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  1. Hi If you have your Carrier selected, hover the mouse over a target and left click on that target, then the Carriers will launch a strike against it. Be sure to be in the right Carrier mode before moving or attacking. If you just want to make (say) a Fighter attack against a sea tile, in order to reconnoitre, then hold down the Shift button on your keyboard before attacking. Bill
  2. It could be 3-4 turns for the AH units to largely recover their morale. National Morale plays a small role, so this will also impact on AH units, but the effect is not massive because otherwise it prevents a country with low National Morale from ever succeeding in counter attacks.
  3. Hi It might be best to like/follow us on facebook or twitter for updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fury-Software/233842800005900# https://twitter.com/FurySoftware
  4. I agree, and keeping the Central Powers guessing as to whether or not you will attempt a landing, and also where, as Gallipoli isn't the only good place to land at, is a good thing.
  5. Ah, flight range is a different tech, that requires Long Range Aircraft, and Seaplane Carriers can upgrade with that.
  6. I like your reference to the "exchange rate" in naval combat! There's a whole section on Unrestricted Naval Warfare on this page, near the bottom, that should answer all your questions: Seaplane Carriers do not benefit from Aircraft tech as they don't carry Fighters. As to Minor countries surrendering once their capital is lost, if they have two units left within their territory then they won't surrender. If they've only got one unit left within their territory then they have a 50% chance of surrendering, and once they have no units left within their territory... bingo!
  7. The question is, would the Russians taking Constantinople coupled with Romanian war entry and a resumption of the UK's supplies be enough to turn the war around in the east? Given that you've lost Egypt I wonder if it might make most sense to boost up the Russians, but it's a risky thing either way.
  8. Hi AoC is an expansion to the original Global Conflict game, rather than to Global Conflict Gold, so unless I'm misunderstanding, you should be ok: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=311&Itemid=544
  9. You get +1 movement per level, so each level helps. If you can give the Ottomans a good fight in Egypt then it will help your strategy elsewhere. I do wonder if a Gallipoli landing attempted in early 1917 rather than 1915 might have really succeeded. In 1915 the Ottoman army was fresh and unbeaten, and so it was able to move reserves readily to hold ground against the landing. But by early 1917 it was in a much worse state, and a Gallipoli landing then could have been more successful.
  10. Yes, researching Amphibious Warfare will increase their range, and as to 7. the answer is no, as their supply decreases by 1 per turn. Good thing about the Marine units is they can evacuate without needing a port, unlike all others. You are right about the risk and the fact that to go all out would weaken the British effort in France and Belgium in 1915...
  11. Hi 1. Very Low. Loading some up on Lemnos would be best. 2. The HQ would have supply 5, which isn't good for the troops it commands but if Sedd el Bahr is surrounded then you may in theory be able to capture it. 3. It depends what you do with the B.E.F. and Canadians. Some French could possibly carry out a supporting landing. 4. No, it only has Constantinople. Capturing that doesn't guarantee immediate Ottoman surrender, but what a blow it would strike. 5. The % can vary for each one, but all will move somewhere between 30 and 45% towards the Entente. Get some diplomacy to work and if both Romania and Bulgaria could be convinced to join your side, Constantinople would be really under threat. That said, this would take time and MPPs and the overall war situation would also determine its potential. 6. The same as usual, so weak but a useful base. However, Greece isn't 100% necessary if you occupy Lemnos. Save MPPs for the invasion and then possible follow up, which could include diplomacy on Romania and Bulgaria if you are really successful. This strategy is a high risk one with a low chance of success, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth attempting, and not necessarily in April 1915. Wait until later and land behind enemy lines in Syria or nearby too.
  12. Hi There are Loops which can be found on the map by looking for red arrows with some text, saying where they go to and how long the journey will take.
  13. Hi The capital transfer Decision fires when the Axis have units in southern England but Manchester remains in Allied hands, and both Canada and Egypt are still in Allied hands. In terms of Vichy France, the chances of getting the French capital ship in Algiers is probably low. I think that recognizing Vichy France isn't necessarily a bad thing to do.
  14. Hi I've checked the scripts and the difference between them is that the US is limited to sending a maximum of 20% of her MPPs to the USSR, whereas the UK had the potential to send up to 40%. On the one hand, the US economy has greater potential than the British, but on the other they should be investing in countering the Axis in Western Europe or the Med. Bill
  15. Hi I would recommend opening a ticket on the Helpdesk as you have a few issues and hopefully they'll be able to resolve them for you. Bill
  16. Thanks, I've posted links to your site on facebook and twitter.
  17. Hi I suspect that the Entente beat them up so much that the bolstering was insufficient to keep their NM up for long. I can't say so definitively without seeing more, but if the Entente gave them such a battering then it definitely feels plausible given your description. Bill
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