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  1. Finally played this one last night and had a great time. What an amazing frenzy of trying to stop the allied wave of tanks! This is much better than the original. I studied the real battle (if it even happened) as well and I am glad to see someone made a proper map of the historical position that this occurred (again, if it did). Total victory on Iron mode. My only gripe is there is only one AI plan. This map needs to be played several times and more AI plans would be so nice.
  2. See this is exactly my point. Thank you ken. See the tank at 300 meters? No problem....even in a firefight (and then....not always). See the melon kinda peeking out the top at 300 meters? I doubt it. Steve or Chris......maybe test again with a mg crew....seems they are the ones always spotting TC's from 500 meters and splatting them. steve, if there is a spotting factor for the TC seperate from the tank then I never knew this in all these years of testing and my hats off! Great detail! If there is, maybe it could be looked at for an adjustment? No hard data for you...just years of playing and a gut feeling here. Same feeling I had when I talked about burst lengths on MG's years ago! Hehe
  3. I wonder if the problem (if there is one) is that when a TC unbuttons this is noticed by the AI immediately from 500 meters away. All the fire is then drawn to the TC. Seems more realistic that an exposed TC should have to be "spotted" separately from the tank itself. I imagine the TC would just peek out trying to stay hidden as much as possible. IRL you can see a tank easy enough from 200 meters away but would you be able to immediately tell if a TC was peaking out? Now put yourself in combat under fire etc. with 15 other things demanding your attention. Would love it if we could make spotting the TC seperate from spotting the tank itself.
  4. I forget...do we use in game anti aliasing or outside game force anti aliasing?
  5. Maybe he was "fanatic" and would never break?
  6. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/military-vehicle-news/two-german-wwii-halftracks-pulled-from-river-in-poland.html?src=fba&type=wca&page=who wish I could find something like this.
  7. By the way Delliejonut, Your quote from c3k in your sig line is urban legend. A private citizen invented the zero g pen and gave it to NASA for free. It cost the tax payers zero. NASA did use pencils during the Mercury missions but it became obvious that a small broken part of graphite floating in the cabin was a hazard (not to mention the little slivers of wood when you sharpen a pencil) so they eliminated pencils from space for safety reasons. Sorry. Back on topic.
  8. I have not made any scenarios but there are two things I would like to bring up for those that do. 1. Anytime you enter new units, make the enter time variable and random. A scenario can play out so different if your tiger gets there 10 minutes later and their fresh platoon gets there 10 minutes early. 2. This is a big one. NEVER have reinforcements arrive on a part of the map and be in instant view of any part of where the current battle would realistically be happening. If you have tanks coming onto the map at least have them enter an area protected by trees or a hill so the player at least has a chance to hear them for a turn instead of insta death. I am playing a CMBS battle right now where, without warning at all, some T72's just arrived in full view of my Stryker platoon and ruined the battle. At least one turn warning through sound or Intel would make for much better gameplay.
  9. Is it because they are reloading? They seem to always catch a bullet when they pop out to reload.
  10. I would really like the WP rounds to detonate into an " instant" cloud like some of the smoke discharges in CMBS. Think Fury. Only if it is realistic.
  11. Many thanks! I'll check it out when I get home.
  12. I have looked around for the sound mod that has the U.S. Troops swearing and sounding much more dramatic than stock but I can't find it. I heard it in the walk through videos from Krause. Does anyone have a link?
  13. I tested it back in CMSF and brought it up to Steve. He agreed and said it was done this way so as not to make it any harder then it has to be for the AI. I have not heard and I have not tested if it was ever changed since then.
  14. Keep in mind this is just for the player. The AI does not suffer this handicap in iron mode. The AI in iron mode spot their own units much like elite mode for C2 purposes
  15. What skill level are you playing at? Also, what sound mod are you using for the troops swearing?
  16. Womble nailed it. Once your guys are facing the correct way you are way better off going a full circle TA over a wedge 9 times out of 10.
  17. I applaud what you are doing and I am a big fan of your videos. But SLOW DOWN! You are playing WEGO as if it is RT. Take your time plotting those waypoints. Watch your replays for valuable info. Good luck!
  18. Great battle and nice work! PLEASE add some more AI plans in a second release. I can't get enough of this one but I think there is only one plan. Such a great situation needs more replayability. All the best.
  19. Try this link. http://ihffilm.com/
  20. Try showing the full trees foliage and that would explain it better.
  21. just my .02 cents but 50 cal should be louder and more distinct.
  22. I wish our tank gun smoke shells (not the ones the crew throws out) and WP created a smoke cloud that quickly in the game. More realistic and useful I think.
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