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  1. Can someone please remind me how to find the incoming and outgoing e-mail file directories on a Mac OS? Long ago, I set up my games with desktop links to start each one. When my opponent sent me a file, I deposited it in the incoming folder from a link I saved for each game, in Finder. Last night, in an unthinking blur of foolish efficiency, I decided to re-name those Finder links to more accurately describe the games. Now the games cannot find the incoming file folders!?! I dimly recall some magic in originally locating these folders, but I can't remember just how to do it? Somet
  2. I had a different experience with loading RT and BS. Both installs created folders in the Applications Folder. However, I did a manual install and now all are working. Thanks for your help! I'm still unsure why I could not mimic your efforts of creating aliases for use on the Desktop or elsewhere. Did you rename your aliases? That seemed to be where my problem started. Mike
  3. Thanks! This program is really nice, but it does not seem to locate my installed Red Thunder or Black Sea? Mike
  4. I loaded my new Black Sea game and both the Campaigns and Scenarios files are empty? MIke
  5. I did all this but when I created the alias, I renamed it to distinguish it from the docked directories for the other games. Instead of renaming the Game Files directory in the original location, it created a mirrored copy. When I load a file into the Incoming Files directory of the alias, it does not show up in the original Incoming Files directory of the original Game Files parent directory. I can only see the file (I mean load a saved PBEM game from inside Red Thunder or Black Sea) if I put the game file in the original Incoming Files directory??? All of this is distinctly different
  6. I loaded CMBS on my IMac, running Yosemite OS X, and I can't find any game files? I looked under the Resources folder but none displayed? Also, is there a way to pin the Game Files folder to the Finder Dock? I exclusively PBEM and it would be a royal pain to dig into the Resources folder every time, to load an incoming file. By the way, I'm having the same trouble with Red Thunder? I have managed to dock a link for CMFI, CMBN, and CMSF, but these two new game defy me! Mike
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