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  1. Oh yeh, scenario designers are known for fine-tuning the scenario times for just the moment they want when the sun breaks over the horizon (see CMSF2 Abus susah). Originally the default time in the scenario editor was 9am. But when they started work on CMFB they found 9am mid-winter northern Europe was still kind'a dark! So the default time got moved up to 11am. The winter sun is soooo low in the sky in CMFB.
  2. I had a coworker long ago who, every time he went hunting up in Alaska, would end his visit by giving the old car a shotgun blast in a different place. It was none the worse for it, though he did get stopped by inquisitive traffic police an awful lot.
  3. I've been playing a lot of CMRT recently (back after a long absence). The PPsh smg spits out lead like a minigun revolver cannon! Its spectacular and devastating for close-in combat. But things go quiet pretty quick as your unit runs itself out of ammo. If you're lucky a couple guys are carrying the lower ROF PPS-43 and still have some ammo left. On the topic of anachronistic weapon carrying, don't get me started on that two-handed "Ive had police training" firing pose for handguns in WWII films. It doesn't happen often, surprisingly enough. I think because as cool as spec-ops 'combat pose' is in film its the 'Dirty Harry' one handed pose that's still considered the coolest.
  4. I recall that star constellations were accurate back when CMSF1 first showed up but I didn't know they had kept that going all these years. So that's really cool. Not one hour ago I was doing an internet search of lunar phases for 1944 in order to decide on which moonless night I want to set a certain battle in.
  5. A 50 round burst from a 1200 rpm weapon would basically be a 2.5 second burp. Which would be followed by a pause to swap out barrels, which would then quickly cause the problem of needing another barrel swap before the first barrel's had a chance to cool down. The M1917 water-cooled Browning had half the ROF (a long 5 seconds to fire 50 rounds) but could theoretically spit out lead all day long. MG42 was not designed as an area suppression weapon. its design philosophy was more of a point saturation weapon.
  6. The Bulge vehicles make extensive use of the [muddy] tag. Which means on certain terrain in certain weather conditions the hullsides, wheels and tracks get caked with mud. If you're using a mod that doesn't include [muddy] tagged art the game will use the default tagged art. The easiest workaround is to make a copy of the mod's hull & wheels and add [muddy] to the name.
  7. WWII infantry aren't carrying 40 pounds of body armor and running through extreme desert heat. So there's less of a penalty for running your men here and there. CMSF2 infantry on a hot day are likely to quickly tire to the point of exhaustion. Then they won't have the mojo to do what needs to be done when the firing starts.
  8. I believe the 76mm Shermans arrive late war with the Rome to Victory bundle. M4A1 76mm Sherman for Commonwealth and two different M4A3 76mm Shermans for the Yanks. Brits refused to accept 76mm Sherman for northwest Europe but they used them in Italy. I recall there was an earlier problem with a ghost Churchill variant showing up in the QB list when it shouldn't be available for selection until R2V arrive. Perhaps we have another 'ghost vehicle' waiting for the module
  9. You want to be able to edit the game's commands. Wow. Just Wow.
  10. I usually say there's two types of CM players but there's really three. First there's the 'play-to-win' personality type where winning is everything. Then there's the 'enjoy the movie' personality type whose in it for the emersion. But I overlooked a third - the 'play-to-learn' CM player. Used properly, CM is an excellent tutorial in basic combat tactics. The British MoD didn't get in touch with BFC just because they like the pretty pictures.
  11. Complaining that a historical sim is too historical is a non-starter, its like complaining that the chicken sandwich you bought contains chicken. An often-repeated joke of mine is someday BFC will give all this up and move to where the real money is - making My Little Pony roleplay iphone games for Japanese schoolgirls. Historical tactical sims is BFC's passion. If their games aren't that why would they be doing this at all? I think its a bit ironic that first there's the suggestion to compile a single mega game, and at the same time wondering why the TO&E is so complex. A 50 gig $700 title spanning 3/4 of a century wouldn't require a complex TO&E?
  12. I get the feeling that some players have never built their own scenario. The scenario editor is not set up like QB. There's no points totals, no force restrictions. If you want a scenario that's just jeeps and battleship heavy artillery you can make a scenario with just jeeps and battleship heavy artillery. Also I sincerely doubt a single unified 50 gig $700 title would be a particularly big seller,
  13. I had to look up Mius to know what you're referencing. That looks something like 'Theatre of War' which was one of the games BFC offered back late 2010. I'm perfectly okay with someone telling me "You don't know what you're talking about, its nothing like that!" ...because I don't know what I'm talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvMJpAaFk4c
  14. BFC is not a 'game', its a dedicated historical tactical sim. They'd no more let you mix-and-match forces than they'd include light sabers among the weaponry. As to the minutia, when your weapon's range and accuracy, the number of rounds loaded or it is ability to pierce walls is affected the 'minutia' can make all the difference. A PM Makarov pistol is not a Browning/is not a Webley/is not a 9mm Walther. French officers (and bailed tankers) either get the M1892 revolver or the M1935A automatic.
  15. QB has the obvious limitation that the map designer has no control over what forces get selected. Are you creating AI movement orders for an infantry platoon or a tank company? That's why properly made scenarios (or human v human battles) are superior. But sometimes just for fun 'good enough' is still plenty good for your purposes. When people play the *most obvious* side in a scenario they're often missing the AI performing at its best. With scenario 'X', you're obviously meant to play allied attacker against the German defenders. But the German AI involves sitting there waiting. If you instead were to play German defender you're likely to see the scenario designer doing heroic work getting the AI-controlled allies to stage a respectable assault (results may vary depending on the scenario). I recently joked its ironic that the most difficult part of scenario design is the stuff that the player is least likely to see.
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