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  1. Very nice. I am hearing clinking, metal sounds after some guns fire. Is that an empty shell I hear leaving a breech? Or is that something else?
  2. Lol! Fair enough. I should have known better. Seriously. I have not modded anything in a while and I liked what I heard. I looked up GAJs website afterwards and found your stuff. I'll give it a try. Nice video by the way. Thanks!
  3. PC Gamer magazine. 2000-ish. They did a short review on it as they did on several games in each monthly issue. I saw it. I had to have it. The rest is history. I have never looked back.
  4. And then the flame thrower dies. That looks about right.
  5. Last month I attempted to post a link with an improper prefix (something simple I forget what exactly) which caused my IP address to be blocked. I politely stated my complaint and what happened and my IP address was unblocked shortly after. The whole event was no more than a 8 hour period total. So unless you are a unreasonable pain in the butt, there is no reason they will keep you blocked.
  6. Cheap artillery and one use per scenario sounds like the makings of some really big artillery barrages at the beginning of a scenario.
  7. I've never really had a problem with it either. But maybe that is because I "grew up" with Combat Mission. I remember when "Theater of War" first came out. I felt as if I was starting over again with learning a new UI. It was off putting to me. If ALL games had the exact same UI I doubt we would have this discussion.
  8. Im not seeing the Elefant. Was it in a different AO?
  9. Yep...AF:RT The dead give away is in the title of the thread it says "c3k".
  10. Thanks womble! I like where your head is!
  11. This breaks my heart. And not only because you will not be online. But because it makes it sound as if CMRT will not be out next week either!
  12. I thought maybe the topic of the beginning of the universe was going to get worked into Red Thunder...I guess not.
  13. Nicely done. Love the "Jaws" music. Now if we only had hit decals.
  14. Ah. Never mind. I finally saw Stevens44 thread and Hubert's reply.
  15. Since DrunkenLuftwaffe seems no where to be seen on this matter, I thought I'd better carry the ball for a bit.
  16. That part of the world (The CMRT part of the world) is pretty flat...I mean really flat. Like so flat when you look out at the horizon you can see the back of your head....its that flat. But seriously...its pretty flat. If you want lots of hills and/or big elevation, play CMFI. Italy and Sicily are very mountainous.
  17. I've always thought soldiers were too ready to conceal themselves in wheat fields or tall grass by going prone. Even before the lead starts to fly at the beginning of a scenario, they go prone. It is damn near impossible to spot anything unless the squad leader or HQ are present. Sometimes I too wish soldiers would go from prone to kneel when in these conditions if for anything for over watch when infantry are leapfrogging to an objective and help spot.
  18. I think you mean to say Doctor Eeveel.
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