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  1. Hello Steve,

    sorry to intrude in your PMs but I cannot find any proper information here on the forum or on the site: I'm still using Mac OS 10.8.5 on all of mine machines and I'm not really interested in upgrading it (in fact I 'm really avoiding it as I find no use on being used by the computer but I prefer to use it instead).

    Now I'm reading the Engine 4 upgrade will require i.e. the CMBN v.3.12 and I'm still on the 3.11 as I've read the Mac OS 10.9 should be installed: is that so?

    I will go with the Engine 4 Bundle (where is it on the shop?!?) for all the WWII CM series (having all of them) hence I hope you can give me a green light and the right pointers to balance information of this kind with the other releases of CMFI, CMRT and CMFB...

    Please let me know further.

    Kind Regards



    1. Gen Von Television

      Gen Von Television

      Ooops, I did find the bundle on the store...:ph34r:

      But I still need a confirmation regarding the games upgrades compatibility with Mac OS 10.8.5: TIA

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