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  1. I can be there. This summer I looked for people and didn't see anyone. Its cool that everyone is playing again.
  2. You mac is only slightly faster than mine. My imac is a 2.4ghz. I had no idea you were a mac head too!
  3. I would be able to join around 10pm est so if your still on I'll be there. I have church till 8pm and then have to get my kid to bed.
  4. I'll see what I can do. Hopefully we have servers to play on by then!
  5. Well I'll be traveling on the 27th but I would be available in the evening eastern time. say 8 pm eastern time.
  6. Ithai


    So where have all the servers gone?
  7. So any thoughts on when this game will take place?
  8. I've got some time to spare. I've not been on in a while but I would love to play.
  9. Ithai

    New update

    well I finally got it to pull through and update.
  10. Ithai

    New update

    My copy of drop team starts to update and then locks up. My current version of DT is 1.3.0. I'm running mac os x 10.4.8. I don't get a crash log all I can do is force quit.
  11. Ithai

    rating system

    One other statistic that should be tracked is vehicles disabled. I shoot to disable not to kill. If I can take you out of the fight and force you to expose a drop ship thats a far greater cost than killing you outright and causing you to drop in a fresh vehicle.
  12. I'll take bboyle place. I'd love to hunt some devs!
  13. Ithai

    Slug fest

    Believe it or not I have found the at guns can shoot down drop ships. I didn't believe it when it happened the first time. So I clustered 5 again in an unaa area. They did it again. I do like your strategy. Making them land in rough terrain is a great idea. I just need a way to set up a good base defense. But perhaps your way makes it so I dont need one.
  14. Ithai

    Slug fest

    Ok turrets are back. I need some advice on how to win this scenario. No plan I come up with works. I'll appriciate all advice.
  15. You know I don't have foliage turned on and I still get caught by infantry. I really don't think there is an advantage with foliage off. Its pretty simple if you dont move and don't use jump jets your going to take some one by surprise. The only disadvantage I see with those of us who have to play with foliage off is that we cant see where the really good hiding places are. I have tried with foliage on and playing is no longer fun. I see no ability to cheat by playing with foliage off.
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