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  1. I haven't used a 4K monitor for CM, so I'm not quite sure what to expect or recommend. If your current monitor is standard HD (1920 x 1080), then the 4K is going to make things almost twice as small (if it were the same size monitor). So if you're currently running a 21" - 24" monitor, doubling the resolution and going up a few inches in each dimension with a larger screen is probably going to result in fixed graphics and text appearing about 1.75x smaller or somewhere in that range. For a number of people it is annoying and others may not care as much. Driving a higher resolution will also drop your frame rates a bit since there is quite a bit more on the screen for the video card to draw.
  2. Yes, you can install the games on your new computer. The copy-protection/activation system that the CM games utilizes allows for 4 activations per license key (with additional activations being available by submitting a request to the Helpdesk and providing your license keys). There is no 'unlicense/un-activate' feature with the current licensing system. Yes, CM can display at the 4K resolutions. However you may find it a bit hard to read the text and control panel (depending on the size of your 4K monitor) since they utilize fixed-sized graphics elements that will NOT scale up with a higher resolution. There is no way to mod this to make them larger.
  3. I believe that if you didn't activate the game properly that it would show you the activation window again when you launch CMBN. Outside of deleting your activation (with an utility that be requested from the Helpdesk) there isn't a way to get the activation window to come back up again. Uninstalling that game does NOT get rid of the activation. Do you have any security/anti-virus software installed (there may be a default installation of something from HP... that may only work for a month or three) ? McAfee might be a likely possibility. If you do have security software, then you may need to add an 'exception' within it so that it doesn't interfere with CMBN (listing either the main game directory or possibly the game executable). The 'audio software' is a problem seen with a few programs that manage the audio, specifically Nahmic Audio and another one I can't quite recall. Even with these uninstalled your sound should still work (since they aren't drivers themselves). I don't know if the HP Audio is a similar program or not. If necessary you can also launch the game by right-clicking and selecting 'Run as administrator' from the popup menu (I believe that's still part of Windows 10). I wouldn't think that it would be necessary, but you could possibly upgrade your video driver and see if that makes a difference. Your HP Pavilion 590-P0024 has a Ryzen 3 2200G that has a 'Radeon Vega' built-into it. Here's the latest driver for Windows 10 64-bit: Adrenalin 18.9.1     (click on the '+' next to the 'Windows 10 64-bit' to have it open up and show the download options) Generally I wouldn't assume that the error you're seeing would be related to the video driver, but it is a possibility. There is the possibility, similar to the audio program, of something interfering with the running of the game. This is where you may need to bring up the 'Task Manager' and look for programs/utilities running in the background. Most of them should be fine, but there may be one that is causing a problem with CMBN.
  4. Is this new hard drive just being added to the system (a second drive) and NOT replacing the main boot drive ? If so, then I believe you can simply copy the game locations over to the new drive and update the shortcuts to the new location. Your game saves, scenarios, etc. will likely remain on your boot drive (within the 'My Documents' folder).
  5. hedgehobbit - I can't quite remember if the 3.0 Upgrade has a full installer or not. I suspect that it doesn't and this is only something that came about once the 4.0 Upgrade was released. Which specific game do you have and what exactly have you purchased ? Since you mention 'version 1.0' I suspect that you have CMBN. The 1.0 version will NOT work under Windows 10 due to the copy-protection system for that version not being compatible (it will give you the 'UI not found' error). OK - I see you have another post saying that you have an issue with your download. Does it mention 'International Download' like the thread originator or is it some other error (simply the lack of a download link, etc.) ? Looking at the web page for the CMBN 3.0 Upgrade it DOES mention a 'full installer' download being available. Looking at my download link for the 3.0 Upgrade for CMBN it shows two files, one for the Mac and the other for Windows, with the Windows version being a 4GB file ('CMBN Windows 3.12 Full Installer.zip' is the download file and the name to select is 'Windows CMBN 3.12 Full Installer'). So until you have access to that download, you won't find the file on the site.
  6. I wasn't aware of this problem with Nvidia drivers. Typically I've only seen it with AMD/Radeon drivers (and it has been an issue for about a decade now). Although it shouldn't be a factor in this particular problem is your 1.03 copy CDV, Battlefront (CD-copy protected) or Battlefront eLicense-protected ? What driver version do you have installed for your Nvidia ? What particular video card / chip do you have for your Nvidia ? Do you have a profile set for CMBB within the Nvidia Control Panel ? I'm not sure if some versions of anti-aliasing (MSAA, FXAA, etc.) may cause issues with the text. Since these games are older DirectX titles (DirectX 5/6), perhaps installing some older DirectX files (this shouldn't replace what is in Windows, just add some older files): DirectX Runtimes June 2010 I'm not absolutely certain this DirectX installer will work with Windows 10, but it may be worth trying. Usually if a DirectX .dll file is missing, the game will typically complain about it and not run.
