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  1. Historically, there were Italians on both sides. There was the puppet Fascist Republic. And there was the Anti-Fascist Co-Beligerent army which was supplied and supported by the Allies, but were not legally part of the Alliance. There were also the Partisans, who were anti-fascist but not strictly under the control of the main anti-fascist army. It was a mess. As for what is in the game, I haven't the slightest idea. Michael
  2. Hurrah! That should make everybody happy regardless of their preference. Michael
  3. Thank you. I feel so much better now about what Charlie II did with your bones. Michael
  4. My favorite was one in CMx1 (don't know if it made it into x2, at least I can't recall hearing it) was "Come back! Coward!" Michael
  5. To say nothing of the cost involved. I'd wager that not many of us have a spare computer lying around. Michael
  6. One of the worst features of random maps was their tendency to route highways straight up the side of a sheer cliff. Michael
  7. Sheridan looks like to me. Michael Woops, I take that back. The turret and gun definitely look like they took them off a Sheridan, but the running gear and hull ain't right. Wish we could see more of it.
  8. But they can do a samba like nobody's business. Michael
  9. We're just waiting with bated breath. Michael
  10. Spontaneously generated maps was a feature I liked and missed in CMx2, but the maps we have now are all more meticulously drawn and detailed, and sometimes more historically accurate. So at the end of the day, I'd have to say we are better off now. Perfection would be spontaneously drawn maps as nicely done as todays...but that is probably not possible at the present time. So it goes into the distant wish bucket. Michael
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