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  1. Hmmm, I can't find this scenario anywhere in my BS folder. Not under battles and not in the campaign folder either. You sure it shipped with BS? Michael
  2. Michael Emrys

    Reverse slope/grazing fire.

    It might cause fewer casualties, but since more bullets would be whizzing through the enemy-occupied AS, it might do a better job of keeping their heads down. Furthermore, if the enemy got tired of laying there and decided to run off, the act of standing up would put them back into the line of fire. Since I haven't tested this, I don't know how it actually plays out in the game. I'm just hypothesizing. Michael
  3. Michael Emrys

    Reverse slope/grazing fire.

    What about targeting an AS behind the AS you want to effect but can't see? Not a circumstance that would arise very often, I suppose, but I've had it happen in games I was playing. Michael
  4. Michael Emrys

    First Russia, now China?

    I think you may be right, although I wouldn't bet huge sums of money on it. But that's my impression. The characters do not look like either Chinese or Japanese, so far as I am familiar with them. Michael
  5. BFC definitely does not need this, nor do we, its customers. Michael
  6. Michael Emrys


    Something similar. Lately in several games in both the WW II and modern context I have had situations arise where I get a spotted icon of an enemy unit. I click on it to see which unit(s) have the spot. I then go to it and try to order a fire mission only to be informed that it cannot fire because it has no LOS to the unit. This strikes me as very peculiar. Michael
  7. Michael Emrys


    Yeah, I've been noticing the same thing since around the start of the year at least. Precisions strikes—especially of the 120mm variety—are no longer very precise. If this is an accurate reflection of their performance in RL, they hardly justify the money spent on acquiring them. Michael
  8. Michael Emrys

    Russia - early colour pic’s

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I saw something along this line several years back. Again, it was mostly photos taken around the beginning of the last century, mostly taken in Russia but maybe some in Poland (then part of the Russian Empire). They too were taken in color by a process which was briefly described in the text accompanying the images. Michael
  9. Michael Emrys

    Florence Incoming

    Best of luck weathering the weather. I grew up in hurricane country and have some vivid memories, but hurricanes have grown even more powerful and destructive since then. Try to stay afloat. Michael
  10. Michael Emrys

    Dust clouds!

    It has been my understanding that thermal imaging should penetrate dust and smoke except in the case of smoke that has been formulated specifically to block TI. As far as spotting the dust of unspotted vehicles is concerned, historically that was done routinely where conditions permitted. This allowed spotting vehicular movement, sometimes even at great distances where the vehicles themselves could not be spotted. This led in at least one case to an interesting ruse of war leading up to the Gazala battles. Rommel had ordered aircraft engines complete with propellers to be mounted on automotive chassis and then be driven towards the center of the line. This was duly noted by the British who assumed that large formations of tanks were being assembled preparatory to an attack on that part of the line. In reality, Rommel went around the southern flank instead. Michael
  11. Michael Emrys

    Tank tactics: why the regression?

    That is so. The solution awaits better AI, and I can't tell you when that might be. Michael
  12. Going down in flames mostly. Michael
  13. Michael Emrys

    Un-Acquire ?

    Yeah. I found myself wishing for this just the other day. This might not be so easy to code though, in light of the already existing code that rejoins teams into their parent squads as soon as they are all gathered in a vehicle. Michael
  14. Michael Emrys

    Am I the only one ?

    But their aim is...well, let's just say I wouldn't be inclined to let Steve shoot an apple off my head. Michael