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  1. There is a more advanced and a cleaner updated version of my latest icons available here: https://battledrill.blogspot.com/2018/11/threat-based-floating-icons.html Bil
  2. Welcome to the best battlefield simulator on the market. I hope you enjoy the game and get more of them. Is your interest mainly modern? As for the Hull-down procedure.. of course @MOS:96B2P gave you a detailed description of using the game's Hull Down command, but I prefer to do it manually.. and I have a description of that on my blog: Hull Down .. your mileage may vary of course, but I don't have a lot of trust for automated commands like the Hull Down and the Assault command. My blog as MOS mentioned is a collection of topics describing how to use real world tactics in the game. You can find the link in my sig, on the left of the screen you will see the Tactical Toolbox, I hope it is useful for you. Happy hunting! Bil
  3. ..and when you have the basic controls down, head on over to my Battle Drill blog and refer to the entries in the Tactical Toolbox (links on the left side of the screen). Welcome to the community! You will have no problems finding PBEM opponents, its the only way many of us play the game. Bil
  4. Simple answer: Dismount BEFORE you expect to make contact Basically you want to lead with your infantry and use the armored vehicles for dedicated fire support. Bottom line is that you do not want your APC or IFV to get hit with a full load if infantry... both types of units, infantry and APC/IFV have their value and you need to make sure they can support each other.. for example, leading with infantry dismounted allows them to listen and spot better than the vehicle will be able to alone. Although, if you keep them behind masking terrain, mounted, and wait for an opening to make a dash deep in enemy territory, then that can really pay off big too. See: Deep Attack also Movement Techniques
  5. Definitely let me and ScoutPL know how these go... you guys know howto get in touch with us. Bil
  6. Yes, that is in the plans. CMSF2 will feature one of these in the near future. Bil
  7. Thanks Ian, that's helpful. I guess I never paid much attention to these or how they occur in the past, and I just accepted their presence on the field without really penetrating into the how or why. Bil
  8. I was not aware of @Josey Wales work in this area. Thanks for pointing us to it @domfluff, very valuable information that I might write a blog post about, giving credit where it is due of course. This goes to the heart of battle management and the Control portion of C2. Love it, Bil
  9. I appreciate that. Its always good to learn people's background. This is an insensitive medium and you never really know anybody's history or where they are coming from professionally or mentally... It is quite scary that Sweden has reduced their armed forces to 40,000 personnel... I'm sure those defense dollars are all going to keep the rising sea levels at bay. Let us know how you get on with this game. Bil
  10. Good job @ncc1701e. Just goes to show how true the maxim, "get there first with the most" is a still applicable. Bil
  11. In the CMSF2 BETA AAR I had an M1A1 hit a Challenger II on the front turret and that shot bounced.. however, fire from another Challenger II easily penetrated an M1A1. There is much more beneath the skin of this game than you may realize @Armorgunner . For an example, and this is WW2 related, but if you read the following post which is a quote from Charles: CMBN BETA AAR - An Explanation you will see a comparison between the Sherman and the Pz IV and I think you, as an armor gunner, will appreciate the subtleties in armor protection, quality of armor plate, and angle of shot that this engine simulates. The modern games, CMSF2 and CMBS go to the same lengths to simulate reality as closely as possible. Bil
  12. Nothing like it actually... Heheh.. make sure I get feedback when you guys try this one out. Bil
  13. Here is the generic scenario description for PBEM Tactical Problem 02. For best results use the CMRT Floating icons referenced in the post above. STRONGPOINT! ~ Russian Defense ~ German player must assault and clear the heavily mined enemy strongpoint through very restricted terrain, time is short as enemy reinforcements are close. Russian player must defend at all costs and counterattack with reserves, if they arrive in time. Time: 30 Minutes. Complexity: Russian Player: Moderate German Player: Advanced Game: CMRT Author: Bil Hardenberger Download Link: PBEM 02 - Strongpoint!
  14. It is getting a tad old now... seriously, you are being way too aggressive over one minor instance in one scenario in one campaign... seems to be a bit of an overreaction. @Ithikial_AU, please continue building these and I expect this has actually been good for your downloads... even negative publicity is good publicity, eh?
  15. Open your NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings (under 3D Settings) - Under program settings - 1. Select a program to customize: ADD - find the CMSF2 executable and select it Find the Anti-aliasing FXAA setting and turn it OFF That should fix your fuzzy text.
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