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  1. Steam is equivalent to Walmart in that it has changed people's perception of value for goods and caused produces to a "rush to the bottom" approach. It is not good for anybody long term because it depresses quality and discourages innovation. If we lower prices we have to raise our sales volume proportionally. Because of the niche products we make, that simply won't work. Who knows, maybe keeping our prices where they are won't work out for us long term, but there's at least a reasonable argument to make that it has the potential to. In business, as in life, it's better to choose a path that has a chance of getting you to a happy place rather than selecting the one you know leads straight to a cliff's edge. I don't want to turn this into the 101st argument about why Steam isn't a good fit for us, however this recent article vindicates many of the things I've said in the previous 100 times it's been discussed: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-12-04-steam-is-under-attack-from-all-sides And more in this article on Steam's new rival service from Epic: https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-12-04-epic-launching-store-with-88-percent-revenue-share-for-developers Steve
  2. We agree we're insane. But the good kind of insane The kind that appreciates its customers by putting its money where its mouth is. We don't expect to lose money on CMSF2, but we do expect to earn a lot less than we otherwise could of if we only sold the full priced versions. And that's OK even though it took a LOT longer to make this happen than we thought it would. Thankfully we don't have to do it again! We do not discount our games over time like happens elsewhere. However, we do offer Bundle prices. The Three Module Bundle is $90, which is a $15 savings. Er, now that I activated it to be visible to you guys. Missed that one when I made everything live the other night. Steve
  3. Battlefront.com

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Heh... never thought of a Spy grabbing stuff via Buddy Aid. Learn something new every day Yes, all the models and textures were reworked. The Soldiers, in particular, were a major overhaul. Steve
  4. Battlefront.com

    So is CMSF2 = CMSF1 in w/ engine upgrades?

    Sorta The game code is indeed the Game Engine 4 that the other CM games (excepting CM Afghanistan) use. However, we also rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up, including the artwork, TO&E, Quick Battle stuff, scenarios, and campaigns (some are still pending completion). Reworking the original scenarios and campaigns involved adding new terrain, fortifications, AI Plans, and other stuff made available since CMBN's release. What we did not do was add new campaigns. Took us the better part of a year to redo all of the scenarios and two of the existing campaigns, so adding more was not in the picture. What you'll find is although the campaigns and scenarios are technically the same as what was previously released, they don't play the same. The CMSF2 Demo also uses reworked originals from the CMSF1 Demo, therefore if you play the demo you should see for yourself how different things are. Steve
  5. Battlefront.com

    Good First Impressions

    Thanks for the early thumbs up! Unlike some of you guys, I haven't played CMSF in years and forgot how vastly different things are now at Engine 4 vs. (effectively) Engine 0. Sure, sure, sure... intellectually I know the differences and can rattle off longer lists that pretty much anybody. However, knowing the differences and experiencing them are two entirely different things. Which, I guess, should be the case after 10 years of improvements added all at once Some of the stuff that slowed down the release was all the non-core game stuff that we changed over time. In particular every single Briefing had to be redone, not only to reflect play balance changes but also because the Briefing setup in CMSF1 is dramatically different. Well worth the effort! Steve
  6. Battlefront.com

    Can't launch

    There's two reasons for companies to have different logins for various components: 1. Security 2. Outsourcing In our case it's #2. We are too small to manage an IT infrastructure that is secure and stable, so we hire that out to larger companies. Not surprisingly, these companies are specialized and even less surprisingly they don't have cooperative agreements between each other to share sensitive data. Hence, each service we have has a separate login. The alternatives are to charge a lot more for our games so we can afford the IT infrastructure and staffing, have shoddy home-built stuff that isn't very stable/secure, or not have services that make things easier/better for our customers. Not very good choices, eh? The thing is there is NO reason why a customer's logins have to be different for related accounts, there's NO reason a customer can't write down his info in case cookies disappear, there's NO reason a customer can't remember to update existing accounts when email addresses are changed. Therefore, there is NO reason why this has to be such a hassle for anybody. It's 100% within the customer's control. As someone who also loses logins from time to time, and grumbles when I do, I sympathize with the PITA factor of logins (I have probably 50 active at any given time), but I take responsibility for my own inattentiveness or over reliance on cookies. When I can't log into something or the emailed response goes to a dead email account, that's my fault and my fault alone. Who allows people to update games bought a decade ago? From the start we wanted to give you CMSF1 guys a break on CMSF2, but we immediately realized there would be problems like the one you have. The choice was to either NOT offer an upgrade at all or to offer something which will work fine for 90% without assistance and 10% with some degree of assistance. Even though this is a PITA for the 10%, and a PITA for us too, we went with the steeply discounted concept for old customers. I think we made the right call, don't you? Nope, we did migrate the keys into the licensing system which is why if you still had it (and many do) it will work. The problem is that early sales were done using our 2nd storefront (we are currently using our 4th) which had no functionality for giving out license keys. Therefore, we have no record at all of what keys went out to people, therefore we had nothing to migrate into the current store system. That means if someone loses a key we have no way to look it up for them any more than they have the ability to look it up for themselves. The system changed sometime around 2008 for most products and 2014? for all products. I think people tend to forget how much things have changed over the 20 years of Battlefront's existence. The technologies we take for granted now were either not available to small companies years ago or did not exist at all. If we didn't have this annoying habit of making games people still care about 10+ years later this wouldn't be such a problem. But we do so it is Steve
  7. PM me with your real name and the addresses you are trying to use and I'll see what the problem is. Steve
  8. Battlefront.com

