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  1. 3 hours ago, Jumpete said:

    Good luck Aragorn2002, I asked the same a week ago. I'm still waiting the answer.

    They still haven't posted for pre-orders yet so it would be several months after they started taking the pre-orders.  More than likely Fall/Winter before module comes out.

  2. They are telling people to stay home. So what do the people do when they stay home, they watch the news on either the TV or the internet. That increases their anxiety and they start to panic and go out and buy up everything for no reason. In a few weeks or however long this lasts they will have an over abundance of what they stocked up on and the store shelves will be full and stores will be empty for a while because nobody needs to go shopping.

    A lot of people are taking the recommendations too literally. You can go outside for a walk or do gardening, yard work...etc.. Just stay away from other people. It's just too depressing to watch the new all the time.

  3. 15 hours ago, Battlefront.com said:

    Another kinda bone is that CMRT's existing TO&E is getting a major redo.  Back when the TO&E was assembled there were a lot of very big gaps in Soviet TO&E research materials and, believe it or not, even German stuff.  Remember, 99.9% of the world's population couldn't give a fig about if a Kübelwagen in the late 1943 Hampstertruppen Company's mortar platoon had a guy with a rifle, a SMG, or a rubber ducky.  The lack of incentives for fame, glory, and profit apparently limits the resources devoted to digging up this sort of stuff.

    Unfortunately for all of us, this low level data is critically important to have this depth of information AND to have it be consistent with how things worked in the field.  For example, official US TO&E's references to M3A2 Halftracks as standard equipment would be fine if they were ever produced :D  For some crazy reason we actually care about these details and that means when better information comes up we go back and revise existing game TO&E without hesitation.

    For the Soviets things have gotten VERY interesting VERY recently.  The Russians have decided that it's about time they allowed their source materials to be published.  Better still, published on the Internet for free!  NONE of this was available to us back when CMRT was originally under construction.  Well, not in any systematic way and certainly not without someone else's interpretation and sense of what level of detail was important to document.

    One very good example of this is the overloading of units with SMGs beyond their original authorized strength.  Based on information we had on hand at the time, and logic of how things worked in other forces, we simply bumped up the number of SMGs in units where appropriate.  Well, turns out that there was an official order from STAVKA to convert one platoon in each company so that it had no normal rifles or carbines, only SMGs and sometimes LMGs and Sniper rifles (where already present).  The remaining platoons remained at roughly authorized levels of SMGs.  Very different than what we had before!

    What does this mean for CMRT players?  Whenever we release a Module we release a patch for everybody.  If you don't purchase the Fire & Rubble Module you'll still get all these TO&E updates less any newly introduced equipment (in particular Lend Lease stuff).  If you do purchase the F&R Module you'll get all that plus later versions plus all the new equipment, winter environment, terrain, and whatever else comes along for the ride.

    So there you have it... another bone while you patiently wait for preordering.



  4. 21 minutes ago, Bulletpoint said:

    It's actually a good band if you are able to look past their old "village people" image. At least this song makes me feel grateful to be born in peaceful times.



    I liked that one and never heard about it until this song. Must have been an awful site to see but kind of humorous to have seen that many Germans flee in terror to that few amount of Soviets.


  5. Although we are WWII, I thought some of you, especially the Brits would like to hear this. 

    The rock group Sabaton is considered a heavy metal band but they sing mostly songs about the various wars and battles throughout history.  They are actually quite good, you can understand what they are saying and are not obnoxiously loud. Plus they are generally all historically accurate.  Their latest album is about WWI.

    This one is probably the best ever: Flanders Fields and isn't what you would expect.


  6. 2 minutes ago, Aragorn2002 said:

    Looking forward to this. Great subject! If you need inspiration I recommend the new book by Douglas Nash on the IV. SS-Panzerkorps and the battles for Warsaw, July-November 1944, called 'From the Realm of a Dying Sun'. Excellent book, based upon previously unpublished material, including many contemporary German records that had been thought lost but have been recently rediscovered in Russia and made available for researchers.Must have for a Ostfronter!

    I'm reading that book now and it's very interesting. Good material for the upcoming module. Volume 2 is coming out later in the year.

  7. Panzertruppen Volumes 1 and 2 for German Tanks. It covers everything you need to know about their tanks including TO&E, lot's of charts, graphs, pictures and battle reports from war diaries and after action reports. The books are very well done and are high quality.

    Panzertruppen: The Complete Guide to the Creation & Combat Employment of Germanys Tank Force 1933-1942 (Schiffer military history) (v. 1)

    Panzertruppen 2: The Complete Guide to the Creation & Combat Employment of Germany's Tank Force ¥ 1943-1945/Formations ¥ Organizations ¥ Tactics Combat Reports ¥ Unit Strengths ¥ Statistics

    Companion to the Red Army. Has lists and charts of how many men, guns, types of guns tanks etc.. for divisions, brigades and squads. 


  8. 1 hour ago, SimpleSimon said:

    I saw a Paratrooper in Fortress Italy arc, like legit lob a Bazooka's rocket into one of those Italian Fiat-17s from 250m away once. It was awesome, an absolutely crazy shot. 

    I'm in a game of Fortress Italy where my US opponent shot a bazooka at my Fiat-17 with a range of well under 100 meters and missed. Just because the targets are well within range or even at max range doesn't always guarantee a hit.

  9. According to the Companion to the Red Army book (which is basically the same book as the Guide to the Red Army) it said that the ZiS-2 was not really adequate to deal with the Panthers and Tigers. 

    They used ZiS-3 more often to fight tanks.

    They did have their own version of HVAP (hyper-velocity armour-piercing) shell and maybe that's modeled as a little too powerful.

  10. 51 minutes ago, IanL said:

    I found another cover image:


    That's a Hungarian Flag so probably still not the Russian game cover. But I found it as the icon for this page:


    Also did you guys know there was a book that covered strategy written for CMBB: https://www.amazon.com/Combat-Mission-Barbarossa-Berlin-Strategy/dp/B0063T9GZC

    I didn't - cool!

    I totally forgot about that book. I just checked and I still have it...I would think that a lot of it is still relevant.  

  11. Is there a way to adjust the amount of points you get in a QB?    For meeting engagements in FB for example you get an average of around 7100 - 7300 points. If you want to play around with some of the more powerful formations like with the Tiger or Panzer batallions you need over double or triple that amount of points.

    Is there a way to get around the amount of points or is that hard coded and not changeable?

  12. 33 minutes ago, CanuckGamer said:

    I have been looking in the various manuals and saw that the effective range of the panzerfaust 30 is 30 meters.  I am assuming that the effective range of a panzerfaust 60 is 60 meters and a panzerfaust 100 is 100 meters.  Can anyone confirm this?  Thanks.

    Yup, those are the ranges.

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