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  1. This feels extremely similar to the crash I just reported in the "Destroyed while capturing a tower" thread. Same bug maybe?
  2. I emailed you the MacOS crash info and the last lines of the log.
  3. I've never had a problem extracting while upside down. I certainly do it enough with Paladins in the ice fields
  4. But now I can't play it anymore because my system doesn't boot into OS9 That is all.
  5. Ditto to Ruud's request to re: preferences locations. Just put them in... I don't know... the ~/library/preferences/ folder, perhaps?
  6. So just tried to log in, and it tells me that my "Username/Password does not appear to be valid." Checked the account pane, and my username/password hadn't changed. I re-entered them, and still got the same error message when attempting to log in. Is there a reason for this? Sun spots, perhaps?
  7. 512 MB? On a video card? You've got to be kidding me...
  8. Are you seriously telling me that's what was going through the AI's head? Because I would be mighty impressed...
  9. Just noticed this on my first game with .942 - occassionally, ATGMs will just refuse to launch. All systems are go, there's ammo left, but I pull the trigger and nothing happens. I tried experimenting - firing with and without lock, in various directions - no nothing. Extracting and redeploying seems to fix it, however.
  10. I'm wondering, are the fixed ion emplacements vulnerable to friendly fire? Because I was hiding behind one while attempting to capture it with a Cutter. The bots put a whole lot of fire on me, apparently mostly HEAT and HE, all of which hit the emplacement, and it didn't seem any the worse for wear afterwards. And if it does do damage, perhaps the AI should be a bit more careful where it's firing?
  11. This was probably a one-off bug, but it sure was weird. On the ice map, just a few seconds before time ran out, I was sitting immobile on the snow outside the base, when I slowly began sinking into the snow. In the 3 or 4 seconds before the game ended, my Apollo became about 1/3 submerged. No idea whether this was just graphical or what.
  12. All in all, everything feels far too "light". Tanks turning at speed will regularly go into a Super-Mario-Kart-esque power slide, and driving up a ramp without slowing down at the top will almost certainly send you flying, even in heavy armor. Just seems like units this size ought to stick to the ground a little more.
  13. Since the update, the OSX game start bug has disappeared. Additionally, the whole thing just feels a lot snappier - better framerate, better response times, and fewer slowdowns. That said, there's one major performance bug still in existence, which has been mentioned before - the big lag at mission start. For about 15 seconds after beginning, the game plays at about 1 frame per 3 seconds while it apparently catches up with whatever has been happening while the level loaded. Speaking of which, anything to be done about the loading time? It really is very, very long. [ March 24, 2006, 12:10 PM: Message edited by: Pirate Bill ]
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