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  1. Michael Emrys

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    My fraudulent bill was also from Uber, but to the tune of $59.62. I've been getting my statements online for a few years now and am in the habit of checking them pretty regularly. That's how I was able to catch this one within a couple of days of it happening and reporting it soon after. Michael
  2. Michael Emrys


    Likely in a cloud of radioactive dust. Michael
  3. Michael Emrys

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    I am comfortable with the thought that BFC is not directly culpable in any way. Didn't PayPal report just a couple of weeks ago that their computers had been hacked and personal information of thousands of their users compromised? I am vague on the details as I was only mildly interested in the report since I do not use PayPal. A few hours ago I contacted my bank to cancel my old card and issue me a new one. In general I won't be giving the information contained on it until I actually make a purchase. I am also going to do a survey of the cookies on my machine and clear any that look questionable or unnecessary. But I expect that any attack by a sufficiently determined thief can find a way to do mischief. Michael
  4. Michael Emrys

    Fradulent Credit Card Transactions

    I noticed while checking my account statement recently that it had been dinged for nearly $60 recently for a purchase I didn't make. Michael
  5. Michael Emrys

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    Wow, this has got to be the first it's ever been suggested that there is anything respectable about sburke. Wait, did he bribe you? Michael
  6. Michael Emrys

    Where is the 2.01 Patch?

    I too noticed that I couldn't find any constellations that I recognized, but missed the whole Milky Way thing altogether. Was it present in earlier families? I hadn't noticed. Michael
  7. Do cheesemakers actually frig? I was under the impression that they just spontaneously appear on the land after a heavy rain, like certain species of frogs. Michael
  8. Michael Emrys

    John Kettler's Omnibus Post

    Lever action rifles??? Who was using those by WW I? Russia? Austria? The Balkankreuz medal on the soldier on the left would suggest Austria. Maybe. Michael
  9. Michael Emrys

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Same here. I noticed after I moved up to an SSD that loading times had been reduced by about 30%. Sometimes more. Michael
  10. Ketchup on a cheese steak??? [shudder] That would get you harpooned around here. Sacrilege! Michael
  11. You're joking, right? Michael
  12. Baloney. The California accent deserves that honor. And I'm not even from there, so not biased. Michael
  13. From what I have heard from car owners, they began doing that 20-30 years ago. And every computer I've ever owned has come with a proviso that it must be serviced by an authorized service representative or the warrantee is voided. Michael
  14. Michael Emrys

    Panic! Battle Fatigue in WWII

    On the other hand, there are those who kill readily and with little provocation. We don't generally regard them as normal, but they do keep cropping up. Michael
  15. And some steaks on the grill. And don't forget the baked potatoes. Michael