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  1. sounds like you need to activate the V4 even though it says you need to activate v3.
  2. Just make the ammo dump into a truck instead. It may hold less ammo but it functions pretty much the same as a mobile "ammo dump"
  3. Yea, the M18 and M36 have much faster traverse. As Michael mentioned the M10 turret is hand cranked. I read somewhere that it took about 2 minutes to rotate 360. I disagree, it's a big deal. Turning the tank definitely helps lower the time to target but it's not as good as you would think. Whenever the tank turns and then stops, the entire carriage of the vehicle will rise then dip, shaking the barrel of course. This adds time to aim on target and you always seem one step behind your enemy tank that has a faster turret traverse than you. I'm speaking from experience playing War Thunder's Ground Forces. Yes, it's a game but it does a good job illustrating these issues. If you play this game (it's free btw) and eventually get to the M10 in the U.S. ground forces tree, you will definitely feel the pain of the sloooow turret traverse of the TD. Also, with regards to turning the M10 towards a target, the TD commander will give the order to turn towards a target that often the driver will not be able to see. So, multiple turning corrections will likely need to be made. War Thunder obviously doesn't have this issue since the player is both the driver and the gunner. So I imagine this is a bigger deal in real life than in the game.
  4. Well, it's been a long while since I played CMx1 but I don't recall any type of hand to hand or melee fighting, at least not animated. I do remember Close Combat modeling it.
  5. I remember playing this battle and had a similar result. I don't quite remember what the LOS distance was at the 7:30 am mark, maybe 100m? Anyway, I was curious about the actual sunrise time in real life. The battle IIRC took place on Dec 17 or 18, almost the shortest day of the year. Using an online sunrise calculator for today, Jan 5 in Liege Belgium (The closes city I could find on the site), the sunrise is 8:38am. Considering the time of day, it should be pitch black or near to it. And we know that it was very overcast and possibly very foggy that morning. Sounds about right that two vehicles would bump into each other like that in those conditions.
  6. I doubt it but I'd bet there's a little randomness thrown in to the calculation to determine if a sound is heard or not.
  7. Not sure from the video clip but remember that any wall is somewhat abstracted as to it's condition. Healthy looking walls may in fact have some damage. Damaged looking walls are just a graphic and it doesn't show exactly where the damaged bits are. A highly damaged wall, or in this case, a wall that appears to be completely gone may have rubble or still standing bits of wall. It's either that or the game is deliberately cheating you.
  8. The American Arsenal says they are 122 lead balls embedded in a resin matrix and that the "case bursts within 100 ft after discharge". Muzzle velocity is 2500 f/s which is only slight slower than the APC that has 2900 f/s. Agree that the balls would not be not very aerodynamic.
  9. I'm not sure what the effective range is but I know that the canister doesn't burst apart until around 100 ft (30m). Seems like 80m would be the sweet spot.
  10. Were they sitting up for all the subsequent shots of canister? Sounds dubious to me. So maybe they lucked out with the initial canister shot and ducked for the rest? But let's be honest, in real life when the soldiers see the barrel of a tank or scout car point directly at them, they are going to take cover(if they see the tank), they won't just sit there and leave their bodies exposed. There's a lot of little things that would happen in real life that don't happen in this game. Another example is peeking around corners - In real life a soldier can peek around a corner of a building without exposing anything but his head. In the game, he would have to expose his entire body around the corner in order to see. So saying how weapons working in real life should also work the same in the game isn't quite an accurate statement.
  11. I'm not saying that that is how the game works, it's just my personal opinion. It's a lot easier to hit a target with buckshot than with a single round, law of averages. Obvisouly the target has to be visible because buckshot wont have much penetration. Probably in your particular case your soldiers were all lying down when the canister was fired. And like I said, it depends on the type of building. IIRC, CM only models two strengths of buildings, light and heavy. A 37mm HE shell in reality wouldn't have much effect on a heavy building like stone. For example, Panther HE shells couldn't dent the stone buildings in the Krinkelt-Rocherath battle so they switched to AP which could get through the hard stone. So, IF your opponent sticks his face out the window briefly and you squeeze off a quick shot, I think you're going to have better luck hitting him with 100 little balls that spread out than with one single light 37mm projectile - just my opinion. But I do admit, that if it's a light building, 37mm HE or AP should be able to do some damage through the building walls and should be the better choice rather than the canister.
