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  1. You got good points there Colin but if the US has IT L-2 1943 due to bad luck things will be very difficult whatever strategy you have. The importance of IT overshadows most other things. I don't find that the Axis side is dependent on success in a specific tech like IT is for the Allies(China, US and Sovjetunion)
  2. I find that the game is a bit pro-Axis but the Allies can with skillfull play win but some luck is also needed. If the IT chit hits to late for China things can go downhill very fast if Japan is played well. The US also needs to have early hits with IT to get started with the carrier program in time. Even with good IT the US has problems dealing the IJN before 1944.
  3. ..and don't forget that Indian HQ's only give the bonus to other Indian units so the high value looks better then it is....specially if they would show up in Normandy without any Indian units.
  4. At present the USSR has Baku, Murmansk, Vladivostock and Irkutsk as industrial centers and they stay at max supply values even if cut of from Moskwa. Stalingrad is not an industrial center.
  5. Pls write the dates of when the action takes place. This sounds like blitzkrig on steroids.
  6. I have no problem with China doing down if Japan puts presure but right now it's too easy and can happen very early in the game. This I think is bad for play balance. Japan needs to invest early in bombers and tac bombers and put a chit or two in AT. Geting IW L-2 helps but the airfroce is the key to an early defeat of China.
  7. Hi After playing many multiplayer games I found that China is too easy to take out and Japan can at an early stage attack Sovjet or go for India. There is nothing China can do to prevent this only delay it. In one game China was down and out by 42 not long after the US entered the War. Once the Japanese player know the trick how to go about it China is doomed. A green Japanese player on the other hand can find the China is überstrong but once you know how to use air and handle the supply and the tricky movement situation there is only one way for China to go and that's down.
  8. I tested the new patch and now one can fly over the Qattara depression but air units can now also land in the depression. I don't think this is better. I rather see that one can not fly over the depression then being able to land there. Best solution is to have fly over but no landing if this is doable with the engine.
  9. I don't see any problems with this DE as such. Sure the UK can bomb it if they want to do this but then they can't do other stuff and if you (as Axis) don't think the DE is any good...just say no thanx to it. The one thing that I thinks needed to be changed is the price of the DE. 100MPP's is a lot and as SeaMonkey points out it doesn't protect you if the Allies really wants to hammer it. The best solution would be a new type of harbor tile simular to a fortification with a higher air/carrier defence but not too high it should still be possible to bring it down but at a higher cost for the attacker.
  10. Closing the border won´t help since they are both Canadians. Dividing Canada into different countries might help though and some people in Canada are working hard for that.
  11. Against the AI they are fun to have but if you are playing an human you can find better use for your MPP's. The Range is lower then in other SC games and that limits thier usefullness.
  12. If Vishy France is created by Germany 1940, you can take out Fr. Indochina with ease and get only a very small US/Ussr reaction. One unit attacking Hanoi will do the trick. You are not to be totally passive in China but taking one hex at a time.
  13. Before Pearl harbor, you do not very much...you don't want to make the UK/US upset before you are ready for them. Hammer on China in a cost efficiant way and make the investments in 1. Carriers 2. Tech 3. Bombers and/or tactical bombers. When you are ready to take on the US you have to hit at many places at the same time and having a full bank account to pay for aphibious transports the next turns. Nerver have any rush in China unless a oporutiny show up. You don't need a lot of fighters early on as Japan but in mid/end game they are impotant too,
  14. In China you have to concentrate on one "hex", Foochow is a good one to start with. Use BB's to lower the city's supply and move in as many units as you can to start hammer on it. Use the carriers only when the chinamen starts taking a beating. Operate the HQ in Manchuria closer to Foochow to give better supply. It may take some time but it will fall. Don't do any other attacks unless you see that you have good odds. Take good defensive positions elsewhere and let the chinese do the stupid attacks. In the long run bombers are important to be able to take China out of the war. Things will move faster later in the game. It is hardest in 39-41. I usually have them out of the war by early 44 and this is at intermediate level and +1 in experience to the AI. It does take some time before you master it and you have to build some carriers in good time before the war against the US. But if you start a world war it's not gonna be easy. Germany is a bit low on MPP at start but later on they have more cash then the Japan. It's a lot more difficult to play Japan "right".
  15. If there should be a g-unit it should be at SD-1, TD-0. SA-0, TA-0 and most imporatant ...have a max value of 5. This is if all other units keep their present stats and the scale of the scenario is still Grand Strategy. Ultimatly there should be a froce pool that will have the player to make hard choices...should I build 2 g-units or should I build 1 corps or even should I build 2 Armies or 1 Panzer. All units should have build value and a nation would have a maximum of build value points to spend. This maximum could increase somewhat after making conquests but not a lot since the manpower base will still be dependent on it's own population and only marginallly increased by volutaires from conquered nations. then we can add oil and other vital resources but then things might get too complicated... we want the game to be fun without too much micro management.
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