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  1. Here it is folks.. the time has arrived for the CMSF2 BETA AAR. I will be adding to this thread later today,, but wanted to get the thread started. My opponent? My nemesis from the CMFB BETA AAR, Baneman ,agreed to a rematch. I really do owe him a more thoughtful game than I gave him the last time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that game, Baneman beat me rather soundly. Hope that doesn't happen again! This game is well under way, we have completed 16 minutes of action, so there are a lot of turns to come in relatively quick succession and the Blood Board™ is filling rather alarmingly. For those of you who were following my "Lesson in Defense" AAR in the CMBN forum.. sorry about not updating that thread for a while, but I can really only do one of these at a time, and this one takes priority., Once I started this game it took up my full attention. More anon. Bil LINKED CONTENT MENU: OVERVIEW & SCENARIO PARAMETERS MAP ORIENTATION SCENARIO BRIEFING METT-T - MISSION METT-T - ENEMY METT-T - TERRAIN METT-T TROOPS METT-T TIME INITIAL SETUP, ORDERS, & INTENT MINUTE 1 MINUTE 2 MINUTE 3 MINUTE 4 MINUTE 5 MINUTE 6 MINUTE 7 MINUTE 8 and 9 MINUTE 10 MINUTE 11 MINUTE 12 MINUTE 13 MINUTE 14 MINUTE 15 MINUTE 16 TACTICS & BATTLE PLAN DISCUSSION MINUTE 17 MINUTE 18
  2. Sure Canadians would be interesting.. we haven't showed them off yet. I took it as a given that I would take red based on the discussions we had about illustrating red abilities versus blue. Bil
  3. In case anyone is wondering what he is talking about: @jpratt88, rest assured that I try to not take anyone lightly... and I know @IanL has some skills. I will be taking redfor in this action, so I'll probably lose.. but I promise to give him a tough fight (time to flex some of my NTC OPFOR muscles). We are still working through the preliminaries so it'll be a few days before we can kick it off. Bil
  4. I am officially calling this game over. Sorry we couldn't finish it, or move it further along. Bil
  5. Now that amphibious vehicles can swim in game, this is definitely doable in CMSF 2. We need LCUs and/or LCACs to deliver tanks and support units to the beach though, eh?
  6. Interesting... neither would have been an insult. I do have a closer affinity to Rommel (the Rommel papers and Infantry Attacks are still two of my favorite books), so it makes sense my style would be compared to his, though I hope I have a touch of Patton's recklessness too. Both are commanders I admire. Playing the Marines is definitely an interesting variation... the lack of Javelins and Bradleys also makes them closer in capability to redfor, so that's a bonus as far as I'm concerned. I am very happy old vets like you are hanging around in these forums, you are going to love CMSF 2. Bil
  7. Red is not "peer" for sure in CMSF, however they do have the tools available to give the US a close fight. Of course it would need to be balanced.. they should have a numerical advantage over any Western force, which is why at the NTC there are often OPFOR Regiment fights versus US Battalions (though that sort of disparity in forces isn't required in CMSF 2 to make the point). In the right hands Redfor can be effective. I do think that in neither game can redfor stand toe to toe with US forces. That is why they are "near peer"... Brits and Germans would be "peer".. unlike you I have no problems with blue on blue. In CMSF and CMBS though, red on red always gives satisfaction. If the current AAR dies Ian (which sadly, is very possible) perhaps you and I need to showcase a little Red v US action in the current BETA.
  8. @sburke laid it out pretty well... CMBS has a much different feel than CMSF2, its more SCI-FI... and the opposing forces are no longer "near peer" in my opinion, as they are in CMSF2. The USMC and NATO equipment in CMSF2 makes it so rich in content... and the period aligns with what we had when I served so I am more comfortable with it. I just wish we had Russians in CMSF2 Maybe someday. By the way, I am rather "meh" on the COIN aspect. I am glad it is represented, as it does add a unique aspect and provides situations that no other game I'm aware of does, I'm also not a huge fan of MOUT combat, so my disinterest in COIN stems from that I think.
  9. Who is who in your eyes I wonder?
  10. Vin, no I mainly play WW2. I never enjoyed CMBS, but CMSF2 is right up my alley. i Suspect I’ll probably play CMSF2 and WW2 about 50-50 now that we are getting an updated CMSF.
