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  1. Totally understood. We've definitely been able to reproduce the bug with some regularity. It's not an "all the time, every time" thing, but it's definitely something that needs to be fixed as soon as we can. Generally speaking, when a bug is pretty evident it's usually fixable without too much fuss. What takes so much time is testing, verification, release, and post release. The primary concern is since the game engine is in constant flux the more time that passes the more current and previous code diverges. Since we don't rebuild and test each inactive game regularly alongside an active project (totally impractical to do that) it's entirely possible that something in the current code doesn't play well with another game. Testing is the only way to know for sure, and if we do find something (happens more than you think) then that has to be fixed before release. When we do put out a patch it's always a risk that we missed something like that. When that happens a brand new patch, which cost us quite a bit of time to do, now has a new howl for fixing. And then we're right back in the same position we were in before. Perhaps worse in some people's eyes. The only time we can make a "quick" patch is within days or a few weeks of a release. In that case there's likely been little new work done to the game engine and that reassures us we can punt a patch out without too much risk of unintended consequences. By the time this Bocage discussion really got going we were already outside of that window by months. To put out a patch now is not quick or easy to do, so we've been waiting to amass more fixes before committing to a new patch. It's a damned if we do (time + risk of more troubles), damned if we don't (customer annoyance) situation. Nobody's happy with those. Steve
  2. Dang it! I just had my English corrected by a treadhead. How embarrassing! Well, could have been worse... a Marine could have corrected my grammar Steve
  3. Unless you live up my way We consider winter gone when you can see the ground again, and that certainly isn't March 19th. Sometimes it drags out into May. See, game companies aren't the only ones that can be late! Steve
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately, I don't have anything more to add at this point. We're not very keen on producing patches to fix singular, situationally specific issues because it takes quite a bit of time to produce a patch. The time needed to release a patch with 1 fix is the same as a patch with 100 fixes. Since there's always something to fix, we have to do it this way or everything will suffer. Eventually things get fixed. Obviously this does present problems for a customer who experiences a specific bug that is more than irritating. The bocage issue you've brought up is certainly more than irritating to those who experience it, but it is fairly isolated when one considers the whole range of possible Combat Mission games and maps. We have to balance our limited resources. I'll see what I can do, however don't hold your breath for anything soon. Our schedule is crammed at the moment and we're already having to juggle too many things. The release of RtV helped get things back to "normal overloaded", so odds of a patch are better. Steve
  5. Sheesh. I gave you guys a year (2020) in my post, you'd think that would be enough But seriously, winter 2019/2020 is the one I meant. Now I have to get back to getting the Volkssturm TO&E integrated. Funny how much time it takes to make tactical units that are complete rubbish. Steve
  6. I don't recall it either. Which kinda indicates how important this "bug" is even if it exists. My guess is it either doesn't exist or is so situationally specific it's not noticeable. If someone knows of a thread where this is discussed, I'm happy to look into it. After all, it is my job Steve
  7. Aaaaand CarlWAW is now banned. No big surprise to anybody, I bet. But to be formal about it, here are the reasons: 1. Pretty consistently makes personally abusive posts 2. Has been repeatedly warned about behavior 3. And it turns out... was previously banned for abusive behavior using a different account. Just noticed that and it comes as no surprise As long time Forum members know, we never ban people for being constructively critical or even being generally sour in attitude. Sometimes people flame out, others go the slow burn route. CarlWAW has been on the slow burn route for quite some time. I've been overly patient. Thanks for the reminder that I should "do my job", BTW. Steve
  8. Oh for sure the majority of negativity expressed towards CMBB and CMAK were the usual "I wish they would make the game I want, but such is life" sort of thing. There were few who really got bothered by it, but there were very heated debates about why the person making a point was so obviously right and the person opposing it was so obviously wrong. You don't have to look very far back, or hard, to see that sort of thing here on these Forums. Especially between the Eastern Front and Western Front super fans. The Eastern Front folks think there is no other front more worthy of attention for 10 zillion reasons (I agree with 9 zillion of them, BTW!), the Western Front folks have their 10 zillion reasons why their favorite place is the best (I'd give them 8 out of 10 zillion). The supporters of other areas of personal interest (PTO, Italy, Crete, North Africa, etc.) might not have 10 zillion reasons in a debate, but they have more than a couple (of which a few are pretty good). I've even seen the odd person here or there try to make the case that an obscure chapter in WW2 era, like Abyssinia (I remember someone saying we should focus on that!) is more interesting than the more popular ones. Maybe they have a point or two, but as an old saying goes... if you put a monkey in front of a typewriter long enough... The point is these sorts of debates happen in wargame forums. And they happen frequently, often passionately. At least here they are generally kept civil. Sometimes by brute force Steve
