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    Fenris got a reaction from --WOKI-- in WOT & War Thunder Panther Skins   
    Nice work mate

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    Fenris got a reaction from Fizou in More Bulge Info! (and a few screenshots...)   
    Inserting 2c on this topic (again)... I don't mind the price too much.  Would prefer it wasn't a separate game though.
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    Fenris got a reaction from Vanir Ausf B in Some colourized photo's   
    Cross post from another forum I frequent, good pics with some nice detailed info on each one presented.

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    Fenris got a reaction from IanL in Trying Again. Poll-What would you most like to see for a new CMBN Pack?   
    Campaign and scenarioes should be aimed at the full monty install... You know, to encourage the masses to cough up more cash, ahem I mean upgrade  
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    Fenris got a reaction from Wicky in FYI - Google Earth Pro now available for free   
    Guy I know pointed this out... Might be useful for scen builders...
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    Fenris got a reaction from Skinfaxi in Combat Mission x1 Operation style campaigns?   
    With regard to CM1 they were called operations and were essentially a complete battle played out on a single map with the fighting broken up into a number of engagements (up to 10) happening over a relatively short period of time, like up to 24 hours or so, depends on how it was setup, it included the chance of night ops.  So one operation might consist of six 45 minute fire fights on a largish map with the front line adjusting on the map depending on the ending positions of each side.  IIRC the map state and destroyed vehicles etc were all retained over the course of the battle and you'd get some resupply and reinforcements happening during the lulls between fighting.
    As I mentioned above I really don't like that this feature was dropped.  To me, from what I've read, this far more along the lines of how real battles played out.  With scenerioes we have now we get just the single firefights and don't have the option to simulate multiple attacks and counter attacks with fighting over an objective flaring up then dying down many times over the course of a day which happened basically all the time.
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    Fenris got a reaction from Skinfaxi in Combat Mission x1 Operation style campaigns?   
    Yeah, we've been told no, never.  Apparently no one liked them...???
    Which is a shame IMO as they were better at representing how battles played out in real life than the short 30-120 minute all out struggles we tend to have now.
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    Fenris got a reaction from Vergeltungswaffe in Win a FREE copy of CMBS!!!   
    Why I oughta get you two...


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