on the road and trench fighting that continues until one side or the other blasts them with a tank or grenade to finish them both off. Before I spend way too much money on a gaming system are there any other games that are graphically equivalent to this one? I have both CMBO and CMBB, while the playability is great the graphics really pale compared to Kursk. Thank you. Warren.
  13. Found it! Thank you! Also found out you have to assign it to run as Administrator. Otherwise it will work but after you save it it won't be there.
  14. I saw some posts where people where using those editors. Where are they? i don't see them anywhere on this game. Are they add ons that need to be downloaded and from where? Thank you. Warren.
  15. I purchased this game a few weeks ago and wished it would have come out earlier in the year so I had more time to play with it. I did download the Demo and had no problems with it. I think this game overall is really GREAT! The graphics are very detailed and watching this on a high def 20" computer screen makes it look almost like a movie...:-) It is jerky in the Campaigns at full game speed so I play it at half speed and have no problems. There are some other minor issues that I'm sure future patches will come out to fix. I have both CMBO and CMBB which I bought soon after the were released. I think this is giant leap from those games at least in the form of graphics. Battlefront is an excellent company to deal with and can't wait to see what comes out next! Keep up the great work! Warren.
  16. At the start of the scenarios they usually tell you to defend a certain part of a village, say for example the Southern part of the village or to expect an attack from the West. How do you know which direction is which? I see no compass headings anywhere or even just a "N" to point North. Thank you. Warren
  17. I haven't played any of Gary's games but this one looked interesting. Is this along the lines of what the Road To Moscow probably would have been?
  18. Hello; In the Combat Mission games you had an angle where you are on the same level as the soldier,tanks etc.. and could see across the field. On this game I can't seem to get that angle. Is there a way to do that? Thank you. Warren.
  19. Hello; I've seen several videos on Youtube from some of the TOW games. How do you make a movie of the game? Is there something in the game or is another program needed? Thank you. Warren.
  20. Reread the below post on having the game run as Administrator. That solved the problem. Warren.
  21. Is the manual supposed to come with the download version of the Game? I don't see it in my files anywhere. If not, is there a way to download from the site? It's a royal pain in the rear to try to read it online as you can't make text any bigger. Thank you. Warren.
  22. Hello; I just purchased this game and installed the Auto updater 1.2.4 patch but I get the error "Auto update has stopped working" Is there an issue with this for Windows Vista or is there something else I need to do to get this working? Thank you. Warren.
  23. While playing a PBEM game my system will lock up completely just after I type in my password. After the first time it did it I resent my turn and the file my partner sent back worked fine. It did it again a second time after about 15 turns and we haven't found a work around this one yet. I deleted all the old files and it still does it. The files that I send my partner all seem to work OK. Any ideas??
  24. My Email address is ski1@tds.net. I'll be visiting relatives during Christmas week, but after that look out!
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