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  1. Talk about Murphy; I somehow used all the activations allowed with my purchase trying to figure this out and now get a "no activations remaining" when I enter my license key. I would go to bed but a bus might hit me when I cross the hallway:) I sent this to the Helpdesk and trust they can reset my purchase so I will have some eligible activations.
  2. When opening the full game application, it thanks me for playing and then asks me to buy the game or enter a serial #. The serial # field allows 19 characters while my license key is 32. This is a Mac installation. What am I missing? Thanks
  3. Well, it ain't a good idea until someone steals it....
  4. To alleviate the map edge issue on the maps I used to design for CMx1, I would simply rotate the orientation of the map 45 degrees. This diamond shaped configuration would keep the map size manageable while making the map widest at the center, where the heaviest action should play out (and forcing both side to consider their flanks), provide adequate real estate for the attacking side to set up and hinder things like edge creeping and that AT gun snugged into the map corner that is impossible to maneuver against. On a more subliminal level, it also made me treat the game area less like a board and more like a swath of terrain.
  5. This begs the question, were Air attacks conducted against an enemy WHILE that unit was in contact w/ friendly forces? I know almost nothing about the Eastern Front and not much about the Western Front but even in that theater, I can’t remember reading of an account where a friendly plane helped dispatch an enemy that was firing on a friendly ground unit. I just assumed that most, if not all, tactical air attacks, took place behind the front lines or prepped a position before an assault, but weren’t involved when the bullets flew. Even gun film seems to show tanks being blown to bits while driving in a column down a road, not attacking or defending a piece of real estate. Personally, I think its next to impossible to differentiate between a green/brown metal box driven by a Russian from a green/brown metal box driven by a German from 1000 feet while flying at 200 mph. That’s why they didn’t try, and concentrated on the metal boxes in an area where they KNEW they were all bad guys. Am I totally wrong? If so, where and when did planes fight side by side with infantry? [ December 17, 2002, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: Dmeek ]
  6. The actually think the infantry can be more effective because of the additional commands. I am falling in love with the Advance and Assault commands. It makes the infantry much more effective approaching an enemy at close ranges because they pump out some serious fire during their approach. And if you think the enemy is close to breaking, you can plot you advance or assault well behind the enemy and watch with glee as your unit chases down the panicked foe, guns ablaze and lobbing grenades the whole time. Now that’s what I call fun!
  7. Barry is absolutely correct about a veteran’s (or anyone’s, for that matter) selective perspective when it comes to their recollections, which is why these recollections can be fascinating. The fact that Otto thought his uniform was changed to differentiate his unit from the SS offers a pretty intriguing insight into his attitude at the time.
  8. I just uploaded a small (Gotta Make it before Monday Night Football) quick battle map at the CM Maps Database. It represents a German attempt to clear a road around a wooded, dry creek bed. The Map is not as flat as it looks and the woods should be sparse enough for some decent LOS. I based the map on a picture from Andreas’Beobachtungsabteilung site. I originally wanted to set up Exit Zones for the Germans but couldn’t get themto stick. If anyone how Exit Zones can be put into a QB, please let me know.
  9. I was assaulting a fortified position from a CD scenario. After protecting my flamethrower like the queen bee and carefully plotting every move to make sure the crew and their precious cargo was safe, I was within 20 meters of a cement pillbox, ready, for the 1st time in my life, to actually use a flamethrower against something other than an empty wheatfield. And then time ran out. That sucked.
  10. Well, I lack the tactical knowledge to even think about a PBEM, I can’t color between the lines so modding is out of the question and the everything I learned about the Soviet Army comes from “Enemy at the Gates,” which means any scenario I made would have Jude Law simultaneously sniping Germans and proposing to his girlfriend in a factory sewer. I can make maps, though. I just don’t know if I can male a good one. I left some at CM Mod Database so if anyone wants to check them out, feel free. I do like making maps, though, so if anyone has any feedback, hints, advice or requests, please let me know.
  11. I am having a problem with the drop down menus in the battle set up and editor parts of CM. The game itself works great w/ no freezes or other issues. But for some reason the drop down menus (where you select things like FOW level, quick battle parameters and a host of things while editing a battle) will not cooperate. Most of the time the menus will open but the light blue highlight will not move and I can not close the menu until I hit another menu or button w/ my mouse. Sometimes they will not open at all and sometimes the blue highlight will move but will not align correctly to what my mouse is pointing at. The mouse works fine with every other function of the game. I have just updated the mouse drivers w/ no positive results. I have checked this board and no one else seems to have this problem but all other programs I run work fine. I have the same problem w/ the original and patch versions and have tried all levels of installation with the same results. I am also not computer savvy and might be missing something fairly simple. Any help would be appreciated. (I can only play so many 500 point quick battles w/ small hills and moderate tree coverage before I realize how much of the game I am missing!) Thanks for any help.
  12. The New Jersey village where I grew up is nestled in a shallow, narrow valley whose southern heights command the easiest route between New York and Philadelphia. George Washington actually used this area as his southernmost outpost to check any British movements while the bulk of his Army wintered in the hills of Morristown. (This being Jersey, all that is left to commemorate this is a rusty flagpole in an overgrown clearing.) Either way, I am sure the heights, and therefore the valley would still hold tactical value, so a battle there would be fun. I plan to do the map in “WW2” style, no pesky subdivisions, just fields, orchards, woods, farmhouses, and a few buildings surrounding the key intersection. Then maybe I will ask someone with real scenario building experience, of which I have none, to build a challenging battle for the village. He just has to include a flamethrower so I can torch that bully’s house around the corner.
  13. The recent post regarding SPR used the statistic that claimed only 15% of American infantrymen fired their guns in anger. Does anyone have any specifics on how this number was reached? Personally, I find the idea that any unit directly engaged with an enemy would have only 1 in 7 soldiers return fire dubious. I am no expert, but in terms of CM that would mean only about 2 men per squad would shoot, and you would be lucky to have one machine gun open up per company. I also find it had to believe that infantry divisions that were involved in fighting hard enough to receive well over 200% casualties over the campaign would have 85% of their soldiers just sit there and wait to get shot. It just doesn’t add up. I know statistics can be as confusing as enlightening and I believe this statistic falls into the confusing category. If anyone can tell me where to find more information to prove or disprove this theory please let me know. Thanks. If this has already been discussed, I apologize. I didn't even know how to begin to search for it. [This message has been edited by Dmeek (edited 04-15-2000).]
  14. This is an innanely stupid question, but can you drive a vehicle of the edge of the dam, (or cliff, or steep slope) and if so, does the vehicle become damaged or does it just keep on truckin?
  15. I wouldn’t be so hard on the History Channel. As the channel that my TV invariably turns to when nothing else is on (which is often), I’ve figured out a few things. I don’t think they produce all of the shows they air, but buy them and maybe repackage them a little to fit their theme. That is why you can find a wide variety of shows, from fluffy to surprisingly accurate and balanced programs. I know one Hitler show was preceded by a narrator that explained that some of the historians’ theories were revisionist and not supported by a whole lot of facts. Besides, any channel that has the guts to devote an hour to the history of plumbing and then have three historians debate whether or not John Crapper invented the toilet is a winner in my book.
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