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  1. @Michael Emrys, adding my voice to the chorus.. welcome back, your absence was felt. Bil
  2. The free books for week 2 have just been posted: Free Osprey Books - Week 2
  3. @Haiduk much respect to your research skills. Bil
  4. Well.. all I know is my reply which you quoted was tongue in cheek.. can't say the same for yours. I for one feel extremely lucky that the CMx2 series exists in as many forms as it does. Bil
  5. I enjoy his videos as well John. my favorites were the couple he did on the M-26 in combat... very interesting stuff. Here is one: and here's another: Bil
  6. Larger maps and more units? I love playing Battalion level games as much as the next guy, but Company (plus) level, this game's sweet spot, is where the game really shines... the large games take a long time to setup, a long time to complete a turn, and can be excruciating to suffer through. Eventually you get to a point where the game loses its appeal, to me anyway. The only way that would work is if they also implement a Command Level orders system and SOPs (ala Command Ops)... but then that would make it a completely different game. Be careful what you ask for. Bil
  7. In my CMSF 2 BETA AAR against @Baneman I used quick move for my unconventional fighters to attempt to redeploy to a position several hundred meters away... they got tired and then exhausted very quickly, then they became easy targets (bottom of the post at that link)... that ended their deployment and really took them out of the fight. Not all formations are created equally.. some are more fit, some carry less gear than others, but all will tire eventually, some much sooner than others. Use quick move as much as you want, but keep a close eye on your unit's condition.. when it starts to deteriorate it can go downhill very fast. Bil
  8. Thanks.. yeah @sPA505 told me the same thing via PM... I knew about the aborted calf angle but I didn't get the foolish person bit (its not an American term obviously).. that line makes more sense now. Bil
  9. With the help of @sPA505 I have posted a full translation with some commentary of the German pamphlet: Tactically Correct Driving Armored Personnel Carrier (Shützenpanzerwagon (SPW) . Enjoy! And thanks for the translation Holger!
  10. It is definitely dependent on the amount of weight they are carrying, so yeah, good observations. I like it, a poor-man's SOP. Let's get a petition together.
  11. Quick is very tiring for support weapon teams... for infantry not so much as you have said. But for support teams, move is the better alternative if you have long distances to travel (having transport for those units can be essential on large maps). Best method for moving is to mix it up... short quick rushes mixed with hunt and with a lot of listening halts.. but hunt is especially important if you are cresting a rise or entering terrain that you suspect might harbor enemy units. In the below image I moved faster through terrain I felt was reasonably safe and increased the unit's security at the end (switched to hunt) when moving out of their sheltering terrain towards possible danger (Note the two overwatching teams following behind).
  12. It seems to be available here: https://www.biggerbooks.com/kravchenko-case-kern-gary/bk/9781929631735&referrer=bbcj for $27.16 ...and here: https://www.ecampus.com/kravchenko-case-kern-gary/bk/9781929631735 for $27.72 I haven't vetted either of those places. Good luck, Bil
  13. Thanks for that link @Vanir Ausf B I had forgotten about those. Bil
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