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  1. It would be fun but sometimes circumstances create the same result, such as when your HQ in a transport is sunk by the enemy and you can't buy him back at reduced price. It's especially satisfying to do that in multiplayer!
  2. Thanks, and the Pacific is still enjoyable in my eyes, but Decision Events were a very new concept when the Pacific game was released, and it shows in comparison with our more recent releases.
  3. With Breakthrough you get 20 campaigns, and 2 of these are updated versions of those that came with the base game (1914 Call to Arms and 1939 Storm over Europe).
  4. Hi This would happen if your opponent isn't using the same patch version as you, as you both need to be using the same one. I'd strongly recommend that you both use the last version. Bill
  5. Hi Laos only gets one tile when it is formed, 29,32, and if there is already a unit in that tile then you won't be able to deploy a new unit there too. If that is the case, you'll have to move the unit out in order to deploy the new one. I hope I'm right this time? Bill
  6. Hi I suspect that their capital is either badly damaged or there are units surrounding all potential locations where it can deploy? Hopefully one or other of those will explain it? Bill
  7. Yes, this is all correct except that the number of units a HQ has under its command in SC WWI cannot be increased by research, so it's less than the potential of 8 that it is in the new game.
  8. Hi Once Turkey is at 95% and preparing for war you can safely pull your chits, it'll be joining your side in a turn or two.
  9. Hi It's still in the game, so the options still exist to say no to Vichy if you should wish to!
  10. The units cannot change type, so land units cannot be modified into naval units, but all land units can be modified to varying degrees.
  11. Hi It's in the scripts, the National Morale script sets this. If you open up one of the main campaigns you'll find some in there that you can use as an example. Bill
  12. Understood. You cannot add any more, but you can modify those in the game.
  13. Hi I'm not sure what you mean by "cell" but the existing unit types can be renamed and have their Combat Target Values amended.
  14. Hi You're right, the Options screen was enhanced between the release of the base game and Assault on Democracy. The extra options are all in the middle category, entitled Map Text: Show Text Show National Morale Objectives Show Key Resources Hide Text During Map Scroll - and connected to it, the "Scrolls Before Text Hide" on the right hand side. Fade in Text After Scroll My recommendation is to have these all switched on unless either scrolling the map is slow, or you find it is showing more information than you need. Key Resources are things like Capitals, Industrial Centers, Supply Centers as explained on pages 8-9 of the Expansion Notes that can be found in the Manuals folder. Bill
  15. Understood. Your mention of Gold made me assume you had that. Can you explain what advanced screen you're referring to?
  16. Hi You should be able to find the main Manual in the Global Confilct Gold installation, in the Manuals folder. In AoD's installation folder you'll find the Expansion Notes that basically add to the Manual.
  17. Hi chemkid The patches for the original game are separate to the patches for the Breakthrough expansion, so depending on which you play you should install the relevant patch. If you have and play both, then install the highest numbered patches for both. In terms of the patch numbers, they are all cumulative so you only need to install the highest numbered for the game in question. Bill
  18. Good question, I didn't think this would be possible unless Bulgaria has been changed in the Editor to be subordinate to the Ottoman Empire rather than Germany. Von Sanders should however definitely be able to provide supply to the Bulgarians.
  19. Left click to select the Carrier. Left click on where you want to move it to. Left click on a target. Release the mouse button.
  20. You cannot attack in rough seas or rain, could that be the reason?
  21. No problem. If you want to attack without moving the Carrier, hold down the Shift button on your keyboard before attacking. The Carriers have their own characteristics, and these can be compared by reviewing their right click -> Properties screen with that of Fighters and other air units. In terms of bombers, they are more akin to Tactical Bombers.
  22. Sure, here we go: Fighter (CAP) - means that your Carrier is sending up fighters for aerial combat when it launches strikes. Also in this mode its fighters can intercept enemy air strikes, or escort friendly ones. Naval/Tactical - means that your Carrier is sending out bombers when it launches strikes. Mixed Mode - means that the Carrier deploys a mixture of fighters and bombers. If engaging in aerial combat it fights less well than if using Fighter (CAP) mode, and likewise in comparison with Naval/Tactical. But this can be advantageous because if you launch a strike in Naval/Tactical mode and it is intercepted and has no escorts, it can suffer heavily. It will suffer less if that happens when in Mixed Mode.
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