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  1. They're not missing. You just lack the imagination to see them. The tile says 'Indian Army'. It doesn't say Punjabi, Pakistani, Nepalese or Tamil. It just says Indian Army. What region they're from is up to you.
  2. After the years-long Sisyphean task of getting R2V out the door with everything it place Steve said something along the lines of 'never again'. No more laboring to the breaking point just to shoe-horn every esoteric unit under the sun into a title. You want Gurkhas? Use your imagination. Poof, they're now in the game. In CMSF2 you can find scenarios with Lebanese Hezbollah, Druz militia, spec ops units, etc. How did they get into the game? The scenario designer picked some units and announced in the orders text "They're Hezbollah". Its just that easy.
  3. Many years ago I recall reading an article in Military Technology magazine that graded autocannons by the volume of high explosive placed on a target per second. Larger weapons had more individual bang but the smaller caliber weapon with high fire rate actually put more HE onto the target. In CMSF2 there's the little German Wiesel. It looks like a toy tank but the 20mm gun has an insane rate of fire, over a thousand rpm. 25mm Bushmaster cannon on Bradley, in comparison, maxes out at 200 rpm (plus or minus 25 rounds)
  4. I recall in old CMBO when you reached the Bulge battles timeline the SS pixeltruppen would actually shoot surrendered prisoners.
  5. I believe [camou-peas] is an official CM uniform variant. When I search rez-exploded BRZs in CMFI I get lots of [camou peas] tagged uniforms.
  6. If you have a thing for obscure weapons CMFI has them like no other title. Most obscure is the T32 37mm mountain gun. Before I was assigned to texture it I didn't even know such a weapon existed!
  7. This topic has 'Be careful what you wish for' written all over it. In all my years reading poster comments I do not recall any complaints from players that their troops can't take the coward's way out of a sticky situation. We see troops surrendering in-game all the time and I've never seen a problem with the current system.
  8. I have a recollection that when CMFI was first released Steve had 'certain expectations' about sales and was greatly surprised when the game quickly sold out and they needed to rush out additional disks and manuals (ah, the good old days of hard copy disks and manuals). If you missed the title roll-out in 2012 you may have been unaware of the rush of enthusiasm for the product at the time.
  9. Units have varying motivation levels and players tend to prefer playing 'high' motivation or above specifically to keep their units from breaking. When you get up to 'fanatic' a unit will die in place rather than surrender. When you get down to 'poor' motivation it becomes difficult to keep your men from fleeing in panic. There's also experience levels. An 'Elite' unit will not take a big morale hit when under fire while a 'Conscript' unit is likely to cower and break at the first sign of danger. If you play CMSF2 you'll see a fair number of Syrian forces surrendering. Because they're often set at 'green' experience and 'poor' motivation. Play SS units in CMFB and you'll get something else. Because they're often set at 'fanatic' and 'veteran'. Also, in the heat of battle its sometimes just impossible to surrender. We've all seen units throw up their hands in surrender during a battle only to be felled by an HE round impacting the building they're in. Also, if you just gunned down six men in front of your position moments before the enemy would probably be somewhat less likely to honor your white flag.
  10. If you do a similar test in CMSF2 you'll see all the cold war era Russian tanks struggling with spotting and situational awareness issues. Ukraine T64 is an old cold war era tank. Admittedly a refurbished cold war era tank but a cold war era tank nonetheless. In CMSF2 you can do the same test with the German Leopard 2. The older Leopard2A4 has lower situational awareness and spotting ability than the Leopard2A6
  11. Did you perhaps down load the mac install onto a pc?
  12. An easy way to delete movement orders from everything is to select a blank AI orders plan from the list and 'control-C' copy. Then you select the AI orders plan you want to get rid of and 'control-V' paste. It will overwrite the order plan with the blank set you had copied. Much less work than going in and deleting all the group movement orders.
  13. I just performed a test. I took the uniform art file 'smod_french_greatcoat_uniform.bmp' and made a copy named 'smod_french_greatcoat_uniform [ffd].bmp'. Then I altered the untagged uniform art. When I added them to the game the European French soldiers (1st FFD) retain the original greatcoat while the North African French have their own greatcoat texture that can be modded into a djelleba.
  14. I was going to joke that an XO's primary duty is to go visit the closest liberated town and locate suitable 'companionship' for the colonel. I guess I was using the alternate meaning of the word 'liaison'.
  15. I dipped my toe into CMRT again last night and I can't say that my Russian inf was laying down anything approaching a fusillade of fire. Russians didn't get special 'nation-specific' coding, it should be working the same as any other bolt action rifle armed forces. I'm going to have to investigate further. BTW, I do NOT have this issue with smg squads which go through ammo like crap through a goose.
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