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  1. Michael Emrys


    Very clean machine. Looks like he is doing a good job of it. Michael
  2. Michael Emrys

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    It will do that sometimes, which is why it is good to take the time to do a manual proofread to catch little embarrassing mistakes. One is slightly less likely to come off looking like a donkey. Michael
  3. Michael Emrys

    Is body armor taken into account?

    But I notice the same thing in the WW II games and have always attributed it to the lack of buddy aid from the AI. Do you see the same thing in H2H play? Michael
  4. Michael Emrys

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    Starting to have those "senior moments" already, huh? Michael
  5. Michael Emrys

    Questions from a newbie

    BTW, it's worth noting in this connection that every six man section of the US LRS platoon comes with a laser designator. Might be handy to have one around. Michael
  6. Michael Emrys

    Questions from a newbie

    Here's a question that I will throw out for anybody to take a shot at. Given that US precision rounds are GPS rather than laser guided, what is the point in some US units having laser designators? Michael
  7. Michael Emrys

    Distant Guns and Jutland naval simulation videos

    What's an "elevate game", Bud? That's a term I haven't come across before. Michael
  8. Michael Emrys

    WW2 Russia minefield found by major road

    And all the days to follow. Michael
  9. I was thinking about this thread earlier today and recalled a quote from Stalin, "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic." Michael
  10. Good one, mj. Michael
  11. Michael Emrys

    The Magic Bullet strikes again

    God knows we see an abundance of every other kind. Michael
  12. Michael Emrys

    A Thought Offered for Discussion

    I hear you. I've experienced pretty much the same thing a time or two. The time is not yet upon us where a computer can be said to completely supplant a good human player and the investment required to even get close is far beyond the capacity of small game companies like BFC. That said, I think the day is not so far off when AI can be coaxed to perform well enough to at least be interesting. Michael
  13. Michael Emrys

    The Magic Bullet strikes again

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Next you'll be telling us you're the Queen of May, I suppose. Michael
  14. Michael Emrys

    Improvement suggestions

    In fact, sometimes I will give a team a pause order before entering a building in case they should need to toss in a grenade or spray a few bullets before going in. Michael
  15. Michael Emrys

    The Magic Bullet strikes again

    Maybe he meant to write Panzer IV J. What he actually wrote never existed SFAIK. Michael