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  1. Hello, I give a try to the last demo. CMSF is running well but I have problems with the marines and the brit modules. When I play the marines scenario, the game crashes after a few minutes (brutal come back to the desktop. I have the same brutal come back to the desktop when I launch the brit scernario just after the briefing. Any Idea?
  2. Well, she is may be 92 years old now or somefink.
  3. Yes, I tried all the known tips... What is curious is it was working well before my driver update but i need this new driver to play cmsf
  4. Hello, I have a ATI mobility radeon HD 2600 (catalyst 8.8) with a laptop runing with vista. I have already installed the radeon mod. It works fine for the CMBB texts ingame but all the text in the editor screens are invisible. All was working fine with a previous driver but I need this new one to play CMSF. I try to find an answer on this forum but is there a trick or a particular setting to recover texts? Thank you
  5. Ok, I finally tried this game with the 1.07 Demo... I run it on vista / 2 Gb Ram / ATI Radeon 2600 / Intel Core 2 duo 1,5 GHz After 1 minute of playing = game crash! (I have no problem with the Tow demo...) WTF!
  6. Sorry, I forgot the registration stuff on Appui-Feu Working link for "Mazurka rouge"
  7. I've made an operation about this battle... Here But, the briefings are in french.
  8. I remember when I first play the CMBO beta demo... My best computer game experience as far as I remember, but I wondered why one of the stugIII whas "bugged" (ie with no skirts) I must confess I was in the I-want-a-ww2-game-for-cmx2-blah-blah-us-versus-syria-is-uggly group but I'm amazed by the quality of bones seen on this board and I already know I'll purchase a copy of CMSF asap. For me BFC is not only a computer gaming company, it's really a kind of manufacturer of "produit de luxe" as we say in french. :cool: Sorry for my crappy english
  9. Disappointed? May be, I really don't know... But it seems that the board people is no more the main business target of BFC. I think the new CM will be technically a good product but I have clearly a problem with the theme... I'm not very fond of desert warfare. So no machine upgrade for me in 2006 [ October 10, 2005, 04:42 AM: Message edited by: Xavier ]
  10. Don't start again with that! :mad: You should edit your post to "One of the numerous troops and planes that KO'd Wittman's tank." Thank you
  11. Don't start again with that! :mad: You should edit your post to "One of the numerous troops and planes that KO'd Wittman's tank." Thank you
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