  11. Bud, you have to identify alternate positions that will give you similar coverage. For my BP1 position, I have three or four positions around and on that hillock that provide good hull-down positions that I alternate my vehicles through. Now that the Javelin Team is on the hill, my vehicles are kept in keyholed hulldown positions behind the crest. Each position provides coverage over a different area.. and for me that's okay. Finding and using alternate firing positions should be SOP for any armored force. They will not all provide equal coverage... but just pulling your vehicle out of the line for a bit will be superior to letting it sit in the same position for a long time. Bil
  12. An Important Matter: I really don't know where this battle goes from here. I have not heard from Baneman since July 1st when we exchanged emails. I have not received a turn in two weeks and the turn I just posted (turn 18) is the last turn I received from him, so I am caught up. I suspect he has had real-life interfere in a major way.. I haven't seen him post online in a few weeks now, but I may have missed something. I'll let you know if the turns start flowing again... in the meantime if anybody is in direct contact with Baneman please get in touch with him and make sure he's okay. It isn't like him to not respond to emails and PMs. Bil
  13. Exactly... a couple Javelin teams can decimate my force, so mustn't get too cocky yet. Yes I do plan on letting things develop some, and the units at BP1 will continue to harrass and take out what they can. I am in no hurry to act, but when I do I wouldn't mind Baneman's force being strung out in EA1 in non-mutually supporting positions. I really can't say what his intention is.. he was on the right track with the movement toward OBJ DIAMOND, but only sent two vehicles that way, so he didn't capitalize on my impotence to stop that movement. I HOPE his Javelins are with the forward teams... that would make them easier to deal with. I do have my on map mortars firing at his rear SBF line where his tanks were set up... that might be keeping them under cover. I am shifting that fire forward though to get closer to his infantry teams.
  14. MINUTE 18 Let this be a warning to you.., if you are playing a modern game and keep your armored assets in the same position for more than a turn or two this is what will happen. Death can come from anywhere... it was only a matter of time before I got those two tanks. They hadn’t moved really since they came in as reinforcements, eight turns ago for the Challenger and 13! Turns for the Leopard. Even in WW2 if you position your vehicles in non-hulldown positions and leave them there, you will have to pay the price eventually. First to fall to a Javelin, his remaining Challenger… …then another Jav Team took out his last remaining tank, the Leopard 2A4. As time expired, another Javelin had just started its downward plunge on a Marder. Baneman is pushing several infantry teams and another Warrior towards my ridgeline. Also in view is a Scimitar that has been in that position since very early in the game. This move seems kind of desperate to me, it’s too weak to be able to do anything really worthwhile. It is however, the correct solution, too little too late though... he needs to push as much combat power as he can muster as close to me as he can.. one or two vehicles and a few teams will not be able to do much against what I have in the area. The Bradley at BP1 is taking the infantry under fire, but the Warrior IFV drove by without incident. Shown in this image on the reverse slope of HILL 41.1 and HILL 42 are four Bradleys and their dismounts… There are another three Bradleys in this area as well, plus a BMP-3 and two BMP-2s. They can all reorient as required, I have the interior lines. Here is an overview of the situation in the north. NOTES: The BMP-3 Platoon is taking up overwatch positions on OBJ DIAMOND.. I suspect he has a Fennek and a Warrior IFV in this objective, or nearby. The LAVs are gathering all of the dismounts, Syrian and USMC and then will move to the Assembly Area for an attack on FARM 011 and 012. Two Scimitars were last seen in this area. They will be supported by the T-90 section. My reserve is starting to move forward to get into jump off positions for their eventual attack into EA1... but this has yet to be decided, and I may push them on another axis, toward FARM 002 perhaps. BP-1 and the Javelin teams on the ridgeline will be a support by fire position for any attacks. As can be seen in the Blood Board, he has a lot of combat power remaining.. I am not taking anything for granted:
  15. I think I would have noticed. What turn is he on over there?
  16. You guys are a riot. I am back from Jamaica, weather and the water was gorgeous of course. I will post the next turn report tonight... probably on the later side though, so don't wait up How is Baneman's thread going? I had expected it to have another thousand views and another 100 posts by today.. but alas, doesn't seem to be much happening over there.
  17. Thank you, all fixed now.
  18. MINUTE 17 First up, some mortar porn: Another action filled minute… sadly I think this will be the last turn report post from me until next Wednesday. Sorry, heading to the Caribbean. That being said, I think I am leaving you with another very exciting and action packed turn. There were two Javelin kills this turn; a Warrior IFV… …and a Marder. I had a Bradley near HILL 42.0 loading two Javelin teams that were close to falling under the artillery hitting that hill. While in the midst of loading this Bradley spotted one of the Warrior IFVs from the platoon that crossed the river and is very close to my ridgeline. Not only did they knock out the IFV, they also spotted an AT team shortly after and took them out as well. The Abrams pulled into a new position in BP1 and almost instantly spotted another Marder… Note in the background, the Javelin team that knocked out the Challenger two minutes ago now has spots on both of Baneman’s remaining tanks, the Challenger and the Leopard 2A4. Time ran out before it could launch... next turn could be interesting! In the T-90 platoon battle position, the T-90 HQ vehicle received a laser warning and pulled out of the line... unfortunately, right into the guns of Baneman’s Challenger… why, oh why couldn’t it simply have reversed a little bit?
