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  1. The 'reason' and the 'rationale' are two different things
  2. Is does have BM-21 artillery rockets on the Syrian side, which rarely gets used but its mighty impressive when they do . Interestingly, artillery rockets were purposefully left out of CMBS. I think their rationale was the weapon isn't meant for use along the line of contact but for use against follow-on forces and rear area artillery assets.
  3. Yeh, I've also read about the reduction of 'fortress Poznan' a couple months earlier that involved direct fire on fortified buildings by heavy artillery. The Russian technique for taking fortified buildings was systematized during the Poznan battles
  4. You wouldn't BELIEVE the things I know that I'm no allowed to say! About a CMRT vehicle pack adding out-of-timeframe vehicles, that's not really how BFC flies. They make painstakingly researched historical tactical sims, not World of Tanks. Eastern Front 1945 doesn't resemble eastern front 1942 at all. I gasped when Steve added PzIII to the module but that was specifically for the northern Baltic region where they were still in use 'til war's end. They even refused to include Panther D model because its 1945, not 1943.
  5. Yes, Germans are getting M-44 uniforms. Volkssturm are using a really weird assortment of captured weapons. Germans even started making their own version of the British Sten smg, which is a really funky addition. The game's all caught up on PzIV types. Steve even added 'legacy' PzIII types because he's crazy. I think an additional 7-8 vehicle types got added to the original vehicle list (much to my surprise 'cause I'm the one who has to texture them).The closest you've got to KV in the game is the SU-152 which uses KV-1S chassis. CMRT basegame almost got KV-1S. They had the model all made. But nope, it fell outside the scope and timeframe so it was out.
  6. I bet a lot of players who complain about LOS tend to play from a high camera elevation (a common practice). When you're down in the weeds at level 1 virtually looking over the soldier's shoulder its often a case of 'Oh, I see why this is happening.' There have been multiple posts were a player seems to be relying too heavily on the opponent being slow, blind, and incompetent and is greatly disappointed when their strategy doesn't go according to plan. Granted, in CMSF2 that often works, or in CMRT playing against green buttoned-up T-34-76s.
  7. Sturmtiger was in the module but got pulled because it hadn't participated in any fighting (bombing civilians in Warsaw excepted). The western front's another matter. It seems 'big bang' stuff does only see limited use because it has the annoying habit of ending gameplay before the fun starts. On the eastern front every scenario could start with a virtual rain of artillery rockets. But moving forward over the charred corpses of your enemy is not exactly 'tactical warfighting'. German mg nests contending with ISU-152 close infantry support is bad enough.
  8. The only thing worse than 1940s Nazis is a present day Nazi. One might argue the populace 80 years ago were naïf about just what sort of monsters they were supporting. You can't make that argument now.
  9. Ruined wall are 'walls' in the editor, like low stone and tall brick walls, hedges and bocage and are assembled the same way
  10. Its been modeled & textured. Steve just has to get around to dropping them in.
  11. Not VW but Opel Kadet. A much more influential design than VW ever was. Here's a pict of one in Berlin.
  12. First, damp ground inhibits kicked-up dust when firing your cannon and traveling a dirt road, with associated spotting benefits. I'm pretty sure it increases the chance of bogging too. On wet ground I try hopping from hard/rocky terrain to hard/rocky terrain rather than moving across big stretches of grass and plowed fields.
  13. A preview of the Volkssturm hats
  14. About the no-hat Volkssturn. Its just because Steve hasn't dropped in the hat coding for 'em yet. There's a lovely selection though, soft caps, baker boy hats, fedoras. Russian Partisans get their own selection of hats too.
  15. Net neutrality was killed recently. Its a fair guess whose going to get priority treatment and who isn't when internet resources are involved.
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