  7. Did you put the computer to 'sleep' or was it shutdown from the last time it was working ? If it has been put to sleep, then I suggest shutting down CMBS and rebooting the computer and see if it behaves differently attempting to save a game. Is your 'users' folder on the main boot drive or do you have it 'pointing' to another drive (typically done when the boot drive is a small SSD, not a default option in Windows) ? Do you have plenty of free space on your hard drive (especially where the users folder is at) ? The save game files shouldn't be too huge, but they can possibly go over 100MB if it is a large battle with a lot of action occurring. What security software do you have ? Have you added an exception within it for CMBS (possibly both the game executable, its folder and the folder within your 'Documents' folder for CMBS) ? Is this the same scenario/campaign/quick-battle that you have been playing for awhile (it was working earlier and now will not save) or is this a completely new scenario/campaign/quick-battle ? If this is a game you've been playing awhile, then perhaps start a new one and see if the issue persists in attempting to save the game. Shutdown any applications or utilities that may be running in the background, especially any large applications that may be taking up quite a bit of memory. You may want to pay attention to what is shut down in case you find something that interferes with CMBS.
  8. Is this version 1.03 of CMBB ? Do you have a Radeon video card ? I can't remember if 1.04 fixed this issue or not. I know it fixed another issue that Radeon users experienced. In this case you'll probably need a file called the 'Radeon Text Fix' which has replacement BMP files of the text graphics. The text will look a little different from what it originally should look like, but it will be visible with these modified files installed. Unfortunately with the new website, the hosting of the 'Radeon Text Fix' is no longer on the Battlefront site. I'll have to dig around for the file at home.
  9. Interestingly this particular crash interfere's with the copy-protection system from what I can discern of the error message. I don't know if Sonic Suite II and Nahemic have the exact same issue or not (I suspect not, though the programs are similar in function).
  10. Is McAfee your security program ? Temporarily disable your security software and see if that allow the games to run. If there is no capability of disabling the security software, then make sure to add an exception within it for the game executables and their directories, to prevent the security software from interfering with the games. Usually if security software is to blame, you would typically see it trying to quarantine the game executables. However some protection strategies may simply interfere with the processes that the games need and potentially make them unable to run (while this security feature is enabled). It's possible for security software to be updated and suddenly consider something a threat that was previously installed and running.
  11. Have you installed something else recently, possibly some programming or debugging tools ? It would seem likely that another piece of software is interfering with their operation since all of the games suddenly have this 'assertion failed' error. The file that is being mentioned in the error is part of the copy-protection system for the CM games, so something is interfering with it.
  12. There MAY be a snafu in the website and the way certain orders are processed. Was your order simply a 'download only' or was there a physical product involved too ? The 'Download for International' text in your order is new to me, which suggests that it is somehow a different download URL (though it may not be). I don't know why your ticket was replied to with 'duplicate' and then closed, but it is possible that was simply a mistake. Depending on what Steve is doing this holiday you may get an answer later today or possibly tomorrow. Don't worry, you will get your software. There has just been a hiccup in delivery that had some unfortunate timing (US holiday).
  13. You got your activation code already, via email I assume ? Is it simply not showing up in the store website with the download link ? If you received an email, does it have a download link within it (typically the URL should mention 'battlefront.sharefile.com') ?
  14. Do you have more than one ticket submitted ? If not, submit another one (just don't submit many or they may get tossed as duplicates). You may need to provide the method of payment used, etc. The 'order code' (CMBS-BGV4) suggests that this a product with a download. In the United States it is a holiday weekend (Labor Day), so that could delay things, though typically with a download no one should need to fulfill the order. I would guess that there may be an issue with the payment processing (possibly due to the holiday or some other issue).
  15. If the file names have a .zip on the end, then they are compressed. Windows should be able to decompress these files by double-clicking on them. Windows then opens up another Explorer file manager window that shows what the files are inside. To decompress the files you can right-click on the .zip file and select 'extract' from the popup menu. If you have a compression program such as WinZip, 7-zip, WinRAR, etc. then double-clicking on the file should open it up in that compression program and allow you to extract the files. You may to create a directory for the original download file and extract to that directory (instead of possibly the Desktop, which can make it a bit messy with the extracted files). With the files extracted you will want to run the .exe file to execute the setup program. For example the 4.0 Upgrade for CMBS (Black Sea) is 'CMBS_v200_Setup.exe'. Double-clicking on this file should run the setup program. Before doing this you MAY want to temporarily disable your security software since it is possible that the file may get falesly identified as malware (I haven't heard of this in particular with the 4.0 Upgrade programs, but it is always a possibility). During the installation process the installer should present the directory that it will install the files to. This is where you want to make sure that the game files are installed to. Typically it should identify the default directory, but if you haven't used the default, then you will want to direct the installer to where the game is currently installed to.
