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  1. In CM game engine 1 there was something termed the 'death clock'. Which means you may know your guy is dead but it takes a few moments for the other guy to realize it so they keep shooting. There's also a difference between gravely wounded (bright red base) and dead-as-a-doornail (dark red base). Though I'd be shocked if BFC coded in war crimes. Were your 'guys' German, Italian or allied? Now that I think of it, back in CMBO SS units weren't above shooting surrendered prisoners.
  2. MikeyD

    Demo Feedback

    I'm sorry, but I just got a big chuckle reading that. My own experience with Syrian tanks is they're usually half-blind! Its been my experience (across all the titles) that relying on 'Maybe they won't see me' as a tactic rarely works. Because they ALWAYS see you. At the MOST inconvenient moment. Every time. Its somewhat related to the "buttered-toast phenomenon" that says if you drop your toast it will land butter side down. If there's a chance of a good outcome and a bad outcome expect the bad outcome.
  3. MikeyD

    Draw distance

    My trick is turning off 'high detail trees' (which appears to just be branches blowing in the wind). I'm not sure what you mean by 'optimal settings', do you mean optimized to get the best framerate or optimized for highest detail? Turning everything up to max often has the opposite effect of what you'd want. Backing things off a bit to 'better' 3-D model quality (for instance) means the graphics card is struggling less and so will be able to render trees further out.
  4. MikeyD

    Canadian Forces Composition

    Interesting factiod about Leopard C2. When Canada found themselves in need of additional tanks they went so far as to pull a number of old Leopard 1s from 'gate guardian' duty, basically oversized lawn ornaments. These were Leopard 1A3s whose welded turrets as been replaced by surplus cast German Leopard 1a5 turrets. For Afghanistan duty a small number received a hefty MEXAS armor upgrade performed by the German firm IBD Deisenroth Engineering. So the C2s in the game are not your typical Leopard C2 but the rare bulked-up fancy version. I didn't realize before now that MEXAS is a German product! I am surprised!
  5. MikeyD

    Canadian Forces Composition

    Leopard 2A4+ is no longer in the game. It got pulled and replaced. What had been in CMSF1 was (mistaken) conjecture. The real world Leopard 2A4M CAN is about 2009-10 timeframe so outside of CMSF2's scope. There's a CMSF strategic map floating around somewhere that shows the Canadian's zone of operation. The Canadian campaign is centered around Tall Tamir and As Hasakah, the far northeast corner of Syria. The area of much ISIS fighting this past year.
  6. MikeyD

    Main page content

    Well, at least they've finally taken down the notice: "New Site coming Soon!"
  7. MikeyD

    Dutch forces information

    Hah, whenever I'm watching a Youtube vid of a battle my hands instinctively go to the keyboard to make game commands. I have to literally sit on my hands to watch a video.
  8. Here's the Turkish G3 rifle in Dutch hands. the model borrowed from CM:Afghanistan and the texture reworked. It replaces the plain Dutch C7A1 (Canadian-made M16)
  9. MikeyD

    New Schmuck in need of advice

    US Army infantry squads in CMBS carry the M4A1 carbine with x4 magnification ACOG sight and a 'full auto' option. In CMSF2 they carry an M4 carbine with x1 magnification sight and no 'full auto', just single shot or 3 round burst. The distinction is subtle but its enough to lower unit effectiveness compared to CMBS. Plus, in CMBS a squad gets a dedicated sharpshooter carrying some serous hardware. In CMSF2 the squad marksman maybe gets assigned an ACOG scope for his M4 if he's lucky. In CMSF2 the 800 pound gorilla in the game is the Marines. Long-barreled M16A4 with x4 ACOG and full auto capability, full 13 man squad. You can feel the firepower difference playing Marines versus Army.
  10. MikeyD

    CMSF irregular thoughts

    I'm reminded of an old comment from the CMBO board, something along the lines of 'newbies tend to play Tigers versus IS-2s while veterans tend to play Italian infantry vs Finns' (or something like that). Its tempting to always include the 'Big Guns' in a fight but the 'Big Guns' tend to skew the results. If a scenario is just Blue guys with gun versus Red guys with guns victory becomes far less certain. Titles like CMBN or CMRT aren't afraid to do infantry-dominant battles. In CMSF you need that same mindset. Not every combat patrol is going to have an M1A2 Abrams acting as close infantry support. Not every Syrian defensive position is going to have a T90 and Kornet ATGM team backing them up.
  11. MikeyD

    Bradly fire power

    Playing CMFB awhile ago I noticed something unexpected. An M16 AA halftrack had run itself out of ammo so I moved it back away from the action. When I returned to it awhile later it had .50 cal ammo again. I never got an explanation of what happened. Was the M16 'borrowing' .50 cal from surrounding vehicles? I can't explain it and never saw a plausible explanation for it.
  12. MikeyD

    Bradly fire power

    I think BFC has a dread of giving the game 'health crystals'. You know, those gamey early computer game power-ups often hidden under waterfalls
  13. MikeyD

    modded buildings cmsf2

    Nope. Or at least, I wouldn't advise it. CM buildings are designed around the base 'action square' grid. If you monkey with building shapes, heights, window placement, etc. something's bound to go wrong. If you want try to swap out modular building .mdr models from the European titles there may be hell to pay with window and door coding, accessible roofs, balconies, etc. You won't break the game if you try. If it doesn't work you can just discard the contents of your mod folder and return to normal. Some other titles have a 'fuel pump' flavor object. You could substitute the model of an underused flavor object with that model. Like rename the borrowed fuel pump model 'rock6.mdr' so when you place rock 6 on a map the fuel pump will appear.
  14. MikeyD

    New Missions?

    The problem with BMPs and LAV-25 is their guns are just too powerful. Your opponent gets sunk from the far side of the map (I know 'cause I tried). You need a gun with a limited range and marginal penetration abilities to make it interesting.
  15. MikeyD

    New Missions?

    Haw haw! I did my 'Dreadnaught' scenario as a joke but I'm having much too much fun playing it. I think I'll expand the map, increase the force size and turn it into a proper 3rd party scenario for upload. The clincher was when I killed a BTR 'battleship' and it slowly sank beneath the waves and disappeared. That was hilarious. The premise is the forces start out of weapons range so must maneuver to close the gap and hold an advantage, just like in old-timey naval warfare.