  9. Yup, I remember it well. As an Eastern Front fanatic I was a bit miffed that Western Front people, who just had their turn with CMBO, thought Combat Mission should be limited to just Western Front stuff. Then we got people ticked off at us again with CMAK because, once again, they thought we were wasting our time with things that didn't interest them. And when we announced the first title of CM2 Engine would be modern... that really brought out all the love and understanding from the Western Front fans. At least this time they had company because the Eastern Front fans were upset, as were all the ones who wanted us to do 1940 or PTO. I dunno, maybe I'm remembering things all wrong and in fact our customers were uniformly open minded, happy-go-lucky people who never showed a hint of passionate or opinionated disapproval of anything we did. Maybe I should spend time looking through old threads to find out? Steve
  10. Good point! Shermans were just a T-34 with a different cardboard counter silhouette Steve
  11. I think the primary reason why people didn't like to play as the Soviets, way back when, was a lack of familiarity with the Eastern Front in general. No, I'm not talking about Grogs, but about the general gaming population. I could get a half arsed wargamer friend to play every now and then, but he wanted to work with something familiar. And for an American, familiar was US or German stuff because that's what was part of our culture. It was difficult to get good books about the Eastern Front and of course the Internet didn't exist. Since that time there's been a lot of opportunities for people interested in warfare to learn about the Eastern Front beyond the myths and headline events. But for more Grog types there's something else, I think. Starting with Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin the Soviet stuff was finally given some dimension to it. No longer was playing the Soviets a matter of having bigger stacks of inferior units to push across the board, then watching them melt away in combat. Nope, there was the ability to really see that the Soviet forces had interesting tactical possibilities and that it was possible to beat a German foe (or totally squash an Axis Minor force) unit for unit. Even better, the Soviet player had a chance of experiencing "hero" units that showed some personality. Other games followed CMBB's example since then. Just my 2 bits Steve
  12. And you win the prize for pointing this out first 🙂 Winter padded uniform textures aren't integrated yet, so we limited screenshots of Soviets to just the one. Do not worry... full on Soviet winter uniforms will be a part of Fire and Rubble. The preorder window for Rome to Victory was opened a wee bit longer than we would have liked. This time we'll err on the side of opening up closer to release than we did with R2V. Back to the question about EU/NATO forces getting added to CMBS, it's possible but definitely not with this first Module. Steve
  13. Commonwealth Forces are a go for the CMFB Module! There's not much that changes with the US forces, so bringing the CW into CMFB gives the Allied side a nice boost that otherwise wouldn't be there. On the German side there's a lot of stuff to add. Steve
  14. Hello everybody! It’s that time of year again… specifically the very beginning of it. As per long standing tradition, it’s time for me to say a few words about where things are going for Battlefront and Combat Mission in the new year and a little bit about to wrap up the previous year. As long time followers of our work know quite well, Combat Mission releases come about whenever they are ready. That makes predicting release dates pretty tricky. Sometimes they come out roughly when we think, other times a wee bit later, and rarely MUCH later. The release of CMFI Road to Victory was one of the latter. Clearly we got ourselves in too deep with that one as it was back burnered while we did CMSF2 and then took much of 2019 to complete. We’re very pleased with how it turned out, but we did learn that we’re not going to try anything like that again! The compounding “gotchas” resulting from so many new forces spanning a large swath of time added up to far more work (time) than we expected it would. It really exposed the remaining bottlenecks in our development process, that’s for sure. That said, we’ve continued working on a number of other projects throughout 2019 that are now front and center for our 2020 calendar. The most immediate of which is Fire and Rubble, the long awaited first Module for CM Red Thunder. This is a joint internal/external project which is in a very advanced state right now. How advanced? I’m glad you asked: The terrain artwork for Germany is complete Most of the German and Soviet forces that are needed are in place. This includes Waffen SS, Luftwaffe FD, Luftwaffe FJ, Kriegsmarine, and Soviet Lend Lease Volkssturm models and textures are done, with Soviet Partisans coming very soon Master Maps that cover huge swaths of key battle terrain are ready to use for battle making Campaigns are designed and ready for scenario building The inevitable question is… when will it be ready? Winter 2020 is as specific as I think I can be at this point. That’s only a few months and it seems about right for what remains. With the release of Fire and Rubble coming relatively soon, I’m guessing at least one of you might wonder what else we have planned for 2020. Might as well get that out of the way now as well We are not quite sure what the next release will be, though we know for sure it will be one of the following: CM Final Blitzkrieg Module. This will take the Western Front from the Rein to the Elbe. CM Black Sea Module. Picture US Marines, Ukrainian VDD, and Russia VDV forces added to the mix. CM Red Thunder Battle Pack. A bunch of battles for the late Summer 1944 time period was started a while back and is now moving forward again. At least one more Battle Pack, yet to be determined. And as always we’ll be working on things we’re not ready to talk about plus the customized British MoD version. We do like to keep ourselves busy! Here’s to a happy 2020 Steve P.S. Oh yeah, there’s this too...
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