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  1. I have a new Win 10 machine (bought less than a year ago) and run them ( CMBN, FB, FI and RT) with no trouble at all.
  2. My opinion on all this is that's it's ready when it's ready. It's better to have people complaining about when it's going to be released then complaining that it's buggy, uniforms aren't correct, why did they release it so soon, etc...
  3. They still haven't posted for pre-orders yet so it would be several months after they started taking the pre-orders. More than likely Fall/Winter before module comes out.
  4. It seems that if they spent as much time learning good tactics as they did trying to figure out all these cheats they wouldn't have needed to cheat in the first place.
  5. One thing that I also noticed is that over the past several days I haven't received any robo calls or calls from telemarketers. Maybe they shut down those call centers because of the virus...😀
  6. They are telling people to stay home. So what do the people do when they stay home, they watch the news on either the TV or the internet. That increases their anxiety and they start to panic and go out and buy up everything for no reason. In a few weeks or however long this lasts they will have an over abundance of what they stocked up on and the store shelves will be full and stores will be empty for a while because nobody needs to go shopping. A lot of people are taking the recommendations too literally. You can go outside for a walk or do gardening, yard work...etc.. Just stay away from other people. It's just too depressing to watch the new all the time.
  7. I liked that one and never heard about it until this song. Must have been an awful site to see but kind of humorous to have seen that many Germans flee in terror to that few amount of Soviets.
  8. Although we are WWII, I thought some of you, especially the Brits would like to hear this. The rock group Sabaton is considered a heavy metal band but they sing mostly songs about the various wars and battles throughout history. They are actually quite good, you can understand what they are saying and are not obnoxiously loud. Plus they are generally all historically accurate. Their latest album is about WWI. This one is probably the best ever: Flanders Fields and isn't what you would expect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQmMqZlLFVc
  9. I have that one too, I plan on re-reading again.
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