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  1. That was actually a standing BFC order, I recall, during the scenario making process. Nobody in the developed nations should be below 'regulars'. Though perhaps the 2007 timeframe CMSF2 Germans might qualify for 'green' with their spotty training and low enthusiasm for foreign adventures. Post-Ukraine invasion Germany would have picked up the training pace a bit. US Airborne in Normandy was highly trained to the point of 'fanatic' but had never fired a shot in anger. They suffered so horrendously in Normandy that they were pretty much rendered 'combat ineffective' as a force and were withdrawn to be rebuilt. 'Fanatic' in CM has its downside. Instead of bugging-out of a tight situation to fight another day they're liable to stand their ground and die in place. Training and experience levels can be mix-and-match. I just built a scenario for (redacted) with the (redacted) side healthy, high morale and 'green' while their opponents were weakened, low morale veterans with ammo shortage issues. A lot of uncons in recent wars are veterans of other conflicts turned mercenary, or perhaps had had at least gone through their term of service as a draftee when young. Most of the ISIS fighter killed in the liberation of Mosel were said to be Russian.
  2. Yeh, for Beta testers (who do a LOT of installing and patching) wonky text is a surefire indicator that you've either got one too few or one too many .brz files in your Data folder
  3. Also each soldier has a weight limit. Sometimes he won't pick up a valuable weapon because he can't pick up a valuable weapon. This pops up sometimes when you're 'acquiring' out a of a vehicle too. You load up on ammo first then find you can't acquire the weapon because it'll take you over the weight limit.
  4. He seems to be talking about the guns showing up properly in the weapons list for fire support. He just doesn't have anyone who can call in a mission.
  5. I've had a problem with out-of-contact on-map mortars where the problem was the mortars didn't have a nearby radio. If you have a HQ unit with a radio try parking him close to see if they start using his radio. Or maybe a Jeep/Kubelwagen w radio out of the HQ section.
  6. 'US arming ISIS' was a straight-up Kremlin disinformation planted story that was eagerly taken up by right wing media. Its credibility from the outset was on par with 'Obama founded ISIS' or 'Hillary was Muslim Brotherhood mole'.
  7. It was 'user error' to place your infantry so close to the tank. If the tank explodes (as they are often wont to do in the game) the infantry will at the very least be suppressed or rattled, or as likely panicked and wounded. Infantry considered tanks to be artillery/mortar magnets and did not like having them close by. This isn't a game mechanics bug, its you being punished for making a tactical mistake.
  8. A word of caution about online normal/bump map tutorials. Mostly, their instructions are good if you're doing stone textures or dragon scales. But they're inadequate if you're doing raised rivets, bolts and ridges. Then you gotta forget about the original art and create your own art to raise and lower just what you want. See attached, one of the tires in CMBS. The stuff I wanted raised is lighter, the stuff I wanted lowered is darker, and the superfluous detail on the original art I don't worry about.
  9. MOST knockout channels in the game need to be 100% black & white with no anti-aliasing or feathering along the edges. One grey pixel is enough to cause the whole texture to disappear in-game. There are some exceptions to that rule like tree foliage and grass which can handle 'soft' edged between the black and white. Back-in-the-day the game used to handle windshield transparency with a % of grey knockout channel but it was causing more problem than it was worth and that was abandoned in favor of assigning the transparency value on the model itself.
  10. I recall during one of the gulf wars (I forget which) a story of a Bradley putting 25mm rounds into the rear of an Abrams and knocking it out. Former NFL player Pat Tillman died from friendly fire when his platoon's .50 cal gunner area fired onto Tillman's position. Modern day firepower seems to be at odds with the concept of having troops forward as a screen for you armor because most-everything you fire these days would rain flying sabot petals down on them. In the game friendly fire casualties are 'designed-in' to night battles. Its been a long time since I've played a night battle so my memory's a bit hazy.
  11. In winter in other titles you get an 'appearance' choice between 'greatcoat' or 'winter' uniforms in the editor. CMRT will be following the same practice. Russian greatcoats have shoulder boards so rank and arm of service are differentiated. The padded winter uniform doesn't which makes texturing them easier. The game has a third option, for fall and spring I think, of standard Russian uniform but with a rolled-up greatcoat draped across the body (often mistakenly called bed rolls).
  12. I have a vague (and probably faulty) recollection of WWII US instructions to dismount infantry from trucks perhaps 1600 meters from the forward line of contact, and dismount infantry from half tracks at half that. Whatever the real numbers were, it boils down to dismounting your troops while still outside effective hmg weapons range. This of course assumes you know where the forward line of contact is. Which means scouting come first, then after you've located the enemy you'll probably discover you're already too close (on a CM-size map) to be moving in column, anyway.
  13. I rarely play the game above 'Warrior' level due to the big hit you take to call-in times when you play 'Elite' and 'Iron'. I'd happily play Iron if all the scenarios were twice as long and I could afford to sit and wait for my artillery to show up.
  14. The reference I saw was explicitly about 7.62 steel core rounds piercing BRT-70 and BMP-1. Stryker needed expensive ceramic armor tiles (a whopping 52mm RHA equivalent) to reach the protection level where it could defeat DShK rounds from 50mm. Actually, the supplier had goofed on the specs on the first batch of Mexas tiles and the Strylers deployed under-armored. Technicians had to be rushed to Kuwait to install an extra 3mm soft steel backing plate to each ceramic tile before they were up to code.
  15. I recall reading that American TD forces in Italy got M18 hellcat to replace their old M10s and some units hated them so much that they converted back to M10s again. Hellcat had 13mm side armor, M0 had 20-25mm side armor and it made aaaaaaaall the difference when facing mg fire.
  16. I'm just relating Ukrainian anecdotes I read on the web. Lets remember the Russians applied applique armor to their BMP-2 sides in the mid-80s because protection from small arms fire was inadequate.
  17. If it works it works. Apparently Ukraine loves their 1983-vintage British Saxon troop transports. A vehicle that can reliably stop a 7.62 steel core bullet, something they couldn't say about their BMPs and BTR-70s.
  18. If BFC abruptly bulks-up on staff it'll be for something remunerative like a Marine Corps training contract or a 'My Little Pony' iphone rollplay game for Japanese schoolgirls.
  19. Being greedy is liable to get you killed. There's no guarantee the increased overhead from expansion will be offset by sufficiently higher sales. Admittedly maybe it will be high enough, but if you guess wrong you've just killed your company. Let's remember Kurt Schilling (shudder) losing a whopping 75 million loaned to him from Rhode Island and 50 million of his own money on '38 Studios'. BFC is not about to follow Kurt's example and rent 30,000 sq ft of downtown office space an time soon.... that I'm aware of Plus they did hire additional staff recently, anyway. BFCElvis, with his CM hat perched on his noddle, as been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger these days.
  20. Deliberately grey is postwar. During the war it was a wide variation of browns.
  21. It would only be cosmetic but you can copy the M4 MDR model files out of the 'shock force v200b' BRZ folder, rename them the name for the M16 model and drop them into your mods folder. don't touch the bmp art files. It'll still act like an M16 but it won't look like one.
  22. Best advice is you rez-explode the BRZ 'shock force 200a' and go looking for the uniforms, see if the uniforms are named and laid-out the same as your mod. I'm finding something named "smod_british_uniform_dpm-soldier.bmp". CMSF2 is using different soldier models than CMSF1.
  23. I remember it was first introduced in CM:Afghanistan. I didn't think the festure made it into CMBS or CMSF2 until a BMP infantryman tagged me just like that.
  24. Hey, its an actual Sherman and not a Canadian Grizzly!
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