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  1. This is how attaching files works for me. but I'm an employee so maybe its different for me.
  2. CM philosophy is more 'historical tactical sim' than 'game' and a lot of effort goes into getting the physics, ballistics, force structure and equipment availability right. Opening up game data to be monkeyed with defeats the whole purpose. If CM were ever to produce that 'Space Lobsters' fantasy game they've joke about opening up game data wouldn't be an issue. Whose going to argue about the proper rate of fire of a Martian space blaster?
  3. The fly in the ointment, so to speak, was the Ministry of Defense's unexpected interest in CM, as has been mentioned elsewhere. That's workproduct that y'all will never see in detail and nobody's going to talk about but it shouldn't be a surprise that a few of us were kept pretty busy for awhile doing stuff that wasn't Fire and Rubble. BFC has the luxury of telling the discussion board "It'll be finished when its finished". For government work the proper response is "Deadline? Yes SIR! We'll do it SIR!" Fire and Rubble has been very close to being done for a very long time but BFC has been tied up with too much good fortune lately.
  4. About tanks sitting and taking it. In my experience, oftentimes tanks will freak and back away when targeted (or lased in CMBS) and pop smoke if they got it. Admittedly, I don't play King Tigers & Panthers very often. T34s, Shermans, M10s (and Valentines ) aren't particularly fond of sitting and waiting to be holed. Especially when they know they're not liable to KO the opponent.
  5. I'm reminded of 17 pounder and 6 pounder APDS rounds. In the real world either the round was accurate or it REALLY wasn't, all having to do with how the core and sabot separated. Ideally, in CM titles the occasional round would just go crazy, fly off at an odd angle. But I suspect players would REALLY REALLY hate that happening. There's a bit of 'be careful what you wish for' in this debate. If all of a sudden Stuarts are KOing all the PzIVs with turret front hits all the time, or the round's you're firing on a stationary target aren't hitting anything half the time, someone's going to get frustrated.
  6. I've said before if you base your tactics on the assumption that the enemy is not going to spot you, is going to be slow to respond, and is going to miss when he shoots at you its not the game's fault if your tactics fail. I'm reminded of those action movies where the hero comes charging in with a pistol in each hand shooting down all bad guys as the bullets wiz past. An alternate (and more likely) scene is the hero comes charging and the first bullet kills him. So maybe he should'a come up with a more viable plan.
  7. CMFB needs a big end-of-war module that includes Brits, crossing the Rhine and the Ruhr pocket. CMBS needs a module too, I think with Marines (from both sides) and whatever else they want to include. CMRT's almost all wrapped up and CMFI module of course was their last big release. Not to mention (literally not to mention) the government work we're not supposed to mention
  8. From my experience vehicle crews FREAK when they're getting penetrations and can't locate the source, much worse than getting penetrations from a known unit they can take measures against.
  9. I think they had something like that for CMx1 (which I haven't touched in more than a decade) but that game engine units were a lot of abstractions centered around a single point. Field of view graphics would be a complex thing in CM. A tank includes the field of view of each member of the crew and it changes dynamically (if the loader's loading instead of spotting for instance). I recall there was a bug in the Beta involving a Tiger I were spotting didn't feel quite right. It turned out the invisible commander in the buttoned-up tank was sitting sideways in his seat so wasn't looking out his forward vision block! For infantry you've got a 7-13 man squad, each with his own LOS. If one man is up on one knee the squad has LOS, if he's prone it doesn't. If they're in short grass they do, in tall grass they don't. And if that guy on one knee has line-of-sight that doesn't mean anyone has line-of-fire. If a member of the squad isn't facing to the rear on lookout they can be jumped from behind. This is awfully complex stuff to put into a graphical representation.
  10. Don't ask your troops to do anything you wouldn't do in real life. Would YOU charge across an open field into the teeth of a machine gun? I doubt it. 3/4 of gameplay is the terrain. Basing your strategy on the assumption that the enemy is going to be blind and slow to react is a losing strategy.
  11. I have my *fantasy* druthers too. I'd like to see a proper Vietnam title, myself (I tip my hat to 37mm's mega-mod pack). Though 45 years after the conflict its still a touchy subject in some circles. Plus the common soldier model isn't particularly Asian looking, at least not in the 60s-70s timeframe. These days the CM model would fit the tall lanky Park Bo-gum or Gong Yoo just fine.
  12. I would advise rez-exploding the BRZ with the vehicles in it an seeing what's in there for art for a particular vehicle. A hull bmp might include a version tagged [muddy] to show mud stains in muddy ground conditions. So you nee to include a [muddy] tagged version of the art too. Or if a plain vehicle shows up in Sicily there might be a camouflaged version tagged [mainland]. Its not that complicated. Just check what art is in the btrz then make sure your mod has all its bases covered for overwriting it.
  13. It took some searching but the in-game silhous for the G41 are named Gewehr-41 green.bmp and Gewehr-41 yellow.bmp
  14. With buddy aid you'll see priority weapons picked up if the aid giver hasn't exceeded his weight limit. That sometimes makes for novel weapons mixes, like CMSF2 unarmed spies carrying machine guns. Buddy aid isn't just a benefit, it's also a game penalty. If you get one of your men wounded your firepower will be further reduced with someone needing to perform triage. I recall back in the early 80s the US was designing weapons specifically meant to maim instead of kill (flechette rounds, toe popper mines etc) under the theory that it'll take more than just the wounded out of the firefight. Those got banned by international convention.
  15. The so called 'running towards the enemy' issue seems to be to be linked to an old user request to have pixeltruppen evade incoming mortars. Which caused another problem which got fixed but then this popped up afterward. If you make a subtle fix to one issue you need to sit on it to see if unwanted behaviors appear elsewhere. BFC had fixed the bocage thing awhile ago then sat on it. And sure enough, something else popped up as a result which needed its own fix. BFC's intention to keep all title game engines up to the same standard has the effect of slowing down fixing of issues in individual titles. Back-in-the-day it was the 'wild west' with game patches and it was a struggle to reconcile the increasing number of titles.