  19. Hope you don't mind, I quoted you on my Blog page for this AAR.
  20. Hopefully my post above answered some of your questions. As for combating Javelin teams.. not a lot you can do except deny the enemy the use of key terrain with smoke, artillery, direct fire, or better by capturing it and closing with them. You have to get within about 150 meters of an enemy Javelin team before you are inside their minimum range... that can be a very hard thing to do.
  21. I think this is a good place to stop for a bit and discuss my tactics and approach to this fight. From the beginning I had a two phase plan (not including recon), and it hinged on my Javelin teams. The Reconnaissance Phase was just supposed to tie the enemy down, and entice him into moving as much combat power as possible into Engagement Area 1 (EA1). During this phase of the action I intended to gather as much information as possible and recover the enemy order of battle, identify his intent, etc. I only really engaged the enemy with my two LAV-ATs (which I subsequently lost), the Syrian ATGM team (a failure so far), and a couple LAVs I was hoping they would attrit the enemy recon elements but at this they failed, only being able to destroy one Fennek The enemy did feel comfortable enough to move a lot of his combat power into EA1, and did not seem to hold back a reserve. PHASE I - the first phase of the actual battle proper started when I received my Main Body reinforcements. The intent was to move two platoons of Bradleys into KT2, dismount Javelin teams and kill as many enemy vehicles as possible, mainly with dismounted Javelin teams. Note, once inside EA1, it is going to be very tough for Baneman to extricate his armor and IFVs, especially as more and more Javelin teams come on line I actually have four Javelin teams in overwatch positions at this stage in the battle with a few more still to deploy. Baneman continues to move vehicles into EA1 and especially toward the Ruined Farm Battle Position 1 (BP1) has been an unexpected boon for me, and really is turning out to be the most important terrain in the AO so far. A good majority of the enemy vehicles killed came from this position The Bradleys that are on the reverse slope of KT2 (two platoons) are a local reserve, and will join in any attack I make with my main reserve, but on a different axis to spread the enemy and keep him from shifting elements The intent is to engage the enemy with as few units as possible and still cause serious harm, most of my combat power will be husbanded for PHASE II. I want him rocking back on his heels when I hit him with my main combat power. PHASE II - this is the Main Attack phase of the action. I have identified a few key avenues of attack but have yet to decide how I am going to attack The elements in EA1 are the main target Isolating and eliminating the enemy units at OBJ DIAMOND, FARM 002, and the FARM 011-012 complex are lower priorities All elements not in the KT2 and BP1 positions will join in this effort, including: USMC Recon dismounts and LAVs x2 BMP-3 Mech Infantry platoons x1 Syrian dismounted infantry platoon x1 Bradley platoon and Bradley Company HQ element (five vehicles with dismounts, the BFIST will be kept in the rear area) T-90 Platoon Ultimate goal is to eliminate or mitigate the enemy armor threat to such an extent that I can start to clear DUMAYR and all of the red colored objectives (see image above) of all enemy irregular elements I am currently still in PHASE I, but am starting to plan for PHASE II. More to come as I complete my analysis and decide on a course of action.
  22. There are also two more Bradley platoons on the rear side of my ridgeline. All dismounts, except those that have been split off for Javelin duty are in their tracks at this point in the battle. By the way, in this next turn one of my Bradleys will get involved in the action, I'll get that turn report up tonight, you will want to watch for it...
  23. We are 16 minutes into a two hour scenario... so.. quite a while. It will never go that long though.
  24. MINUTE 16 REINFORCEMENTS The Rear Guard troops arrived in the AO after this turn, these are the final reinforcements. Following is an overview of what just arrived: Two platoons of BMP-3s. I have found the missing Warrior platoon. At least two of the IFVs are on my side of the river near Point 35.9… interesting. They can cause some mischief from there. I am moving a few assets that way and will wait to see what he plans to do with them. I suspect he will dismount his infantry and attempt to infiltrate my position. Here is an overview of movements this turn... I have pulled the four LAVs from BP1, I think the Jav team, the Abrams and the Bradley there can handle that position. The LAV's are driving quickly to join the dismounted infantry platoons, the USMC recon and the dismounted BMP-3 platoon.. I underestimated the distances involved and I need to mount the Syrian infantry and move them to the center position with the marines and the T-90s. The LAVs, Marine recon troops, and Syrian infantry will assemble and start to move toward FARM 11 and 12. I sent one BMP-3 platoon deep and they will turn the corner and attempt to get eyes on OBJ DIAMOND, where I suspect I will eventually find a Fennek and a Warrior IFV. I do think this is where the artillery hitting the rear slopes of HILL 42 is being called in from. Oh, and T-90s (and Russian tanks in general) appear to be the pretty good armor to use against infantry, as can be seen by this event (It does appear that Baneman has not read the Masked Movement post on my Blog): So at least the T-90 platoon is a capable Syrian formation... that is good to see and makes me feel a little better. Thought you would appreciate what I have in reserve, these units are waiting for events to develop a bit further before I commit them.