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    Battlefront.com reacted to Rokko in Uh so has Debaltseve fallen?   
    Weeeell, that or maybe the Ukrainians repaired some of their junk T-72s, equipped them with Sosna-U and export Kontakt-5 from Belarus and let those fall into the Separatist's hands to make it look like Russia supplied high end T-72s to the coal miners.
    On a more serious note: Does Russia have a lot of old T-72 around in garages and warehouses and such which aren't getting upgraded? Or aren't they actually upgrading but rather producing new ones (given the newer models have new engines for instance),
    I remember having read an interview with some poor sod who was arrested for DUI in Rostov and then offered to go to Donezk to repair and maintain tanks (cause he was a mechanic) for two weeks in exchange for dropped charges. The end of the song was he got captured by the Ukrainians after a column of tanks, one of which he drove, getting driven near the frontlines was ambushed. Doubt it was the same incident though, since these guys weren't supposed to fight and the crewmember didn't even know each other and weren't trained either.
    Do you know how many AFVs were lost in that incident? From the pictures I'd say at least 3 T-72s and 1 BMP. I'd also really like to know how they were engaged. For me this is part of a bigger issue since I have real difficulties imagning what typical combat and engagements in that conflict look like, given that there is more or less parity in numbers and equipment for the most part (not like OIF for instance which was more the type of fighting CMSF tried to portray).
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