  16. It might be better to focus on what to NOT do because CM is happy on most-everything except for a few 'bad apples'. What seems to come up most often is laptops defaulting to the wrong graphics card or overzealous security protocols. Just recently I ran an exe to hunt for malware and it automatically deleted my Photoshop! YIKES! What the heck was THAT?
  17. In my mind these seem more like a 1942 Stalingrad thing where Russians were desperate for anything to use as defense. 1945 with the Russians on the offensive, its a bit awkward to carry around stockpiles of vodka bottles filled with petrol. BFC had an internal discussion about petrol bombs way back in CMRT basegame. I can't recall the details but the result was no petrol bombs in CMRT.
  18. I recall specific bridge weight limits were a thing in the WWII titles especially when Tigers are involved. There's so few bridges on CMSF2 desert maps that I don't have much bridge crossing experience with that title. Bridges may be like houses in that if there's a bug/glitch in the model that gets fixed the scenario maker needs to go in, delete the old bridge/building and replace it or the old bug/glitch will remain 'baked into' the scenario.
  19. Ah! That Marine close combat manual looks just like a CM tutorial! The longer a unit stays hunkered down at a location the more difficult he is to spot. So get to your overwatch spot early, lay there and hide for a bit until you become part of the scenery, then start observing. It should be mentioned once you start firing your location's going to be known so initial 'stealth' will only get you so far.
  20. A few years ago a suggestion about WWI would have been met with a decisive NO! Because the CM game engine leans heavily on mechanized armor-heavy warfare and that theater all but discards it. But lately they've become more confident with their depiction of old-school infantry fighting. If they don't choose WWI per se they might not be averse to an equivalent theater of operations. Howzabout the Franco-Prussian war of 1870? Europe learns lessons in modern warfighting from having watched the carnage of the American Civil War. BFC 'fixed' Normandy awhile ago. But its no simple task to assemble an across-all-titles game engine patch. Also lets recall we're kind'a in the middle of a global pandemic with a lot of business entities working skeleton staffs, working from home or entirely suspended. When you phone to ask a site to host your patch is there going to be anyone around to answer the phone? Or if they are around will they be staffed for timely troubleshooting of problems once people start downloading?
  21. There are three Volkssturn uniform types in the module, the greatcoat (seen in the DAR), civilian and military. Civilian uniforms don't go about NCO, any higher rank gets the military uniform. Officer greatcoats are military style with the rank on the collar. Only the senior officer gets a belt because he's carrying a sidearm. Everyone else is entirely free of gear, rather like CMSF2 'combatants', only able to carry as much ammo as they can stuff into their pockets.
  22. The bulk of the processing in CM is accurate real world ballistics math, insanely complex armor penetration models and LOS/LOF calculations covering every spot on the maps. Something few games attempt. CM has a 'sweet spot' where gameplay flies with the right size forces fighting on the right size map. If you're a little too ambitious it can result in a LOT more calculations. As map sizes grow linearly the necessary calculations grow exponentially. I just looked up Metro Exodus on Youtube. Hmmm, it seems like a simple FPS shooter game. Pretty graphics but not much going on 'under the hood'.
  23. Its been joked before that CM players would have made excellent WWI French generals, considering how cheaply they value their own men's lives.
  24. I looked on my bookshelf and located a (very dusty) copy of 'the Offensive' by AA Sidorenko (1970), a US Government Printing Office translation from the original Russian. It highlighted severe difficulties with defense and attack in the nuclear age. Namely the need for BOTH sides to remain dispersed in order to not be wiped out en mass from a single nuclear strike. And the need to locate and eliminate the opponent's in-theater nuclear assets in a timely manner. An old joke of mine (mentioned earlier in this thread) was Russia's idea of 'tactics' involves moving forward over the charred corpses of their enemies. In the event of an invasion of Western Europe that was literally their plan. The book was mostly familiar stuff about forcing river crossings and aggressively following up on a breakthrough but with the added concept of tactical nuclear strikes beyond the hills in front of them paving the way so they won't have to overwhelm local defenses with massed armor. Its a depressing read. NATO at one time possessed seven THOUSAND in-theater tactical nuclear weapons. The mind boggles. Once Germany was allowed to rearm (last of the restrictions only ended in 1984) NATO started to feel more confident and, eventually, switched over to what it called 'Flexible Response'. Basically they told the Russians 'We think we can defeat you conventionally so we promise to not be the first in the conflict to pull the nuclear trigger.' with intimations that first use of WMD would bring a swift 'disproportionate response'. That had the effect of turning a theoretical western Europe battlefield back into a WWII style 'clash of titans' again. By that theory there's at brief window of time between the apocalyptic 'tripwire' defense and the Berlin wall falling where doing a CM-style cold war conflict wouldn't be too too absurd. I can't imagine what the backstory would be, though. There's no reason for Russia to try to take Paris. Its more plausible they'd claim the state of Holstein for Easy Germany in an effort to turn the Baltic into a Soviet lake, much the same way they more recently tried (and failed) to capture by coup de main the Ukrainian coast along of the sea of Azov for its railway links to Crimea.
  25. I just looked it up. The muzzle hit to 'Fireball' caused the chambered round to cook off and as a result the barrel swelled at the midpoint. So the gun was toast. Page 18, Hunnicutt's 'Pershing'. I've got the 1996 Feist recreation of that book. The original plates for 1971 Presidio Press book had been destroyed in a fire so Feist had to painstakingly recreate the book from an existing copy.
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