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Yeah, surprising However, when you think about it the size makes sense. The basics (EXE, sound effects, voices, and UI graphics) are pretty much the same for all games. What varies are the graphics. A game like CMFB has a TON more graphics than CMSF2. Probably the most of any game. Why? First of all, weather. CMFB has a full set of terrain graphics for summer, fall/spring, and winter. Vehicle artwork has normal, muddy, and snowy. Soldiers have summer and winter uniforms. For some games the different Regions come with additional sets of graphics. And even though there's only two forces in CMFB, both sides have prolific amounts of vehicles, small arms, and uniform variations. Each of which have their own graphics. And there's probably more I'm forgetting about! Yes, all stand alone Battles and the QB Maps have been updated/reworked. TF Thunder and Semper Fi have also been completely overhauled. Steve
  9. Battlefront.com

    CMSF2 Release Update

    The Help Desk and your Store account are totally separate systems. Longins for one don't have anything to do with logins for the other. I already passed along your info to John and he'll help sort this out for you. Personal info from you is probably needed to move things along and that is definitely nothing that should be done here in public. In fact, I removed your email address from your last post. We operate on US EST time zone so you'll get a response sometime tomorrow, but for sure I see a problem. You have not entered your original CMSF1 Base Game license key. See where it says "Main Game v2"? You should also see "Main Game v1" if the license was entered. Remember, the 3 Module Bundle is only the Modules, so you must also have a Base Game key. Again, John will help sort that out for you tomorrow. Steve
  10. Battlefront.com

    CMSF2 Release Update

    The license key problem with the CMSF1 Marines Bundle should be fixed now. As expected eLicense got back to me quickly with a fix. As far as I can tell that did the trick. Mesquite55, Yes you should get a response by email from the Help Desk and logging in shouldn't be an issue either. I suspect the two are related. What MIGHT have happened is you made a typo in your email address (or used a different one) so that when you submitted the response went somewhere else and your login isn't working for the same reason. I'll flag you so John can contact you off Forum and straighten things out using your real name. Steve
  11. Battlefront.com

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    As some of you have noticed, the Marines Module's Semper Fi Campaign in fact requires both Marines and NATO modules. Obviously that's not right, as the Marines do not need NATO's help At the last minute there was a rebuild of the Red forces in Semper Fi to fix a specific problem. I suspect that introduced the issue. Finding the problem is a little cumbersome, but it won't take long to fix. Expect it to be available as a separate download very soon. We'll then work it into the installers so everybody else (and future reinstalls) will be all set. Thanks! Steve
  12. Battlefront.com

    CMSF2 Release Update

    No, you can break things up any way you want. Upgrade just the Base Game now, for example, then one Module at a time if you like. Obviously there is a price break if you buy more at once. Gamersgate purchases have to be done through the Help Desk, yes. We did not have access to their license keys so there's no way we can proactively get those into the licensing system. What we do is verify that you bought SOME form or CMSF1 product, which proves you had a licensed Base Game at some point, and we issue you a new key. Steve
  13. Battlefront.com

    Can't launch

    BTW, a reminder that re-entering the same license key on the same computer doesn't consume an activation. The system is coded to only deduct an activation when you install on a totally new system or a significantly modified one (like a new motherboard). Steve
  14. Battlefront.com

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Yes, though you can purchase both at the same time and enter the license keys in any order after installing. Just use Activate New Products for each successive license key (you should enter 3) and you should be all set. UNLESS you own the CMSF1/Marines Bundle. There is a temporary issue with the old CMSF1 Bundles not exporting out of the old licensing system as they should. We're working on a fix, but until then you can contact the Help Desk to get fixed up. The new installer is 100% complete and doesn't require anything other than the CMSF1 license keys. Having CMSF1 installed or not makes no difference. Steve
  15. Battlefront.com

    Can't launch

    sburke is correct. As the instructions say on the website (which, of course, nobody reads...) you need to enter your original CMFI keys by launching with Activate New Products link. It's similar to doing a fresh install with another CM product that has been Upgraded. The game needs to know what you're licensed to use because it is incapable of reading minds. At least at present Note that there's a glitch with CMSF1 Bundle license keys. They were exported out of the old system (eLicense) and imported into the current system (Gameshield). Apparently the bundle keys did not export correctly, which leads to the Modules being activated but not the Base Game. I can not seem to trick it into exporting correctly, therefore we can't proactively fix this until we get some help from eLicense. Fortunately they are pretty prompt so I hope to have it resolved within a day or two. In the meantime, if anybody is bit by this just fill out a Help Desk ticket and we'll get it sorted manually. Providing your Bundle license key will speed things up greatly. Steve