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  1. I'm with @Hapless on this one... take or at least threaten the other objectives and terrain features before doing anything with the village... that alone will probably force him to move combat power from the village in order to support the other objectives. Just my 2 cents, but your mileage may vary. Bil
  2. ...could be why I specified conventional... you think? 😉
  3. A co-op game using those rules? Sounds fun, count me in as long as the forces are conventional.
  4. All I know is I will NOT be playing any scenarios on that city map. <shudder> Bil
  5. That's very interesting Mark.. I know I have never mapped out the rates of movement as you have done... but I'm not the anal SOB that you are. Bil
  6. All great comments and advice above. I would only add that if you are playing a quick battle, purchase on-map mortars instead of off-map artillery... much more accurate, timely, and flexible. Down side is that they can be neutralized by enemy action, and you need to maintain a radio link if using them indirectly. I am always willing to risk those though, plus you could also purchase trucks to provide resupply rounds to some mortars. Bil
  7. Split ‘Em Mark. I have a blog post on that subject too: Splitting Squads
  8. It's no different than making an annotation on a SITMAP Mark, so definitely not gamey. Bil
  9. You can be very creative when it comes to planning movement.. but I have a few rules of thumb, maybe they will be useful... the following is from my Platoon Scouts post on my blog. Hope this is helpful... more detail in that blog and in other posts on moving... I am a huge proponent of using Listening Halts, I have always had good luck with them.
  10. Starting to look, from what I have seen so far, that Ian has not done good enough dismounted recon for this fight. Well done so far Bud. Bil
  11. Its starting to get ugly out there... looking forward to your next steps. Very interesting fight so far Ian... I like your flexibility and willingness to change course. Your screen-shots are gorgeous too.. so that's a bonus! Bil
  12. Doing an excellent job Bud! Your writing is getting better with each CAAR. Give Ian hell. Bil
  13. Nice presentation @IanL.. I do wish you had shadows turned on though... and you are still showing a lot of tree-poles. I'll send you a PM as well. Bil
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