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  1. One thing that is worth keeping in mind is that as players, what we know about various bits of ordnance and their performance has been reported as averages. That's what we read about and that's what we expect to encounter in the games we play. But if you have read a lot of histories and first person accounts, you may have come across some very distinctly non-average events where people either survived or did not survive in situations quite contrary to our expectations. As I am fond of saying, "It was a big war and and anything that had an even remote possibility of occurring almost certainly did, and probably more than once." I think it is one of the great successes of CM that the unlikely does happen, without happening all the time. Michael
  2. I remember it being mentioned at the time. In fact, before Argentina invaded the UK had suggested that they and Argentina form a condominium to exploit mineral resources in the area. But the generals wanted it all and ended up with nothing instead. Michael
  3. This gal, on the other hand, I find quite beautiful even if a bit strange. Michael
  4. Guy seems to have a real gender identity problem. Michael
  5. Now imagine, you're out in you skiff trolling for, I don't know, mackerel say. It's basically just a ruse to get off the land on a Saturday and imbibe a few beers. You're just about to doze off when suddenly this erupts out of the water about a dozen feet away. Now the question is, "Are you going to have time to change your underwear?" Michael
  6. Do my eyes deceive me or do you have multiple copies of some kits? Michael
  7. Coast Artillery had some 16" guns, which works out to 406.4mm. They had a couple batteries of them protecting the Golden Gate. Michael
  8. Soooo...sometime this century. Maybe. Michael
  9. Exception: I had casualties from friendly fire during daylight with regular quality or better troops in CMBO. Careful examination of replays showed that it was a case of a squad running into the the stream of an already firing MG though, so that may be a little different than what you have in mind. It's the only friendly fire incident that I can recall in CMx1. Michael
  10. At this stage of the war Germany was scraping the bottom of the manpower barrel. Maybe in this case they had already gone through the bottom of the barrel and were scraping up the muck that lay below. Michael
  11. Who is the guy hanging out the left side of the turret? And why does the hit report say the right side of the Turret when plainly the fire is striking the left side? There is a lot of screwy stuff going on here. Michael
  12. It strikes me as entirely possible that by the end of this century the human race might be extinct or nearly so. I hope not, but it seems like we are bound and determined to wipe each other out, and we're damned good at it. And that's not even counting giant meteors or mega-calderas. Michael
  13. That was the thinking back when it was designed. It was kind of a holdover from the First World War and the tanks that came into service then. Tanks were seen as mobile fortresses, able to spit bullets in all directions. Michael
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