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  1. These demos are great! Except for "Breaking the Bank. Its kicking my butt...damn 30mm AGL's. But I have not lost yet... I can't wait for the upgrades. Good job!
  2. On the download page for all the possible download option, CM Normandy has "CM Normandy 4.0 Full Windows" at 4gb and then there is "CM Normandy Upgrade 4 Windows" at 63MB. Is the "Upgrade" just the step up for the stand alone Normandy game while the "Full" is for all modules/add-ons?
  3. Are there changes to the campaign system? Or is it the same as before where you choose which route to take by choosing an exit or objective?
  4. Found one! This is for anyone who has not been to the CMBN forum in a while, as I have not.
  5. I thought I would be tired of the Chuck Norris jokes and "Downfall" Hitler redux...but that was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. And I watch too much youtube/ pick your random silly video.
  6. We can hope they get heavy metal poisoning... What is an M1A1M? Do you mean the M1A1 AIM? or the M1A1? I'm not seeing anything about an m1A1M except for some forum posts about it...which I suspect are a typo.
  7. Flown there by this imaginary bad boy: http://rt.com/news/242097-pak-ta-russian-army/ Well...at least they qualified it with "probably". :D What will they think of next?
  8. If I split off my anti-tank specialists from the main body of a squad and that squad has AT-4s, then all of the AT-4s go to the Anti-tank team not allowing them to acquire the Javelin CLU. However they are able to acquire the spare Javelin missile. The only way around this is to leave the AT specialists attached so the missile load can be spread around. It seems all rifle squads are stuck with an AT4 or two as a default load out which the AT specialists are stuck with when split from the squad. This is reasonable since they ARE AT specialists. How about not automatically giving a rifle squad AT4s and leaving the AT4s in the Bradley? Why not leave the AT specialists attached to the squad, you ask? Im glad you asked! Because Id like to leave the Javelin toting team out of harms way until they are needed.
  9. Looks like fun! Wish I had the time to play. But I will definitely follow.
  10. Are those Tanks in the beginning of the video kicking up dirt rooster tails as they drive? Or are the engines generating brown smoke? It looks alot like brown smoke is being forced into the air from the engine deck. 0:42 second mark.
  11. Why isnt there a 40mm version of this? 6 Pack attack plus timed fuse = bad day for the enemy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkor_MGL
  12. This was during the setup phase. No action had occurred yet.
  13. I unbuttoned my soldiers in a .50cal Stryker and put a cover are up for the Stryker. I noticed the unbuttoned passengers in the rear facing each other and not back to back looking outboard. Above you will see the cover arc for armor on the left. In this image there is no cover arc. Both Strykers had a cover arc. This Stryker in the image above had a regular cover arc and the passengers also faced each other. Ok...wierd thing. After I typed the above comments I ALT-Tabbed back into the game to experiment some more, and I could not replicate this. But fortunately I have pictures.
  14. How about another poll asking what features you are willing to do without while the AI is being developed? What are you willing to sacrifice? It seems Battlefront is always coming out with improvements in each new game or module. I cant imagine what is already in the works. Although, personally I would much rather see an improvement on the LOS levels to allow for proper use of weapons such as the Krizantema or the TOW Stryker behind a defilade. Same for recon/observation vehicles. Maybe even smaller action spots.
  15. When I was very young (5 years old-ish) I would draw alot of pictures. And alot of those pictures were of planes and tanks. And those planes and tanks had lots of guns on them pointing in every direction. Either the Russians read my mind...or there are pre-schoolers in their design bureaus. That thing looks like a maintenance/supply nightmare.
  16. Major General O'Connor seemed enthusiastic about being there. He knows how to give a speech. On another note, how long does it take to repaint a whole Cavalry Regiment?
  17. I've never given much thought to the accuracy of the vehicle sounds. But it struck me how much those M1s sounded exactly like the M1s in game. And those Strykers sounded spot on as well.
  18. The quote below is from the same website the information about the cannon came from: "The vehicle belt-fed cannons fire a 30mm unified round. The twin barrel cannon pattern provides for a rate of fire of 5,000 rds/min." 2S16 Tunguska That may be some exaggeration for marketing purposes. But you will need more than two barrels to get that ROF.
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