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  1. The September window has not closed. We just need a couple of things to fall into place for it to happen. A little TO&E tidying up and some stuff with 1 of the campaigns. The stray bug or two have been cleared, I've been told, but one never knows it another is created when one is fixed. I've seen that before. As candid of an update as possible folks. To add a little bit of color to that. It's been a while since I played every standalone battle before something is released. This time I have been able to. Wow. These guys have been doing great work. I played one yesterday and a bug with saving the battle prevented me from finishing it. Something SO cool happened with the AI orders that I i was writing up a note to the scenario designer ( @nik mond) because I saw some moves/adjustments that seemed like only a human opponent could have done them. Before I had a chance to send note I fired the battle up again. Using the knowledge I had gained through the first playthrough I hurriedly tried to play to the point that I stopped before. Big mistake. I hit a different set of AI plans that were equally awesome and it was like playing a completely different battle. My point? I think everyone is really going to enjoy this module. Now we gotta do our jobs and get it into your hands.
  2. Could be a mod problem but most commonly it indicates that something is missing from the installation. Open a Help Desk ticket and include a screenshot of the contents of the game's Data folder and I'll be able to confirm it.
  3. I'm also a little busy trying to figure out how this happened and cursing @Ithikial_AU
  4. I am not the expert on these kinds of things. (akd on the other hand is 🙂 ). I think that I see what you mean with the Staghounds as some have a crew of 3 and some have a crew of 5. All the Daimlers appear to have crews of 3 and I have no idea if they're supposed to have 3 or 4.
  5. Thanks. I will check it out and report it if I see it on my version.
  6. I tend to agree....which is why I loved the picture when I first saw it. I had a similar experience when I played the battle. That thing took a lot of hits before I finally was able to get it to stop killing my men and vehicles. But watch, half the people reading this will get first shot kills when they play it. 🙂
  7. Here's a screenshot that I liked a lot from some testing of a battle for the still hoping for a September release of Rome to Victory module.
  8. Just for fun......what is being said here..... Guess.wav
  9. Good question. We bounced around several ideas because normally there is someone who is a tester or been around for a while that can do French, Italian, Brazilian, etc....voices. My son, he just turned 18, is interested in game design and has used a site for voice over, music, sprite creation and other things recommended a site. We wanted at least 2 voices for some variety. The first guy I got over delivered. I have him a script and he had it back to me the next day. That is 278 individual sound bites. The second guy was a different story....I got him the script on a Sunday...Monday he said it would take a few days. Friday he said he'd have it by Sunday. Sunday he said definitely Monday morning. Monday afternoon he said that he "wasn't comfortable saying the words". Probably lines like "fire your guns", "kill them all" or somefink. I never heard from him again. The third guy said he'd need 3 days. On the 3rd day he delivered all as promised. Ya gotta figure recording 278 individual lines and making 278 individual files has got to be a massive PITA. I think there are 6 variations of things like "reload".
  10. I'll tell you which language I chose if you want.
  11. Have we finally run this thread to it's end? Let's see if we can bet it back on a topic that relates directly to the game, kk?
  12. Right? Ever wonder what the South African voices will sound like? Trevor Noah? Charlize Theron? I guess folks will have to wait to find out. 🙂
  13. Also, the games only have about a 50/50 shot of running on those Intel integrated cards. Right click your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Under 3D Settings (Global) use the drop down menu to set it to run on high performance graphics.
  14. #spolieralert The Indian voices aren't British voices. How do I know? I hired the voice over actors. 🙂 Of course I have to take it on faith that they are saying what the script said as I don't speak the language.......for all I know they could be saying "this Elvis guy ain't too bright, is he?"
  15. Better than hotseat. Simultaneous head to head play. Unlike hotseat where you have to wait for the other player to play their turn while you wait. Both players play at the same time. We have that now....but it doesn't allow you to rewind the movie.
  16. Looks like Ian beat me to asking. Where did you hear that? It certainly wasn't "in game" because I was just doing something with some Brazilian troops and it sure sounded like Portuguese to me. #fakenews
  17. WeGo TCP with rewind. If we had that again I'd never leave the house. 🙂
  18. And what do I preach? "Before posting a new bug make sure someone else hasn't already." Ok....maybe I don't preach that but I do mention it from time to time.......Maybe I should pay closer attention to what I say. 🙂
  19. Wow. Super odd. Even odder that it never came up before. Official bug report filed. Thanks.
  20. Without hopes and dreams we have nothing.
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