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  1. A related issue is one I encountered when FI first came out. This was where one soldier would run off on his own a couple hundred meters and would then come running back and rejoin his squad/team. He would then be exhausted and make his whole squad exhausted. It would then take them 5-10 minutes to get enough of their wind back to be good for anything. Truly exasperating. Michael
  2. I would guess it didn't matter too much. If you fire enough shells (and think of how many were fired in important missions), enough will go off at effective heights to get the job done. It's still better than firing only shells with contact fuses. Michael
  3. In the last few years I've come across a couple of similar films of the same kind of thing at a beach airport somewhere in the Caribbean where it plays to even larger crowds. Michael
  4. The "personnel" rounds are indeed air bursts, but they are timed fuses, not VT (influence) fuses. If you watch closely, you may notice that the timing is off on some of them and they actually function as contact fuses. Michael
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean. When I first opened up CMBN it was one of the first things I missed. One thing you can do to check up on who is shooting at what is to use the plus and minus keys (= and -) to call the roll. Michael
  6. Very good photos, if a trifle underexposed in some cases...but that's easily fixable in Photoshop. The main thing that struck me is the powerful sense of immediacy in most of them. They made me feel as if I were really there, viewing all this stuff in this location. A couple things stood out strikingly. One was the breadth of beach that the heavily laden troops had to cross under withering fire. They sure could have used some LTVs. The second thing is the gentleness of the slopes of the bluffs. They were easily scalable and less heavily defended than the draws. One wonders how the battle might have gone if more of the troops had been landed opposite them. Joseph Balkowski reports in his book on the battle that the battle was actually turned when a small unit was landed there by mistake, made its way to the top and then was able to attack the draws from the rear. Thanks so very much, Léopold, you've done good work this day. Michael
  7. They've also been a mainstay for those grogs who like to immerse themselves in all sorts of fiddly arcana. Michael
  8. Wikipedia has this to say: I agree with you, Erwin, about GB being the more common usage prior to about 1960 here in the States. Remember "the British Invasion"? Also interesting is that prior to somewhere to about the middle of the 18th. Century the whole caboodle was called simply 'England', a practice that was still common until quite recently in many quarters. Michael
  9. On the other hand, armor vs. infantry had a great psychological advantage. Ever hear of "tank fright"? Infantry units would often just melt away if they heard that tanks were in the neighborhood. They lacked the hand-held weaponry of the late war and the antitank guns they had tended to be few and far between and not always especially effective. Michael
  10. I don't think so. I noticed that when I put in my order for R2V that that option is no longer available. Both will be sadly missed. The disks were good to have if for any reason I needed a fresh, clean copy of the game, something I did need on several occasions. That was because I could DL off a disk much faster than off the web. Michael
  11. If memory serves, something like this was the norm in CMx1. I'm not sure why it was deleted; maybe it was decided that the time and effort necessary to develop the animation would be better spent elsewhere. Michael
  12. That whole area is seismically active. BTW, NPR reports, Michael
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