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  1. Vanir: Hehe, that is true, so I suppose it is a good sign that the hull down simulation is quite a bit improved now. =) Was there any follow-up discussion related to the optics quality issue? I hope everyone has a Blessed Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
  2. Oh, I would have thought at least the unofficial version of the discussion among players of how the game plays after the fixes would have taken place in the regular forum, since there seemed to be a lot of interest. Any idea what the general opinion of the end result was? And by the way, a huge thanks to those who noticed this problem and ran tons of tests to show there was, in fact, something wrong, and to narrow it down so a better idea could be gotten as to where to look for the source of the problem(s) in the game. And thanks to Charles for taking the time and tracking down the off
  3. I assume that this was tested after the initial fixes were put in place. Where might that thread be? Very curious as to the results, and thanks for any help.
  4. Well, as long as any time I get a new computer, or upgrade the one I have, I can get additional keys with no problem if I need them to keep playing the game I own, the I guess that's not too bad. But I'd rather not have to bother BTS about it, just be able to play the game I own as much as I want regadless of how much I upgrade my computer. That's one of the reasons I like owning my own personal physical copy of my games.
  5. I assume if I buy the full box version with the actual game DVD and manual of any CM game that I don't have to deal with activation codes, online activation or any of that? I can install and un-install the game as often as I like, change my pc's hardware all I want, etc., and as long as I type in the serial code that comes inside the game box when I re-install, the game will work with no problems and no need to ever contact BTS about key codes, correct?
  6. Well, in addition to the sea port access, I think it's pretty obvious why Russia is doing this. They will take no chances on Ukraine joining Nato or the eu, and I can't blame them, that would put Nato bases more or less inside Russia, so to speak. And as far as the Ukraine itself, it is much to their long-term benefit to never be in the eu. Not that Putin's motivations are all necessarily altruistic, but the fact remains keeping those eu scum-in-suits out of the Ukraine is a huge win in the end for the Ukrainian people. And hopefully there won't be any more internal fighting there. Ther
  7. A certain amount of randomness is a good thing, because things aren't precisely predictable in combat, to say the least. But there is obviously something *very* wrong here. Being hull down should not only make it a lot harder to spot a tank in the first place, but much harder to hit it with the huge reduction in target area for the enemy's gunners. Plus if the hull down tank is up on a hill above the other tank, then you have the upward angle adding to the effective armor thickness of the hull down tank's turret armor. Bottom line; being hull down should be a big advantage for the hull d
  8. The MP40 is more accurate than the Sten, and it has a smoothness that allows for finer control in skilled hands. The Sten has a choppiness to it's fire, by comparison. The Thompson has more of a punch, but it's not as easy to control.
  9. poesel71: Who says that it's just Nazi propaganda that the communists wanted to take over and enslave countries in Europe? The German army vets from WW1 were fighting the communists in the streets between the world wars, as the communists were trying to take over Germany, as well, same as they did in Russia. Which was the basis of much where the whole Nazi movement got started in the first place. And they certainly tried it with Finland, not to mention forcibly took over control of eastern European countries, which they had no right to, after the war, so their intentions were plain and the
  10. Almost no war movies get made without anti-German propaganda in it, you always have at least 1 or 2 guys mentally agonized in some artificially forced way (I'm not talking about the usual stuff soldiers in every army feel in combat), or some soldiers behaving in some ultra-stereotypical caricature way. It's all quite silly and very tiresome. It would be great to have a good war movie with realistic depictions of soldiers on all sides. Enemy at the Gates is sort of a rare exception to this (although they are sure to show the Germans do at least one really harsh thing..), but at least they
  11. It's good that they've been able to find and identify such a great tank ace. I'm surprised he's not being sent back to his family in Germany for burial. But I'm glad to see he's being buried with high honors. Rest easy, soldier.
  12. Oh I agree, if they didn't use them in reality, then they shouldn't be included. I'm just wondering if it was fairly common in pratice for the teams in the field to bring an Mp40 with them, just in case they needed it, even if it wasn't a part of their official equipment list. Would be cool to seem some photos on that.
  13. Does seem like there should be better cover provided by the shield than that.
  14. Hmm, maybe Market Garden will wait for V3.0 of the CM engine? Perhaps to include some cool new features that will make for maximum detail and fun for this highly anticipated expansion. =)
  15. It makes sense they would have an Mp40 with them in the panzerjager team for close fighting, if needed, and one would think it would be fairly normal for them to have it. So unless there is evidence showing they rarely had them, then it would be a good addition in the next patch. Even if it's not in the official TO&E for standard wehrmacht panzerjager teams to have them, are there photos and such showing they did in fact use them?
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