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  1. The full game installer has everything. Just the patch requires that you have the 2.10 patch installed first.
  2. Battlefront is happy to announce a new commercial sales partnership with Slitherine Publishing. The new arrangement puts Slitherine’s considerable marketing muscle to work getting Combat Mission into more hands than ever before through its Matrix Games online store and Steam. Combat Mission Shock Force 2 is the first CM family to make the move to Slitherine with more to follow over time. Battlefront’s online store will remain unchanged, except that pricing will stay in synch with a coordinated sales strategy. Yes, that means Battlefront will finally offer periodic sales to its customers! On the development side of things Battlefront remains fully independent as it has for the past 20+ years. You can read the official press release here.
  3. Slightly embarrassing. We believe Martin/Moon was the only one that had access to the Battlefrontcom YouTubes account. I've been trying for months to get access to it without success. I finally decided to just start a new one with a link to the old one. It's been a long time since anything has been added to it. I set it up a little while ago but I was waiting for a glitch with the Pak44 to get fixed (the muzzle fire was coming out from underneath....not from the muzzle.....not something to showcase 🙂 ) and as soon as it did I made this video. @Ithikial_AU has an idea for a series of videos that he's been wanting to do. I hope he finds the time after losing to me in our AAR.
  4. I've been waiting months to make that very short video. 🙂
  5. I've been waiting to post a video of this for a while but there was a graphical glitch that was just fixed. I hope I didn't make the video too artsy. This thing is a MONSTER
  6. Now there is only one turn that I haven't posted. I'll wait until tomorrow. I'll also receive a new turn by then too. This was a wild wild turn though.
  7. The last screenshot for the night is another bit of unexpected weirdness up by Berliner Weisse. He moved his tank! I have no idea why. It was in perfect position to be trouble for me during the human wave. It rolls right past my waiting SU-85 that doesn't spot it! Ugh. How great would that have been after getting those other two tanks if I could have plugged that guy too....on the same turn.
  8. I'm able to quickly reload and get a shot at one of the TDs. Hit! I'm pretty sure that I knocked it out but I don't have confirmation of that as the turn ends. Still not a peep out of the tank behind me. And the lousy AT gun isn't even targeting it yet. I have to decide during the plot phase which of these 3 things should I do: 1) Fire at the hit TD again to make sure it's dead B ) Assume it's dead and target the other TD since I'm facing that way iii) Target the other Mark IV hoping that the one TD is dead and the other is facing the wrong way and would take a while to pivot and face me to get a shot.
  9. The tank at the end of the road comes around the corner before the tanks at the intersection. My Sherman rotates it's gun to get it. Then the first tank enters the intersection and it begins to rotate back and take aim. The At gun hasn't fired yet and my Sherman now has it's back to the tank at the end of the street. I take a hit!!!!! I'm very lucky that it didn't penetrate.
  10. Here we go. I don't know if Ithikail has posted this yet or not but the poo poo is about to get real. The 3 tanks along the road (one MArk IV and 2 TSs) advance to the intersection near Jagermeister. The tank that just rushed through the park has turned the corner at the other end of the street. Fortunately, I had ordered my AT gun to face that direction and Sherman was already facing the intersection.
  11. The 2 platoons have arrived safely near Berliner Weisse. Now I will split them up and move them to their launching positions.
  12. Here he comes. Using his smoke cover he advances with a Mark IV and some infantry. His tank is moving fast. I get one of the soldiers running. I'm pretty sure the AT rifle team guy is the one that got him because I haven't moved his beat up butt since he did the buddy aid and didn't come up with the AT rifle. The tank goes deep with the cover of smoke. (setting up a punchline for a fan of The Office)
  13. I'll do something. I've been working on videos for a different project recently...so maybe it wouldn't hurt. What might make the video suck is getting the right camera angle with all of the buildings. Once people start moving it's tough to follow them without losing sight of'em. It may not come across in my screenshots but it takes a bit of time to frame a screenshot to be (hopefully) interesting and also aesthetically pleasing. My posts are currently about 3 turns behind where we are in the battle. So, it isn't too late to try. There are still 4 more turns until the arty starts falling.
  14. It'll be a bloodbath but isn't that what human waves were historically?
  15. I've been doing a good job of moving my healthy platoons into position without losing anyone. Not easy considering his move forward. I've been assembling some in an area that feels very safe at the moment and I want them to do some buddy aid to gather up all of the ammo they can get their hands on. I'm also calling in the off board 82mm mortar and have it cover as much of Berliner Weisse. This will take 6 minutes to arrive. There are 20 minutes left in the battle. My hope is that even if it doesn't cause any casualties if will shake him enough to get a foothold on the objective. I am guessing that he is pretty well entrenched in the objective and getting him out may be a pipe dream. If that's the case then getting some ground there will be playing for a draw. The 6 minutes gives me plenty of time to set up and human wave and work on gathering ammo A weird thing that is backing up my guess that the units he's been moving forward aren't in the best of shape. The spotted German unit in the first screenshot is being fired on but they've stopped firing back. Is it an ammo issue since when we were atriting earlier? My units from that time have ammo but they're all broken. Like the HQ unit that is calling in the arty mentioned above.
  16. I've noticed more sound contacts than I am comfortable with heading toward the end of the buildings on my side of the park. I did get a hard contact as a unit was moving into a building and managed to plink a guy.
  17. The tank that knocked out the AT gun backed into the opening it came out of. One of my mortars can see the opening but not the tank. I'm going to drop some 82mm rounds on the area and see if I can get lucky. He's laying down a lot of smoke by that opening and I'm anticipating the next bit of aggravation to come from there.
  18. @Macisle was spot on about the fate of the AT Gun crew. Unexpectedly a Mark IV came through a gap in the buildings and took them all out with one shot. Here appears to be gathering his armor along this street. Gotta keep an eye on that.
  19. Up by Berliner Weisse I'm back to seeing a lot of lead in the air. My fresh platoons are still at 100%. I believe, and I know that I could be dead wrong, that the infantry I'm shooting at is in roughed up shape and there won't be the kind of attriting (is that a real word?) that there was last time. I see some red crosses and there isn't a lot of return fire.
  20. I did catch a break. @Aragorn2002 you finally got to see a screenshot of the SPW 251/21. Now here is one of it blowing up and one of it burning. And the Sherman is high tailing it out of there while it still can.
  21. You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. As @Macisle predicted. Tank rolling right past.
  22. The mortars ...or heck, they be grenades...or whatever are making my Sherman uncomfortable. I've sat in this place for too long. Time to move it out. But then.....Are you kidding me? That damn SPW 251/21. Can I just catch a break once? Is that asking too much?
  23. He also appears to be moving more armor toward Jagermeister. It looks like the Mark IV that was overwatching the park near Berliner Weisse is moving into action......Or that's my guess anyway. If so, that will help my human wave assault on Berliner Weisse when the time comes.
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