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  1. Los

    Stryker vs Bradley

    Here's a sample mission for the SBCT at NTC where the unit performed well: http://www.benning.army.mil/infantry/magazine/issues/2017/JUL-SEP/pdf/10)TN3-Courchaine-Stryker.pdf
  2. Los

    Original BF Crew/Employees

    I think I've been here since near the beginning... Los
  3. Rule of thumb in actual combat: You have the whole rest of your life to get from point A to point B.
  4. Los

    Virtual Reality

    I just want to report that I own an HTC Vive is it is downright awesome. It is simple enough to use that my 70+ in laws tried it and are now buying a PC capable of running it and ordered one themselves. Every few days new and cool a games and apps are released. I bought it mostly for flight sims (DCS and FSX are awesome) but it is great in room scale play as well. It would be neat to command Combat Mission from the ground level (Like they do with Scourge of War Gettysburg and Headquarters in the saddle mode) as sort of a infantry company commander simulator. Anyway, good stuff. If you can afford it, I recommend it. And between the Vive and the Rift get the Vive because of the room scale play options. My buddy bought the rift at the same time and I have time in both. Oh did I mention VR-video pole dancers...... Los
  5. Los

    In Praise of Real Time battles!

    I agree, and if only we could get Multiplayer coop! (or more than 2 player coop). Los
  6. Am I the only one that thinks this video is hilarious? "Good shot but you roasted us too!"
  7. I agree, I am awaiting the kick starter as well. Los
  8. Same here..will buy immediately.
  9. Meant in jest but ...this thread reminds me of this: (image deleted by Steve because it violates the no-swear word policy. Otherwise I think it was humorous example of arguing with Putinbots. Here is a link to a discussion about the cartoon. https://www.reddit.com/r/OutOfTheLoop/comments/3ri6br/what_is_deal_with_crudely_drawn_chickens_and/)
  10. Well its December 16th...Clocks...Maps....Toys...But where are the panzers...and where are the men?
  11. All the best Kohlenklau, with all your modding efforts, you are the godfather of CM Bulge! Los
  12. Well the problem is you would need a mod that has say Syrian type forces or indig type forces and US on the blue side. This mod, called Afghan National Army would work and it needs CMSF-NATO. replaces the Dutch with ANA forces which give you a decent middle east army type look. I don't know of a mod that enables Straight out indigs on the blue side. Los
  13. You can replicate these forces by playing with the various unit values. Frankly the actual versions of small arms carried by units in Cm are mostly irrelevant to what you are interested in at the level CM replicates combat. Keep in mind re Spec ops in Syria, the current deployment in the news will mostly be SF (Green Beret) unit broken into small teams, embedded at the local level to provide Tactical Air Control Party (CAS) support for ground units. So hmm I guess the way you set this up in a scenario is to include one very well experienced, motivated equipped, and led Forward Observer team with your otherwise rag tag opposition force. Then give that side a bunch of CAS. Los
  14. Los

    Can You Rotate Barbed Wire?

    I find it best to stick a fork in one eye before messing with barb wire emplacement, this way the annoyance you experience trying to rotate the things doesn't seem as powerful compared to the pain of a bleeding eye.