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  1. This may belong in an already open thread, in which case my apologies for starting an unnecessary one, but I am pressed for time at the moment and can't spend a lot here yet. But I did want to bring friends and colleagues up to date. On December 20th. I suffered a fall which fractured my upper right arm and had to spend the next three months in a nursing facility more or less incommunicado. I only arrived back home Monday and am scrambling to pick up where I left off. I had for instance 751 emails waiting for me which I have so far only managed to put a small dent in. Anyway, expect
  2. Also, it was—or so I've heard—the origin of the phrase "jumped the shark". Michael
  3. Artillery can also be an "area denial" weapon. Suppose you are the defender and for whatever reason you don't want the enemy to advance along a particular avenue. Dropping some shells there can be an effective discouragement. Same thing if you are attacking and you don't want the defender to shift reserves to the part of the line you plan to attack. One problem with advanced strategies like these though is that most scenarios don't provide enough arty to do them in a realistic fashion. The Allies especially used lavish amounts of artillery to get the job done and it wasn't all expended to
  4. Wow! The floor tiles look like something M. C. Escher might have designed. Michael
  5. And in real life would almost certainly have led to his surrender not being accepted and probably being bayonetted...several times. Michael
  6. Or if Native Americans discovered gun powder first and/or perfected the art of producing high quality steel first. Michael
  7. Montezuma has a long reach! Try his wrath at your peril! Michael PS: I met a guy once who traveled to Russia and got the Trotskis.
  8. When I first spotted the title of this thread, I was put in mind of a game by the same name published by SPI back in the early '80s. I had a copy and played it once with great pleasure, and would have eagerly played it again but circumstances intervened. I have often wished over the years that a computerized version had made its way to me, but alas that is yet to occur. Michael
  9. Unity of Command. They have just recently released a completely new addition, this time on the Western Front, but the one I would recommend starting with is the first one, which is set on the Eastern Front. In any event, there isn't a Mac version of the second game out yet and might be a couple of months or more before one is available. Michael
  10. Uh-oh. The Earthlings have figured us out. Is the planet buster armed and ready? Michael
  11. And may I say that I have long since recognized you sir as one of the true gentlemen of the forum. (And the next round is on me. ) Michael
  12. You do me an injustice. It was only half a dozen instances of having my ass handed to me before I worked out a routine that allowed me to obtain Total Victory every time, usually with only one or two casualties, or even none at all. It is those that number somewhere around 20 or more. I find it interesting that each play through was a little different from all the others, the mark of a truly well-designed game system. Michael
  13. Were there that many formations that made it through the whole war? My impression up to now has been that they were expended and replaced pretty quickly. But I make no claims to being an East Front maven... Michael
  14. He's been out of town visiting family for the holidays. Michael
  15. Okay. I guess we have reached a parting of the ways. That is a fact of life and I have had more of them than I can recall, let alone count. Well, good luck on your new course, and if you ever come this way again, the door will still be open. Michael
  16. That's what I did too since there was no indication when I looked as to which was which. So I set it up and let it run while I went to bed. Michael
  17. That's worth remembering. I always like to give the smoke a turn or two to develop before I start my next move anyway. Tip: Check Conditions to see which way the wind is blowing and how strongly. A strong wind or blowing from the wrong direction can really mess up your plan. Michael
  18. I believe this is what I have observed as default. If you want to play the other, pause 30, then move a short distance and pop smoke at the end of movement. Michael
  19. Typical that that would be what your imagination would turn to first. Given that the web is what it is, there is probably a site devoted to...that kind of thing. Somewhere else. Michael
  20. Too bad all my uncles were dead by the time CM came around. Michael
  21. It apparently is for the two aps I mentioned earlier. But anyway, thanks heaps for the advice that constituted the rest of your post. I'm sure I will be referring to it when the time comes. Michael
  22. I want to move up to Catalina and it's good to know that CM will at least run on it. I have held off as long as I have due to some warning messages I got every time I opened a couple of my favorite aps. Haven't gotten those messages lately, so maybe the responsible companies have upgraded to 64 bit, but I've a little shy of giving it a try since once I upgrade there is no going back. Michael
  23. Interesting reasoning with a lot of logical strength. On the other hand, with all the time that they have put into it, they may be pretty confident that nothing major is going to crop up right away. Plus, they might be eager to get it off their plates so as to have a couple of days to kick back themselves. So...depends. Michael
  24. It's the thought that counts. It would have all melted by now anyway. Michael
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