  16. The 'upgrade' files are typically .zip compressed. Did you uncompress the files (Windows should be able to do this or possibly use 7-zip or other compression programs) ? These files don't need to be anywhere in particular (the 'installer' will put the files where they need to be). Once uncompressed you have to launch the installer and this should actually install the upgrade files (as long as the installation is going to the correct location of the game).
  17. The 'full' version is just that, a full installation from scratch of the game. For games that have modules and battle packs, it will often include those too (which have to be activated with a license key for each). The 'update' version is smaller and expects to see a version 3.0 installation to update that (only providing the files that have changed). Modules and Battle Packs typically won't be included with the 'upgrade' files (other than to upgrade the module executables or changed data files). For Black Sea (CMBS) there is a Battle Pack, but I believe it may only be included in the 2.10 patch. So an 'upgrade' download may be sufficient here. For Final Blitzkrieg there are no modules or Battle Packs, so the 'upgrade' download should be sufficient too.
  18. Login to the main Battlefront website (www.battlefront.com). Click on the 'Login' button near the upper right and login with your Battlefront Store login, which usually has an 'Username' that is your email address (this may be different from your Forum login). The 'My Account' info then shows up, click on the link that says 'My Orders'. This will be a listing of all purchases from Battlefront since 2007. Identify the order by clicking on the 'Click to view' text at the end of an order and this will open up the order details. The 'Order Content' section will list the products purchased and possibly their license key ('Activation code') if it involved a download. For downloads click on the hyperlink near the bottom of each item (it will usually have 'battlefront.sharefile.com' in the link). This will take you to Battlefront's service on Sharefile. In here will be a graphical presentation of possibly several folders icons that represent files (typically .zip compressed files). Click on the checkmark box in the upper left corner of each file that you want to download. There may be Mac and Windows versions present within the list, so read the file names carefully by hovering your cursor over the file name (to read the entire file name). With the files that you want checkmarked, click the blue 'Download' button towards the lower right of the file listing. If you select more than one file, the file name may default to 'Files.zip', which requires being extracted to pull out the individual installers/files that you selected.
  19. Interesting. I assume that this external sound card may have been hooked up when you originally activated the game (CMBS). If that is the case, then it may need to be connected each time you run CMBS. I'm not sure why the CMBN Demo wouldn't work though. Parts of the copy-protection system are disabled (to my knowledge) for the Demos, but perhaps what remains might be dependent on a system configuration that an activated game has used.
  20. I believe Steve **MAY** readd this title to the store in a few weeks. I know the CMx1 titles, CMBO, CMBB and CMAK will be added once Steve gets the time.
  21. The old eLicense copy-protected games would require you to 'unlicese' the old installation first in order to preserve the activation (two per license key - an internet connection is necessary for the unlicensing). CMSF, CMA, CMBO, CMBB, CMAK, most of the Strategic Command series and a number of other games used this copy-protection system. Newer games from CMBN and on utilize a newer copy-protection system that does NOT have an unlicense function. Instead each license key has four initial activations and you simply activate the new installation on the new computer (or reinstallation of your OS, etc.), using a second activation, etc.. When you run out of activations you can simply contact the Helpdesk to request more activations (providing the license keys of those products that need new activations).
  22. I don't have an absolute answer for you, but a number of vehicles do not have the correct 'visible' model in both CMAK/CM3 and CMBB/CM2. This was intentional due to so many vehicles being in the games in the first place. There either simply wasn't enough time or resources to make all of the models and textures for each unique vehicle. So 'equivalent' vehicles were used in their place. This is true of quite a few other vehicles in the game beyond what you've noticed.
  23. The license keys should work, even if the order doesn't show up in the system. The eLicense system that CMSF and CMA uses is not dependent on the store (as long as the license key is valid and entered in corrrectly). While downloads would have a license key listed in the store account (if purchased after the store went online), 'hard goods' license keys did NOT show up there unless it was a 'download + delivery' option. 'Delivery only' would have a sticker with the license key on the disc case, but there would be no license key in the order listed in the store. The old store didn't go online until months after CMSF was released in 2007. So all of the 'pre-orders' never had a listing in the old store account. Moving to the new store this would remain the case, since the data wasn't there to move over. The record of the sales were in external files (not part of the website).
  24. What video card and driver are you using on your Windows 10 computer ? Generally I would expect CMBB/CMAK to work under Windows 10, even with just the 1.03 version. However I have seen issues with Radeon video cards (pre-1.04) and I haven't really kept up what other drivers might currently experience with Windows 10. You CAN upgrade to the 1.04 patch (originally for 'Vista compatibility' at the time) with your CDV 1.03 game. The patch will convert you to using eLicense (which can run into some issues with DEP and some security/anti-virus programs). To see if 1.04 will work for you, try the current 1.04 CMBB demo. If this works, then purchasing the patch should get you going again. Unfortunately the store won't open until today or in the next several days (don't know exactly when).
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