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  1. depending on your settings, you will see a blue box with a big "Don't Run" on it appear when you try to instal. There should also be a smaller clickable text with "more info", clicking on that will make the "Run Anyway" button appear. you also need to check the setting in "Windows Defender" for "App and browser control". Make sure that the setting for installing unrecognized apps (i.e. "check apps and files") is set to "off" or "warn". If set to "block", Win 10 will not give you the option to run it anyway.
  2. By late 44, FJ units were basically the same as all German infantry units. Most had been destroyed over the summer and rebuilt with surplus Lutfwaffe ground personnel, surplus Kriegsmarine sailor and whatever teenage or older conscripts the replacement army could cobble together. Usually only the combat leaders were veterans. The 5th FJ division which fought in the Seventh Army sector was rated as equivalent to a "Reserve" infantry unit before the offensive. However, they did fight competently during the initial offensive and then during the defensive phase against Patton's Third Army South of Bastogne.
  3. reminds me of... https://youtu.be/TVb-Yb_NUy8
  4. it depends. Over the years, I have gone back and forth, from: 1. dismounting as soon as possible and walking my troops, but that takes a lot of time and may increase infantry casualties; to 2. dismounting as late as possible, sometimes on the very edge of the objective, but that can lead to disaster. I now use a more balanced approach, unloading some 500-1,000 meters away, keeping the AFVs close to provide fire support, keeping other troops mounted farther back ready to swoop in as required.
  5. ok I posted the missing "Mech Airbone Battalion" in QB as a bug report. However I don't know how long a fix will take. R2V is the priority right now.
  6. I think it has already been listed as a bug, but I will check.
  7. it is listed in "Heavy Infantry/ FO section" in the editor.
  8. yes, the Mech Airborne Battalion which has the BMP-3 seems to have been left out of QBs, it is in the editor though.
  9. As I recall, there have been posts about this over the years. Units do not automatically start firing when they spot an enemy, it depends on range, LOS, type of unit, how much ammo they have, etc. Don't forget that when a unit starts firing, it becomes a lot easier to spot by the enemy. I have been playing a lot of CMBN and CMSF2 lately and have not noticed anything wrong, just isolated instances of reluctance to fire.
  10. btw, how useful have the Javelins been in practice? When Obama was Pres, there was a lot of hand wringing about whether they should be supplied to Ukraine, but the sale by the Trump admin went largely unreported and there has been little reporting on their use.
  11. Let's not forget that since CMSF came out in mid-2007, BFC has released 7 base games, 6 modules (7 after R2V), 3 game upgrades, 2 battle packs, 1 vehicle pack as well as numerous free patches. That works out to something new roughly every 7-8 months. I don't think anyone can accuse them of slacking off
  12. I seem to dimly recall from posts pre-2007 that the basic engine is RT only. WEGO just pauses the RT engine every 60 seconds and adds the replay feature. personnaly I never play RT, WEGO only for me.
  13. for modern, yes, that is about right. NATO forces are well trained, so should normally be regular/veteran, unless you want to simulate national guard or reserve units. for Russian/Ukranian, well that opens up a can of worms…:) note you can also play around with leadership factors to fine tune experience level, for example a regular unit with a -1 modifier will act more like a green unit, while a regular with a +1 will act more like a veteran unit.
  14. well yes, what actually happened and it has been fairly well documented over the years is the U.S. supplied the Iraqi army/various rebel groups with expensive equipment. This being the Middle East, they abandoned the equipment upon contact with ISIS forces and/or defected to ISIS who "acquired" said equipment. This is hardly a new phenomenom. In the early 60s, the Vietcong was also equipped with various brand new U.S. weapons they had picked up from fleeing South Vietnamese forces...
  15. Generally, friendly AI units can fire through other friendly AI units with no damage. There was a post by Steve about this eons ago. In RL, there are complex rules about weapon deconfliction, but as I recall it would be too complex to code. Just to give one example, just the blast from the M1 Abrams main gun can injure personnel within 50-100 meters. Having said that, yes there are many instances, if you use area fire, indirect fire, if a shell/missile falls short or hits an obstacle where friendly units can be hit. Weapon deconfliction is an important concern, especially in CM modern where you can pile on a lot of firepower very quickly.
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