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  1. The only thing worse than 1940s Nazis is a present day Nazi. One might argue the populace 80 years ago were naïf about just what sort of monsters they were supporting. You can't make that argument now.
  2. Ruined wall are 'walls' in the editor, like low stone and tall brick walls, hedges and bocage and are assembled the same way
  3. Its been modeled & textured. Steve just has to get around to dropping them in.
  4. Not VW but Opel Kadet. A much more influential design than VW ever was. Here's a pict of one in Berlin.
  5. First, damp ground inhibits kicked-up dust when firing your cannon and traveling a dirt road, with associated spotting benefits. I'm pretty sure it increases the chance of bogging too. On wet ground I try hopping from hard/rocky terrain to hard/rocky terrain rather than moving across big stretches of grass and plowed fields.
  6. About the no-hat Volkssturn. Its just because Steve hasn't dropped in the hat coding for 'em yet. There's a lovely selection though, soft caps, baker boy hats, fedoras. Russian Partisans get their own selection of hats too.
  7. Net neutrality was killed recently. Its a fair guess whose going to get priority treatment and who isn't when internet resources are involved.
  8. Speculating. I think a BMP without its infantry is just the driver and gunner. So the commander's AWOL. I recall a discussion about that a long time ago. Its a flaw in the old Soviet crewing system. Someone's probably going to show up and correct me, but that's my recollection.
  9. I think you meant the Ford GPA. I have an account of a guy who literally drove an amphibious Jeep around the world. An epic adventure. The sad part was the planned endpoint was the factory where the vehicle was built. He couldn't get any executives to come out and so much as take a look because they considered the GPA to be a 'failure' and refused to acknowledge its existence.
  10. Not just in the coming module but they don't show up until April for Berlin-only fighting. So its a VERY late war addition.
  11. Internet sources are confusing. Apparently in summer the 'bedroll' was a large rain poncho(?). In winter its the greatcoat.
  12. Oh, Soviet greatcoats are in the game too. Not just greatcoats but also a version of standard dress with the folded up greatcoat draped across the body (often incorrectly called a 'bedroll') So there's lots of variety.
  13. Awhile ago I stumbled across an account of this, or perhaps it was of similar American tests, I forget which. The upshot was (to the best of my recollection) the Faust's contact fuse would fail to detonate as the impact was absorbed by the mesh screen. I want to say it worked 50% of the time but my recollection is on really shaky ground here. There are other reports that claim the stand-off distance from the hull was enough to weaken the shape charge's ability to penetrate. Anyway, the 'bedsprings' on the T-34-85 in the game is more than just eye candy.
  14. At minute 2:53 there's a glimpse of a M17 AA halftrack in Russian service along with a whitewashed Sherman 76. A nice preview of the module At minute 13:19 there's a clip of post-War ISUs on parade with DsHK hmg on the roof. Using the hmg for scale, its surprising just how SMALL ISU is! It may not look it, but its a remarkably compact vehicle. Much like the Churchill which 'looks' a lot bigger than it is.
  15. A split-off sharpshooter with a second person wouldn't be a 'sniper team'. It would just be an oddly split infantry squad with half a chance of no one carrying binoculars. Just a guess, I'm assuming the second infantryman would have no inhibitions about opening fire at range when he spots any enemy. A sniper team out of company HQ would probably be operating under different behavior rules.
  16. As a general rule, when a new CM product is issued the others titles will get an upgrade patch to keep all of the games current with each other. Most often, they'll take the opportunity to play catch-up on any outstanding issues.
  17. I'm reminded of Belton 'Death Traps' Cooper who had the tendency to use the term 'Christie suspension' indiscriminately.
  18. An unexpected (short term) benefit of the situation is a number of the Beta testers and scenario designers find themselves stuck at home with nothing to do - except work on the module.
  19. You're witnessing Beta work in progress. Compare that SU-100 to the posted pict at the beginning. The commander is now properly positioned!
  20. Just knowing how Battlefront works, I expect they were waiting for Fire and Rubble module to wrap up then they'll do across-the-board game engine updates, picking up R2V bugs along the way. It possibly would'a happened by now except they got distracted by *other work* lately.
  21. Article 5 is a rather 'slippery slope' as neither Iraq nor the Taliban were involved in 9-11. I guess we're lucky Cheney didn't decide to invade the Netherlands as they are considered 'nuclear capable' and pose a direct (theoretical) threat to shipping through the English Channel.
  22. This topic comes up on occasion in CMRT. Posters who think the Germans should be adjusted to be supermen/rabble while Russians should be rabble/supermen. BFC says they don't use embedded 'national modifiers'. What they do represent is the inefficiencies of command and control structure (Cold War Soviet-style in CMSF2) and oddities of force arrangement (compare the small Brit infantry section to a huge Marine squad). Not to mention weapons mix and the all-important body armor. The closest thing They've got to 'national modifiers' might be Syrian uncon 'combatants' who are just 'guys with guns' with no logistics support, no chain of command, and no training, no (or few) radios. Basically nothing that makes a cohesive fighting force.
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