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  1. If you've done CM WWII you're 85% good to go. You'll find playing with anti tank missiles much more fun than anti tank guns. I suggest going on Youtube and watching Usually Hapless's tutorials on his channel. He'll explain what you've got and what they do.
  2. CMx2 s a mature game engine. There's actually not much tracking down of 'bugs' these days. For the latest patch testers were told to report all remaining outstanding issues so they can get them fixed in one go. So a missing IU silhouette was fixed here, a funky vehicle model was fixed there. Some issues were debated whether they're 'bugs' or just differences of opinion. I've been using that old aphorism 'Man proposes but God disposes', which means we diligently report stuff to Charles but if Charles doesn't see it as a bug its not a bug.
  3. The British also appear to be getting out of tank warfare. Is it coincidental that MoD contracted with Battlefront & Slitherine then shortly after concluded that tanks were problematic facing modern technology? I recall reading a stat about the Iraq war (that I'm probably going to butcher). In-theater repair depots (by 2016?) had rebuilt a thousand Abrams MBTs that had sustained significant battle damage. Some vehicles going back 4 or 5 times. One Abrams, in a heroic effort, was famously welded back together after being cracked in half. A tank basically had to be totally burned-out b
  4. I remember hearing in the days leading up to the offensive to liberate Kuwait infantry platoon leaders on the front line were told to expect casualties. I can't recall the number, it was somewhere above 20% and below 40%. The upshot was they were expecting to take far higher casualties than they actually took. Low casualty numbers usually have been calculated as a percentage of the overall force. For the poor platoon that got caught in the open their casualty rate was 90%.
  5. Its been a long time since I tested it out but I believe US precision munitions in the game target the GPS coordinates under the tank. So if the tank shifts locations at an inopportune time the incoming shell will target where the tank was. Russian precision rounds are laser guided. The spotter will track the moving target until the shell hits. I expect to be proven wrong on this, i haven't looked closely at this feature in years 😥
  6. You can almost track what game is processing by the pauses in the progress bar. At this point I bet its tabulating the map LOS action squares, at that point I guess its importing and placing the units. Because scenario with a huge map slows down here, scenarios with a lot of forces slows down there. During Beta testing if a scenario crashes at startup we often report 'It crashed a 79% on the progress bar', which gives an indication what the game was struggling with.
  7. I recall back in CMSF1 days I was putting together a dusk scenario. As the game progressed it would get darker and darker, then it suddenly got brighter again! I was perplexed by this until someone pointed out I had inadvertently timed the scenario to correspond with moonrise. Yes, the moon cresting the hills just after sunset made the map brighter again.
  8. I notice this is being considered from the Blue perspective. Playing Syrians or 'Fighters' you might see 40%+ casualties as acceptable if you're able to deliver a sufficiently stunning blow to the invader. I recall an old anecdote (that I'm about to butcher). Two military professionals meet at a conference after the Vietnam war and get into a debate. At one point the American exclaimed "We never lost a battle!' to which his Vietnamese counterpart replied 'But that's beside the point.' (or word to that effect).
  9. Whenever I make a scenario the allotted times tend to get longer and longer as I work on it (as do the map dimensions). Scenario designers butt up against an unavoidable issue, though. That's the units running themselves out of ammo before the scenario's over. Most of my recent scenario making has been for CMRT. Russian SMG squads burn through ammo like there's no tomorrow (and Volkssturm don't come with much ammo to begin with). You can't have a SMG squad on the map for 2 1/2 hours going from engagement to engagement. Another issue is 'cheating' by doing nothing. If you're facing an acti
  10. There's a fancy name for it... 'Integrated battlefield' I think. In theory each unit would have as much battlefield info on their PDA as a CM player viewing the map from camera level 3 in God mode. 😉
  11. I'm reminded of a comment out of Ukraine that I read about the troops not much liking American night vision equipment (possibly donated from outdated warfighting stocks). They much preferred the night vision devices got from Belarus, probably from the company Yukon.
  12. I have a feeling Steve left at least one zero out of the $50,000 number, possibly two.
  13. M46. M47, M60 series and M1A1 Abrams have a phone box in the back. They seemed to have forgotten about it for initial production M1 Abrams. I can't recall if there was a phone box on the back of M26 Pershing and I'm too lazy to go look it up. 😉
  14. I've had a jolly time watching Steam-related CMSF2 Youtube videos from payers who make up for their lack of skill by a great deal of enthusiasm.
  15. Hunt prioritizes getting eyeballs on the enemy. Its a dangerous mission but someone's got to do it. I recall an old Patton line after the Cobra breakout (that I'm about to butcher) 'Drive down the road til the enemy shoots you then come back and report their location.' 😲
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