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  1. Yea, I think that is a hurdle Battlefront has not dealt with yet. Most AFV have either a Cannon for "Target Heavy" and a Coaxial MG for "Target Light". But the BMP-3 has 3 Weapons that can do the same job (for infantry): 100mm cannon, 30mm Cannon AND a 7.62mm MG. It must be that the default is for the "Target light" is for a machine gun. But yea, otherwise as Stagler said, the AI attempts to pick the right weapon for the right job. But sometimes you want the 30mm when a 100mm shell is too big and the machine gun is just not enough.
  2. I'd be ok with a revisit to the same old story line. I'd love to play CMSF with 3.0 or better, engine.
  3. This is normal. The time delay for a setup of a heavy or medium weapon is factored in. It is an approximation. It is expected that it will be challenging to find the proper platform, such as a table or chair, etc., to put the machine gun on to have it situated properly to point out of a window or some other opening. All of the other Combat Mission titles handle this the same way.
  4. I downloaded the "793.7mb" file. Unzipped, installed and started the game with no problems as of yet.
  5. Interesting. Spiffy uniforms in that second video. They look too new. And what are those soldiers wearing on their butts? They look like seats that they wear. Is that to keep their butts warm?
  6. Thanks BlackAlpha! This was my third scenario that I played. The first was an infantry only scenario and my second was with Ukrainian forces. This is the first Ive played US mech forces. Interesting results.
  7. Sorry...I was on a roll... :-) My understanding is "shoe" as well.
  8. ...Fin Stabalized... Like fletching (feathers) on an arrow. Instead of putting a spin on a bullet like most rifled barrels on most guns, sabots get fins. The British Tank "Challenger" is one of the few modern MBT (Main Battle Tank) that has a rifled barrel. Sabot is pronounced "Say- boh". (French word) The more you know...
  9. I forget the exact distances. But the shots were well beyond Javelin range but not quite the full length of the map. So I would estimate +3000 meters but less than 4500. I'm thinking more around 3500 ish meters.
  10. This scenario had no ECM setting. It was an ECM free day, if it matters.
  11. Not sure of the model. I'm still playing the scenario (after two days) I'll have to see when I get back home from work. Most everything I've engaged so far is either a T-90 or BMP-3(non-ERA). Going from memory, T-90AM? It has the remote machine gun up top.
  12. I did have some luck with my Stinger team. I had them positioned on the highest terrain I could find ( A big knoll). I also had them about 500ish meters behind my M1's. It was an ideal position. I figure the closer to my most valuable assets and on the higher terrain for all around view of the airspace, the better.
  13. I thought I had it as "unlisted". Apparently not. It should work now.
  14. During a scenario my Bradley had only one T-90 in view. A TOW 2 was launched, however the missile went chasing after another T-90 which did not appear to be in the selected Bradley's LOS. A second TOW was launched and eventually ended up in the general vicinity of the intended target, albiet by a circuitous route. However the TOW never did connect with its, what I assume, was the intended target. A video is linked. The intended target is in the upper left hand side of the window. The first TOW2 wanders off to the upper right hand side of the window. You see one of my M1's hit the T-90 on the right side. I have another video showing the complete picture without my Bradley selected. Forget about the M1's superior spotting ability! I have the saved file.
  15. I use it from time to time when I think my guys are about to have mortars fall on their heads. But it never ocurred to me that it might be more flexible. Thanks!
  16. I generally don't mess with mods, but those look great! Thanks!
  17. Is the explosion graphic a mod or is that original graphics? That looks great!
  19. I remember ArmA! Lots of fun! But it's been a while. ArmA and CM:Black Sea are two different worlds. You will need to stop thinking like a squad leader and think more like a Company commander. Maybe even a Battalion Commander if the map is big enough (Which is the case in a few scenarios of the older titles). Lots of good advice here. But I'm afraid you may not know all of the lingo. This game has quite the learning curve! It WILL require real world applications in order for you to succeed. To me that is the rewarding part. Fortunately there are lots of resources here and on the web. Starting off, I think this is some of the best advice you can have right now. I hope you stick with it! Welcome to the boards!
  20. Pretty gutsy when that gun barrel is pointed in your direction.
  21. This is the first I have heard of the "Men of war" series. I watched a brief video clip of some game play. It reminds me of "Company of Heroes", which I did play. I think I can safely say Combat Mission series is absolutely nothing like "Men of war". The Combat Mission series is not your typical click fest, knock down their health bar, type game. Combat Mission is a high fidelity series. It is definitely not "world of tanks" or the "Battlefield" series or "Red Orchestra". It requires you have some idea of modern battlefield doctrine and tactics. I have played Steel Beasts as well. If you like Steel Beasts, I think you will like Combat Mission: Black Sea.
  22. Never get involved in a land war in Asia.
  23. The bad news is they are deadly and they are like rain. The good news is you can get a good indication of which direction it is coming from by the "Beaten zone". (But the bad news again is it has to shoot at you ) That is the area in which all of the rounds fall. It is as if it makes an arrow saying "It came from that direction. And then you can infer likely places the GL is going to be , such as a treeline or building that falls along that imaginary line that is made by the beaten zone. Then let the 120mm fall. Possible spoilers! From the scenario mentioned! A picture of what I am talking about is below. Example here.
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