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  1. MikeyD

    AFV Show & Tell

    I have a pet theory that the M47 tank turret is basically an Americanized cast Panther Schmalturm turret. I think the design came out in '47, just two years after the allies laid their hands on Panther Schmalturm. I've never seen anyone note the resemblance in a publication but c'mon. you can see it, can't you? Can't you?
  2. There was an article out of Europe a short while ago tracing a measurable drop in IQ in recent years. The data, I think, comes from a country with a universal draft so every adult male takes an IQ test on entering the service. We're all probably affected. I recall taking a holiday after college in England back in 1980. I was attempting to wade through Thucydides 'History of the Peloponnesian War' while on a train to Bovington when an elderly gentleman across from me struck up a conversation. "I say, I remember reading that book back when I was a schoolboy. My little school chums had a saying - "Herodotus reported rumors, Thucycdides reports facts" and he gave a jolly laugh. I stared back at him. Schoolboy? School chums? Heck, he probably read it in the original Greek at age 13!
  3. MikeyD

    Better late than never

    Hahahahahaha!!!!! Yes, I've almost done that so many times, myself. Y'all wouldn't believe the number of deep-dark company secrets I've very nearly accidentally posted to the public board over the years.
  4. MikeyD

    Better late than never

    Here's the new purchase preorder page (upgrading old CMSF1 doesn't get a preorder option). Even if you're not inclined to preorder you can click the module icons and see the game specs and screenshots. https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/
  5. MikeyD

    Urban Combat Training Article

    During the Vietnam war the US saw one third of their helicopter fleet destroyed. Helicopter losses made up half the total US aircraft losses in Vietnam. More than five thousand. In January 2017 the US lost an Osprey to ground fire in Yemen. That aircraft cost seventy million dollars, the equivalent of either fourteen Vietnam era Hueys or eleven(ish) modern Blackhawks. Using transport helicopters along the front of a hot stand-up war is risky (and expensive) business.
  6. I recall Steve said if you've bought a CMSF1 module your game is now officially part of the CM customer database whether you purchased the basegame elsewhere or not. Or words to that effect.
  7. On the BFC store page in the CMSF2 section they list the 'Big Bundle' pre-order (full purchase, not upgrade) at $120 dollars when everything purchased separately would be $165. That sure sounds like a discount to me! https://www.battlefront.com/shock-force-2/
  8. MikeyD

    First Russia, now China?

    Korean TV is like American TV. 85%+ of it is... um... not good. The nice thing about online streaming archives, you can go search a decade or more and pluck out the good series. If you know what to look for. A 2009 series here, a 2014 series there. On the topic of 'now China', there are now big budget highly polished Chinese TV dramas available across Asia now. Looks like the American world hegemony of perpetual 'Friends' reruns is coming to n end.
  9. MikeyD

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    I was actually thinking of the G-41 semi-automatic, but that wasn't 'late war' after all, that was more a mid-war stinker of a rifle design that only saw limited production (if you want to call up to 140,00 units produced 'limited'). The old Mosin-Nagant is actually still in use, I believe. Ukraine was running low on sniper rifles so began modernizing its Mosin Nagant stocks into 7.62x54 precision sharpshooter rifles.
  10. MikeyD

    StG 44 in the upcoming CMRT module

    StG 44 is hardly the most exotic weapon to expect from the CMRT module. There's the (literal) German Sten, the MP 3008 I believe its called (approx. 10,000 made). There's the weird MP 507 which uses the same ammo (and clip?) as the StG 44 that's basically a scaled-up pistol operating system used for a rifle (again, approx. 10,000 made). There's the... um... Ugh! I'm thinking of another late war German rifle but its name is escaping me. Anyway, we're likely do see some pretty funky stuff appearing the closer we get to war's end.
  11. MikeyD

    First Russia, now China?

    Learning Korean alphabet sounds like a temping pastime! I watch so much Korean TV in my spare time that I can already pick out a few works and phrases. Noona, ajusshi, oppa, banmal and jondaemal, kimbap and kimchi, aegyo, ajumma, chaebol, deabak, sunbae and hoobae, hwa-ting (fighting!) and even pojangmacha. Wow, I really DO watch a lot of Korean TV!
  12. MikeyD

    New to Combat Mission

    Second question first. A CD purchase may be necessary if your internet is really really bad or if digital download of full games just isn't your thing. But otherwise, Steve (the boss) has advised in the past to direct download then save a copy to a memory stick in case of emergencies (you can always re-download if something bad happens). Some people still prefer a paper manual and CD because they're traditionalists. As to the first question, there's this thread:
  13. This just popped up on BBC New website tracking the extent of Turkish outposts in Syria. By coincidence, just a three days ago I was reworking the AI orders in a game battle that took place in Jisr al-Shughour
  14. MikeyD

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Steam is a 'parasite' business. It gets between the producer and customer sucks all the profits from the middle.
  15. MikeyD

    CMSF 2 question

    Originally Steve said CMSF2 was going to 'just' be CMSF1 upgraded to the latest game engine. Then 'mission creep' set in. Now all of the art as been swapped out, the TO&E rebuilt from scratch, The scenarios thoroughly updated and beautified, with fresh AI plans put in. There's new on-map mortars, AA missiles, plus AA guns that work. The soldiers have new models and new uniform textures. And let's not forget trenches, fox holes, barbed wire, water, bridges and amphibious capability. Plus something Steve said he wouldn't do - added vehicles! US Army and Marines, Brit and German now have on-map mortar vehicles. Also those 'speculative' Syrian T-72 types from CMSF1 have been rebuilt into verified Syrian T-72 types. And lets not forget the biggest thing of all - the fully function upgraded Quick Battle system with (last count) 243 new maps! So saying its 'just' a game engine upgrade isn't doing it justice.