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  1. Hhmm...I thought cards were more and more common in all countries....That said, do they sell prepaid cards anywhere near you? I can go to almost any store and purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard for any dollar amount that I want.
  2. When the pre-orders open the complete TO&E will be posted with it. That's usually the point where it is chiseled in stone...even if it hasn't been completed yet. Until then I ain't gonna be the one to confirm or rule out anything. I've been involved in beta testing here for 14 years and have seen things added and pulled from releases for various reasons. So, it's a bad idea (at least from me..... Steve can do what he wants 🙂 ) to comment too directly. What I will say if this throws a hint in any direction, we are 100% looking to avoid the rabbit hole we went down with Rome to Victory. That was a TO&E bear. I hope everyone is digging the results as much as I am. And yes, what you've mentioned above are a part of it but it isn't just the research of those formations. They would then have to be created, have models made etc....actually building them into the game with the information gathered. Ya never know. Never say never.....I think James Bond said that.
  3. Make sure that you let me know it's you. 🙂 @umlaut I just replied to your ticket but figured I'd post here too in case someone else was curious.... The games can be installed anywhere in your system that you want but the Game Files folder absolutely, positively, 100%, no expectations MUST be in Documents. That is the only place that the game "looks" for what is in those folders. So, if the folders aren't there you won't be able to access what is in the folders.....Meaning the only thing you'll be able to do is build maps and scenarios that you won't be able to play.
  4. Outraged? That is the easiest one of them all. I can say with 100% certainty, and without even going back to the 2002 forums, that there were some people who were outraged when CMBB came out. That is like saying water is wet. I don't mean this as a dig at the war gaming community (not limited to these forums but the community at large) because it is my community too and I am just as guilty as anyone. If there is one thing that you can count on....set your watch to...bet the dog and ranch on....it is that someone will be outraged by something when it comes to war games. And that is one of the things that makes the war gaming community so great. The outrage will teach the non-outraged something or highlight to them that being outraged over whatever the issue is is wrong. Or the outrage will prompt a developer to take another look at what they've developed and perhaps make adjustments based on or solidify their decision ......The list of possible positives for the outrage of war gamers is long but the one thing that you can always always always always count on.......there is always outrage over something.
  5. It's in the earliest stages and it is't time to shoot out TO&E things until they're settled on (heck we just added 2 things to Fire and Rubble the other day). I would expect (hope) to see that module before the end of the year. (ps....thanks)
  6. Aside from this conversation being a huge waste of time, ask yourself if there is a difference in your mind between "some" people and a "mob" of people. 😉 Probably a good place to start.
  7. I didn't spend anytime sifting through the thread or the old forum for the rage posts. I barely skimmed the first page of that thread. Anything more than that would have been a massive waste of time for no real purpose. The post you quoted of @MikeyD didn't say anything about rage. It mentioned people not being interested since they didn't see any good guys. A few second scroll found one right away. I probably spent more time writing my reply and clicking copy/paste than I did researching it. And I definitely remember that the overall reaction was positive. But I also remember that as MikeyD said: there were some that weren't even a little happy. And as far as "some beta testers overblow the response to certain things." MikeyD wasn't a beta tester for CMBB and not even a forum member until 5 years after it's release.......Unless he had a different handle back then.
  8. @MikeyD remembers correctly. I had no plan to devote more than a passing minute or 2 to poke around the old forum posts and that's about all the time it took. Skimmed though the 1st page and a 1/4 of the second before I found a "no good guys" post in page 1, thread 3 of the archives.
  9. Once you create a ticket log into the Help Desk (your login information will be in the automatic response when you open it). You can then add a reply and attach files.
  10. If you're playing a saved game from a previous build it is possible that that is the issue. It could also be the something is funky (technical term) with the installation. If other battles play as you'd expect then it's probably the save game. If you want me to check the installation open a Help Desk ticket and attach a screenshot of the contents of the game's Data folder and I'll be able to see right away. This will change. The 2.10 patch is in the patch section of our website. All modules and Packs are now in the base game installers and that is why there is no download that comes with their purchase. They're already installed and just need to be "unlocked". All of the Packs are also built into patches (CMBN 3.11 and 3.12 and CMBS 1.04). The same is try with Rome's content being in the 2.10 patch. Since it is a new module not everyone knew the 2.10 patch was out and so they didn't already have it. It caused some initial confusion (understandably) for some so I added it to a module purchase. I will be turning that off once the initial Rome to Victory release is out for a while figuring that in a few months everyone with CMFI will either have purchased a base game version that has the content or will have installed the 2.10 patch. You don't want to leave it up permanently because if a 2.11 patch comes out it won't be reflected in the link in people's accounts. Make sense?
  11. We won't have a definite answer until closer to the release date but I will tell you what I would guess...to a degree....There are 2 campaigns. I don't think there will be a third with the time left. CAmpaigns take LOTS of time.. If I were a betting person, I would bet there will be more stand alone missions than Rome to Victory (which had 15) . And probably by a pretty fair margin. 20 wouldn't surprise me but that isn't meant as a promise. 🙂
  12. Funny that you mention that. As things started to run longer than everyone (and I mean everyone) expected after the pre-orders for R2V opened some of these awesome scenarios makers started asking "can I add 1 more? I have a great idea and it's almost done." We didn't say no to any of them and they ended up being fantastically fun to play. For those playing them, they are "One Final Effort" and "Flames in the Mist" to name 2 off the top of my head from memory (I should probably look back and give props to the others as well). The waiting wasn't fun for those that had to wait but behind the scenes it was an exhilarating explosion of creativity by these guys and I am convinced made the final project even better than it had been released earlier.
  13. +1 100% correct. They can be used "as is" or have an area cut out and used to make your own scenarios and QB maps. They are meant to do the heavy map making lifting for people who'd like to make battles around that area.
  14. I checked the manual for ya and it looks like the targetarc is working as it's supposed to:
  15. Nuts. I feel bad that I missed this...Correct. We'd use Item 4 to confirm receipt of the payment. and Items 2 amd 3 to sent it to the person getting the gift.
  16. People who got Rome to Victory by installing the 2.10 patch, rather than using the full game installer, did not receive @sburke's awesome set of 4 Monte Cassino Master maps. If you don't have them, there is a link on the patches page of the Battlefront.com website.
  17. After downloading, uninstalling, re-installing, downloading, uninstalling reinstalling......I will confirm several things. 1) Sorry @Sgt.Squarehead they were never in GL. 2) It is 100% true that they are not in the patch and are in the full installer. 3) I was running out the door for the glorious Eagles game yesterday and drew a blank on who made those gorgeous maps. It was @sburke. And I apologize for the brain fart. 4) I would expect that the next CMFI patch (v2.11) will have them built in. Here's a direct Battlefront link (in addition to the rocketman's link): https://battlefront.sharefile.com/d-sd454c2776604c928
  18. Hhmmm....I will recheck the installers. But one thing that I know for sure....They were not released before R2V. They are 100% new to the game with R2V. As we got close to release (please forgive me for not remembering who) the map maker pointed out that they weren't in. So, they were added at the last minute. I suppose that it is possible that they ended up in the full installer's build but not the patches. I can't check it now but I will check into it. If I find that is the case then I will probably create a more official link (similar to the CMSF2 campaigns) and post it.
  19. They are part of the 2.10 patch/Rome to Victory release. Anyone with access to that timeframe who has installed the 2.10 patch should have access to them. The funny/odd/cool thing is how long they were made. Check out the file dates on those suckers.
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