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  1. You can be very creative when it comes to planning movement.. but I have a few rules of thumb, maybe they will be useful... the following is from my Platoon Scouts post on my blog. Hope this is helpful... more detail in that blog and in other posts on moving... I am a huge proponent of using Listening Halts, I have always had good luck with them.
  2. Starting to look, from what I have seen so far, that Ian has not done good enough dismounted recon for this fight. Well done so far Bud. Bil
  3. Its starting to get ugly out there... looking forward to your next steps. Very interesting fight so far Ian... I like your flexibility and willingness to change course. Your screen-shots are gorgeous too.. so that's a bonus! Bil
  4. Doing an excellent job Bud! Your writing is getting better with each CAAR. Give Ian hell. Bil
  5. Nice presentation @IanL.. I do wish you had shadows turned on though... and you are still showing a lot of tree-poles. I'll send you a PM as well. Bil
  6. Really looking forward to this Bud... I challenge you to keep pace with Ian's thread! Bil
  7. Sorry about that, those are an older version.. better to use the icons at this link: Threat Icons .. same style, just updated and "more better". There are versions for CMBN, CMFB, and CMRT. Bil
  8. Not sure I belong in the company of those illustrious fellows... but I do appreciate that my blog was helpful to you. Bil
  9. Minutes 14 and 15 A VERY busy couple of turns, so bear with me. Axis Bravo The action starts on Axis Bravo with the AT Team at the farmhouse... this team has been here since very early in the action and has been patiently waiting their turn to contribute... they spot one of the BMPs at Red Ridge and are finally able to fire the RPG they have been toting around.... (the following image was at the end of Turn 14)... Their patience was rewarded... my guess is that this BMP was not as Hull Down as Ian thought it was. The situation at the Farmhouse has my AT team withdrawing under enemy fire... but overall.. with @IanL losing two BMPs in this sector he seems loath to advance with his armor... he does have a couple infantry teams moving into this AO though... so that could get interesting. My forces here are very thin now... Axis Alpha The infantry team in Blue Gully knew the enemy team was there... they did take two grenades (no injuries) and returned one... after a brisk firefight that lasted over three minutes the enemy team was down two and I had also taken two casualties from the only active shooter Ian had left... But then I took an additional casualty and this team was broken. One quick word... this team was kind of unsupported.. even though they had a powerful BTR backing them up, it could not spot, and because they were out of C2 it could not apply Area Fire on the ridgeline throughout this action... so the rules really bit me... a realistic result I think. A quick nod of the hat to Ian here as he bested me in the first infantry on infantry duel. Meanwhile... BTR-1 took a partial penetration, but damage was very minor. The shooter was a BRDM that had crept almost to the Gully Intersection The damaged BTR then withdrew behind the crest and into safety... BTR-2 finished of the BRDM in the treeline that it had hit hard last turn... This was followed by BTR-1 quickly getting back on Blue Ridge, a little higher this time so it could attempt to get eyes on the BRDM that just fired on it...instead, it spotted another BRDM right behind... Its end was mercifully quick and at the end of the turn this BRDM was smoking in the gully... BTR-2 then spotted and fired at the BRDM that got hit a few turns ago... I am calling this one BRDM-1 as it was spotted first.. the other BRDMs in the Red Gully are numbered in the image below in the order in which they were spotted... BRDM-2 is the bastard that shot up BTR-1... BRDM-3 is the vehicle that BTR-1 just killed in retaliation... what I suspect is another BRDM (BRDM-4) has yet to be spotted, but I know where it is... so there are now two dead BRDMs in the Red Gully... and one in the woods across the road near the bridge. Ian must be reeling... But the action was not finished yet! BTR-3 spotted BRDM-2 (probably spooked by the death of BRDM-3) back out of the Red Gully.. it took several hits then disappeared from view... is it dead? Right at the end of the fifteenth minute BTR-1 took several hard penetrations from what must have been (BRDM-4)... that one hurt, there was one casualty, panicked, but at least for now.. it lives... Note that I don't think this BTR is Hull Down to BRDM-4... that's the cost of creeping further up the ridge in order to spot the lower BRDM better. Axis Alpha SITMAP Apologies... in the following Situation map I label three dead BRDMs in the Red Gully.. but really I only know of two kills in the gully at this point in the action. BRDM-2, if not dead is seriously compromised though. I moved the ZSU to hopefully get eyes on the infantry or a BRDM or two in the Red Gully.. it is in C2 by the way. FULL SITMAP
  10. Very true... now wargames are easy to play.. but the good ones are hard to master.
  11. That isn't how it works... this game has simultaneous orders and neither player can view the action until after both players have given their orders. Both players will watch the same movie (from their sides of course) before they give orders for the next turn... it repeats like that until one player is left crying under his desk... The problem you are worrying about doesn't exist in this game. Bil Edit: damn beaten by @domfluff, damn your eyes!
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