  12. This does depend on the building, however, if all you see of an enemy soldier is his face or upper torso sticking out of a window then I'd say that canister has a better shot at killing that soldier than a 37mm HE round.
  13. I could be wrong but I don't think EXIT BETWEEN means that there is randomness built into the order. Rather I think it means that the order will be executed within the time frame specified as soon as the unit has satisfied the previous order.
  14. Hofen is on the Monschau Master map. The town is just south of Monschau.
  15. Yea, the town itself is a complete fiction compared to what it's actual layout and topography are.
  16. I'm not too picky about the next one that they do but whatever the next CM game is, it better be in the CMx3 engine.
  17. Yes! I had good fun with it despite having to fight with the interface and other issues.
  18. Yes, it's War Thunder (Ground forces) has occupied a ton of my time. It's way better than WoT. I mostly play on Realistic mode, sometimes on Simulation mode. The best thing about it is that you get to really compare and contrast each vehicles strength and weaknesses. Every CM player should play the ground forces for a while to get a feel for the nuances of each vehicle and armored combat in general.
  19. Some thoughts and questions come to mind regarding the Jeep vs the HT gunner: In CM, you can only target the vehicle, not the driver or any other exposed crew member. So how exactly does CM handle targeting when there is an exposed crew member? Is there some sort of decision making behind the scene? Also, does CM treat soft targets with exposed crew members differently than hard targets with an unbuttoned tank commander/gunner? The results of the test seem to suggest that the jeep driver, although just as exposed as the half track gunner, isn't being specifically targeted but rather the jeep itself.
  20. Your best source of weather information will probably be from eyewitness accounts. AARs for certain units may include it too but they are sometimes detached from their front line units. Weather can change dramatically in a short distance. Case in point, It's currently raining where I work but looking at the radar, it's bone dry at my house 3 miles away.
  21. I think snow was very spotty over the region so you can't just say there was snow on X day during the Bulge. Also, some pictures can be misleading, particularly in towns or along roads where the snow melts quickly. I used to think that there wasn't snow on the ground in the early days of the Bulge (northern shoulder area) but I've recently read several quotes from participants that claim there was at least 6 inches at the start. Then apparently there was a thaw that lasted at least a couple of days which could easily make roads and urban areas look as though there's no snow.
  22. All these are good ideas but certainly will not happen for CMx2. However, this is a good starter discussion for CMx3 development, the future of the Combat Mission franchise.
  23. Assuming that: surrender = losing remaining pixeltrupen on the map & total defeat cease fire = keep remaining pixeltrupen on map & accept current victory conditions Why then would anyone ever want to surrender in a campaign? You would get the worst possible outcome AND lose all of your pixeltrupen that could have been used in future battles. And when the AI decides to "surrender" then it's programmed to use surrender and not cease fire? Kind of seems like the AI gets the short end of the stick in this case.
  24. When this happens I've never viewed it as a surrender of forces but rather a surrender of terrain. In other words, the last remaining forces decided that holding on to the terrain is not worth the cost and decide to pull out, i.e. surrender the terrain. The forces may be available in the subsequent battles if it's part of a campaign. However, I'm not sure what's really happening behind the scene. Is truly counted as a surrender of forces or a truce? And what if a human player decides to quit a battle as part of a campaign? He currently has two options - cease fire (which the AI must accept), and surrender. Is there a technical difference? Do I get to keep my remaining troops with the cease fire option? It's probably all in the manual but I don't have it in front of me at the moment.
  25. I'm not sure if you guys have seen this yet. Just a teaser trailer but it left me a little choked up at the end.
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